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Suffering from poverty and horror…How will cannabis farmers in Morocco benefit from the license?

The legalization of this cultivation constitutes a lifeline for the inhabitants of large areas in northern Morocco, specifically in what is known as the historical regions in the regions of Chefchaouen and Al Hoceima, where this agriculture is the only economic activity in a region where poverty is widespread.

Abdullah Al-Jout, an association actor in the Chefchaouen region, told DW Arabia that the region needs something similar to the Marshall Plan to get it out of poverty, adding: “Poverty has been going on in the region for a while, but for three years it has worsened even more, as the debt accumulated to the point that half of the farmers did not They plant something, “and the association actor adds that” the quality “has recently turned into a” source of resentment “because farmers, under pressure of poverty, use hybrid seeds that have damaged the water balance and the environment, and the solution” will be nothing but legalization that encourages farmers to work in better conditions and use local seeds. Foundation”.

The aforementioned draft law was prepared by the Ministry of the Interior, which speaks in its memorandum addressed to the Council of Government, that this step comes in line with international law that authorized the use of the cannabis plant for medical and industrial purposes, highlighting that Morocco needs to qualify its local legislation in order to attract international investments, and the government postponed Trading in the project for the next week.

A project to end horror

The project shows an urgent need to stop the specter of arrest that haunts farmers’ activity in the area, as media reports indicate that the number of farmers wanted for justice is estimated at tens of thousands of whom have been arrested and sentenced. There is a law promulgated in 1974 penalizing plant production with heavy fines and imprisonment of up to 10 years.

“Rationing will make the life of terror come to an end, as a letter from an unknown person against one of the farmers is enough for the latter to find himself facing legal accountability,” says Abdullah Al-Jout. Farmers from the region have previously told the media about being blackmailed in exchange for turning a blind eye to their cultivation, just as the opposition Authenticity and Modernity Party had previously demanded a blanket amnesty for these follower farmers.

Harry and Meghan are officially out of the royal family

A year after they quit their royal duties, Prince Harry will give up his honorary military appointments and patronage, having assured Queen Elizabeth II that he and his wife Megan Markle will no longer be serving members of the royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as they are formally known, has since embarked on a new life involving several commercial ventures in the United States, and they now live in California.

LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 05: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex sitting next to Ross Kemp cheer on a wedding proposal as they attend the annual Endeavour Fund Awards at Mansion House on March 5, 2020, in London, England. Their Royal Highnesses will celebrate the achievements of wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women who have taken part in remarkable sporting and adventure challenges over the last year. (Photo by Paul Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Prince Harry and Meghan announced in January last year that they had left the royal family, and this measure comes after they announced at the beginning of the same month their intention to leave and be financially independent and divide their time between Canada and the United Kingdom. The couple’s agreement with Buckingham Palace expires on March 31, 2021.

The Duke of Sussex will lose his military titles, while his wife will lose her sponsorship of charitable activities, according to a royal palace statement that said, “Everyone is sad about this decision.”

“The Queen has written an affirmation that by giving up the business of the royal family, the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service cannot be continued,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement Friday.

Desert sands color the sky in France In yellow-orange

On Saturday, clouds of sandy dust that were carried by the winds from the desert covered the sky of France, which led to the “coloration” of the southern and eastern skies in yellow.

“The low pressure in the Iberian Peninsula causes strong air currents from the south, which brought sand from the desert to France,” the organization “Meteo France” stated on its website.

The authority added that “the presence of sand in the air gave a yellow-orange color to the sky in southern, eastern, and central-eastern France, on Saturday morning.”

Many social media users published pictures of different regions, from Toulouse (southwest) to Strasbourg (east), passing through Lyon (east), and Grenoble (southeast), showing natural landscapes and famous sites under the influence of this phenomenon.

The origin of the sandstorm is low off Morocco, the dust that was then carried by the winds raised.

Frederick Nathan, a meteorologist at Meteo France, explained that the rise of sand particles from the desert “is a phenomenon that occurs regularly, provided there are relatively strong southern air masses, especially in the fall and winter.”
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Redwater floods astonish Indonesians

The red water inundated a village in Indonesia raised the surprise and astonishment of the residents before it became clear later that it was caused by floodwaters that affected a textile dyeing center in the center of Java, as this sparked a great interaction and widespread comments on social media.

Residents of Jingot were seen near the town of Bikalongan, according to videos circulating, on Saturday, as they walked through red water, and many posted pictures of this rare phenomenon on the Internet.

Officials later confirmed that the unique color came from a harmless fabric dye, which is used by many batik normalization factories in the area.

Pekalongan is famous for its “batik” textile industry, with many handicrafts flourishing all over the city.

“People did not throw the dye on purpose, but many of these factories were flooded and the containers of the dye were transported through the water,” said Dimas Arga Yoda, an official in the local disaster management department, adding that the batik dye is not toxic and does not pose a danger.

Local officials deployed pumps to dry the flooded area and cleaned them in less than an hour. Flooding is a very common occurrence throughout the Indonesian archipelago, especially in the rainy season.

And last January, at least 21 people were killed, and more than 60,000 evacuated, after a series of major floods that struck southern Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Jeff Zucker, CNN’s Longtime Leader, Says He Expects to Leave at Year’s End

The executive, who shaped the look and feel of CNN since coming aboard in 2013, helped build the Trump myth and then tried to knock it down.

Jeffrey A. Zucker, the relentless, ratings-obsessed executive who transformed American television news and played a central role in the political rise of Donald J. Trump, said Thursday that he expected to step down from his job running CNN at the end of the year.

In a three-decade career, Mr. Zucker has helped shape the evolution of the news and entertainment industries — and he has excelled at mixing the two. In 1991, at age 26, he was named the executive producer of NBC’s highly profitable morning franchise, the “Today” show, and he moved swiftly into the executive ranks to lead the network’s entertainment division.

Amr Diab leads the trend with pictures with the presenter, Anji Kiwan

Amr Diab led the trend, after the spread of his pictures with the broadcaster Engy Kiwan, which raised questions from his fans about the reasons for these pictures, and sources confirmed that the pictures are due to the scenes of a new advertisement for him in Dubai.

Some of Amr Diab’s fans expected that the pictures will be among the scenes of his filming one of his new clips, especially since he released his album “Ya Ana Ya La” during the last period, and it met with great success.

Amr Diab is spending his current vacation in Dubai, and from time to time his followers and fans share a shot of him accompanied by his friends in the Emirati city, and he had published a new photo through his personal account on the Instagram site, through which he appeared driving his car in the streets of the United Arab Emirates.

Amr Diab had shared his fans and fans through his personal account on the social networking site Instagram, a video clip revealing the scenes of his last concert that he performed in the United Arab Emirates, within the activities of the shopping festival, where the video documented the extent of the audience’s interaction with him during the ceremony, along with the appearance of his daughter Kenzi and his son Abdullah with him On stage, his account commented on the video saying: “Summary of the Dubai 2021 concert … the summary of Amr Diab’s concert at Dubai International Stadium.”

Nine Arab films are competing for the 78th Golden Globe Awards

139 non-English films, from 77 countries in the world, are competing for the “Golden Globe” award for the category of films in a foreign language that it awards in its 78th session, whose concert was postponed to next February 28 due to the Corona epidemic, after it was held annually in January.

This year’s edition, according to what was published on the award’s website, which is usually held one month before the Oscars ceremony, which was in turn postponed to next April 25, is characterized by a large number of foreign films eligible to participate, especially since 37 of them directed or participated in its directed by women. The award’s fans and movie fans are waiting for the award to announce the shortlist of nominees for the prizes on February 3.

The conditions for qualifying films this year witnessed several changes due to the repercussions of Corona, as the film must be released in a foreign language in a commercial form in any country (not limited to the country of origin) and in any medium or format, including cinemas, TV, VOD or broadcast platforms. Or CDs. As for the release dates, they must be within the last 17 months, and there is no requirement for one film to participate in each country.

Nine Arab films qualified to compete for the best film in a foreign language, including “Mosul” the Iraqi American, “French-Algerian” DNA, the Palestinian “Between Heaven and Earth”, the Jordanian “200 meters”, the Sudanese “You will die at twenty” and the Tunisian. The man who sold his back, “and from Lebanon the films” Broken Keys “,” Bring Up with Your Glory, “and the Moroccan,” Oliver Asmar. “

Mayin and its Algerian roots
In the film “DNA”, French-Algerian actress and director Mayine search for her Algerian roots in a dramatic fictional and non-documentary form, as she told the Golden Globe: “I tell part of my story in the film while searching for my culture and my origins.”

“After the death of my Algerian grandfather, whose story is similar to the story of the film, I began to really live with those who passed away, and I ask myself what the dead can leave for us, and how do we live once they leave, so these ideas became an obsession and exacerbated my need to make this film.”

“DNA” tells the story of a divorced woman with 3 children, who collapses after the death of her grandfather, the Emir of an Algerian immigrant who settled in France in the early 1960s. This grandfather was the safety valve for the heroine who comes from a disjointed family.

ISIS through American eyes
“Mosul”, which is currently showing on “Netflix”, is the first Arabic-language film to be produced in Hollywood, starring Iraqi actor Suhail Dabaj, Jordanian actor Isaac Elias, Tunisian Adam Bisa, directed by Matthew Michael Karnahan, and produced by the American brothers Anthony and Joseph Russo.

The events of the film, which were filmed in Morocco, take place in an atmosphere of wars and battles that are led by 3 main men who are fighters in the Iraqi Rapid Intervention Forces, in Nineveh Governorate, which was famous for its confrontation and victory over ISIS.

‘Broken keys’
Two films from Lebanon have qualified, the first entitled “The Broken Keys” by director Jimmy Keyrouz, and it tells a semi-fictional story, where the hero who lost his entire family at the hands of ISIS decides to recover the piano he inherited from his talented musician mother who was killed by the militants.

The film he chose was launched from the border region between Mosul in Iraq and Deir Ezzor in Syria, depicting how “ISIS” changed the customs and traditions of people, imposing an extremist siege on all levels.

The second film is “C-Section”, known commercially as “Brboa with Your Glory,” directed by David Oryan, and starring Gabriel Yammine, Ammar Shalak, Pamela Elkik, Shady Haddad, and Rola Bessamati who also participate in “Keys Broken”.

In an Italian-style comic, the film tells the separate stories of four married people of different social and class backgrounds, united by fate in one maternity hospital, where wives give birth to their children and where things get completely out of control.

The director told the Golden Globe: “For me, the film is a microcosm of contemporary Lebanon and it is a melting pot of ethnic, religious and cultural elements, which are divided economically and classically.

“Between earth and sky”
The events of “Between Heaven and Earth”, by Palestinian director Najwa Najjar, and starring Mona Hawa and Firas Nassar, whose events are inspired by a true story, revolving around a couple who live in the occupied West Bank and stand on the threshold of separation, so the husband obtains a 3-day permit to cross Israeli checkpoints and go to the city Nazareth to complete the divorce proceedings.

In the family context and the tragedies of crossings and borders, the Jordanian film “200 meters” by Palestinian director Amin Nayfa deals with the story of a Palestinian family separated by the Israeli Apartheid Wall, where the father lives on the Palestinian side, and the mother and children are on the Israeli side. One day, one of the sons enters the hospital when he is only 200 meters from his father. The father tries to reach him, but he needs to travel on a journey that extends to two hundred kilometers.

Ali Suleiman, Lana Zureik, Samia Al-Bakri, Ghassan Abbas, Nabil Al-Rahi, Moataz Malhees, Ghassan Al-Ashqar, Anna Amtenberger and Mahmoud Abu Aita participated in the cast. The filming of the film focused on Tulkarm, in addition to scenes in Jenin and Ramallah. The film will represent Jordan in the competition for the Oscar for a best foreign film in the 93rd edition.

First Sudanese participation
“You will die at twenty” is the first Sudanese movie to qualify for the “Golden Globe” list, and it is also the first film to be released in the country since 1989 due to the suffocating rule that suppressed cultural and artistic life.

The film deals with a bold story that criticizes the influence of popular and Sufi beliefs on society, through a child born in a village in Sudan, and his mother carried him to one of the sheikhs to bless him, but the surprise was in the sheikh’s prediction that the infant will die when he reaches the age of twenty.

The Sudanese director, residing in the Emirates, Amjad Abu Al-Ela, depicts the life of a miserable, anxious mother who lived all her life wearing black in mourning for her son who is still alive, as well as the son lived in the confinement of the prophecy that prevented him from enjoying anything in the world, even the only girl who loved and loved him.

Asylum in a Tunisian movie
From Tunisia, director Kawthar Ben Haniyeh’s film “The Man Who Sold His Back”, qualified for the “Golden Globe”, after it was shown for the first time at the Venice Film Festival.

The film narrates the suffering of Syrian refugees, the journeys of torment between more than one country, the dream of reaching Europe, the cruel dream that turns into a nightmare after arriving in her country.

The film shows the physical and material exploitation of refugees and how racist practices are practiced against them that are inconsistent with human rights principles. It stars Yahya Mahaini and Dia Lien, as well as Italian actress Monica Bellucci and Belgian actor Quinn de Boe.

Oliver Moroccan and trafficking in evil

Moroccan film “Oliver Al Asmar”, directed by Tawfiq Baba, and starring Senegalese actor Modou Mbou, in addition to the actors Hassan Rishoy, Ilham Ojri and Mohamed Al Kashir, qualified for the “Golden Globe” list.

The film sheds light on the issue of human trafficking through the story of a young African who aspires to realize his dream to reach Morocco and work in the circus field, but he gets lost in an endless and harsh desert with no water or food, and he embarks on an exciting journey full of difficulties in order to survive on Alive.

Egypt turns the tables on Slovenia and qualifies for the World Cup quarter-finals

The Egyptian national team managed to qualify for the quarter-finals of the World Handball Championship, which is currently being held in Egypt, after turning the tables on its Slovenian counterpart, scoring a fair score of 25-25, for the matches of the last round of the fourth group of the main round.

The Egyptian national team ended the first half 8-12 late, before Al-Ahmar’s companions turned the tables on Slovenia in the second half by achieving a draw and qualifying in an official capacity for the quarter-finals.

The Egyptian national team was able to raise its score to the seventh point at the top of the standings, waiting for the result of the match between Sweden and the Russian Federation to know the final position of the Pharaohs.

Morocco extends closure after discovering a “mutated Corona” infection

The Moroccan government announced, on Tuesday, the extension of the precautionary measures, which were approved on the 13th of January, for an additional two weeks, “following the epidemiological development of the Corona-virus, and the emergence of new strains in some neighboring countries,” as stated in a government statement.

A night curfew has been in effect in the country since December 23, in addition to a ban on gatherings and the closure of restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets at eight in the evening, with restaurants in Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, and Tangier being completely closed until the measures come into effect.

Infection with the new strain

On Monday evening, the Ministry of Health announced the discovery of the first case of the mutated strain of Corona-virus in the Tangier Med port, with a citizen coming from Ireland.

A statement by the Moroccan Ministry of Health stated that within the framework of epidemiological monitoring, “the first confirmed case of the mutated strain of the emerging corona-virus, which was recently discovered in the United Kingdom, was recorded in the Tangier Mediterranean port by a Moroccan citizen coming from Ireland on a ship that set off from the port of Marseille.”

On Monday, the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that planes and travelers coming from Australia, Brazil, Ireland, and New Zealand will be prevented from entering Moroccan soil, starting from January 19, until further notice, in a “precautionary measure following the discovery of the first case of infection with the mutated strain of Corona-virus in northern Morocco.

Messi suspended two matches after slapping the Bilbao player

The Spanish Football Association’s Competitions Committee revealed, on Tuesday, the penalty imposed on Barcelona club captain Lionel Messi, after receiving a red card directly against Athletic Bilbao, for the Spanish Super Cup final, following the attack on Acier Villalibri without a ball.

And the Spanish newspaper “Marca” indicated that the Competitions Committee decided to suspend Messi for two matches, due to slapping the Athletic Bilbao player.

Lionel Messi will be absent from the match against Cornia, next Thursday, in the 32nd round of the King’s Cup, in addition to the Elche match, next Sunday, in the 20th round of the Spanish Football League.

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