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Elon Musk announces his split from Canadian singer Grimes

American billionaire Elon Musk has announced his separation from Canadian singer Grimes after a 3-year relationship.

Musk said, according to the “Seventh Day” website, on the British “BBC” network, that they still meet often and have a good relationship, but work always causes them to be separated for long periods.

He added, “My work with SpaceX and Tesla requires me to be in Texas mainly or to travel abroad, and its work is centered in Los Angeles.”

Grimes, whose real name is Claire Ellis Bouchet, has not yet commented on her split from Musk.

It is reported that Musk was previously married to Canadian writer Justin Wilson, and British actress Tallulah Riley.

Kourtney Kardashian – Travis Barker: Their first joint appearance on the red carpet (photos)

More in love than ever!

Kourtney Kardashian made her first joint appearance on the red carpet with her partner, Travis Barker, at this year’s MTV VMAs and they managed to catch everyone’s eye!

The couple is used to us in impressive appearances, so we were not surprised that all the flashes fell on them once again!

Kardashian and Barker shone with happiness next to each other and it makes sense since they are one of the most beloved and in love couples in Hollywood!

Their stylistic choices
The 42-year-old celebrity chose to wear a super sexy and mini total black dress by designer Olivier Theyskens, while the 45-year-old musician made the same color choice, wearing a total black ensemble by designer Thom Browne.

Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant

Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence (31) will be a mother for the first time. The child’s father is the six-year-old art dealer Cooke Maroney (37), a spokesman for the actress confirmed.

A love life straight out of a picture book: Jennifer Lawrence, 31, and her husband Cooke Maroney, 37, are expecting their first child together. A spokesman for the actress confirmed this to the US magazine “People” on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. The famous actress has not yet commented on the pregnancy.

Top stars at the wedding
Shortly after getting to know each other in 2018, Maroney asked for the hand of the “Silver Linings” leading actress Jennifer Lawrence. In October 2019 they finally tied the knot on the noble Belcourt estate in Newport. Around 150 guests attended the wedding, including actors and music icons such as Adele (33), Emma Stone (32), and Cameron Diaz (49).

“He’s just the best person”
In an interview at the premiere of “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, she told the “Entertainment Tonight” that it was a “very, very easy decision” when Maroney asked her the big question. She justified her decision to marry Maroney with the moving declaration of love: “Well, he’s just the best person I’ve ever met in my life.”

Happiness in love – happiness at work
In addition to personal happiness, the “Hunger Games” star continues to pursue her career. From December 10, 2021, she will – alongside other well-known actors such as Leonardo Di Caprio (46), Maryl Streep (72), Cate Blanchett (52), Ariana Grande (28), and Timothée Chalamet (25) – in the Science Fiction comedy “Don’t look up” can be seen on the big screens. The trailer has been available on the streaming provider Netflix since September 8, 2021.

The first trailer for Matrix 4 is out

Warner Bros. Studio has released the first short trailer for the upcoming Matrix 4 on its official YouTub. However, the creators decided to stretch the fans nicely, because the 16-second video doesn’t say much.

The fourth part will be called The Matrix Resurrections. But the mentioned video is actually just a trailer for the trailer. With this short video, which basically shows only a difficult choice between a blue and a red pill, the creators let themselves know that they will show the full-fledged trailer on Thursday, September 9th.

But this gives them even more room for speculation and the imagination of the fans. However, the name The Matrix Resurrections itself suggests that the four should not be a restart of the series – rather it will be a regular sequel.

But Keanu Reeves, who will take on the role of Nea again, has indicated a little: “Lana Wachowski wrote a beautiful screenplay and an amazing story that resonated in me. That’s why I’m coming back. It’s great to work with Lana again, and I think her film definitely has something to say. It’s full of important ideas that are worth hearing. “

In addition, it should be the first film in the series to be shot digitally. We will also allow ourselves to feel the spiciness of the tabloids – the filming took place so wildly in San Francisco that the city council had to deal with several outraged letters with complaints from people living in the area. So we seem to have something to look forward to.

The launch of Matrix Resurrections is scheduled for December 22nd. On this day, the film should reportedly go not only to cinemas but also straight to the HBO Max streaming service.

Katerina Karavatou and Krateros Katsoulis – Love, the unforgettable marriage, the common television course, and the separation

After ten years of marriage, the couple announced their divorce today
The news of the separation of Katerina Karavatou and Krateros Katsoulis, after ten years of marriage and two children, shocked the Greek showbiz today.

The couple has been together since 2009, while they had a civil wedding on July 25, 2011.

They have two children, Aelia and Arion, who they keep out of the limelight, taking care to hide their faces when posting photos with them.

From friendship to a fairytale love
The two met at an ALPHA event and from the first moment, it was obvious that there was a strong attraction and mutual sympathy.

But the two of them were then in other relationships, as a result of which they kept in touch with each other on a friendly level – until love turned everything upside down.

Katerina Karavatou had said about their acquaintance:
“I would not say that it was love at first sight because I was late to appreciate his talents. (Laughter) The first thing that won me over at Crater, when we started talking on the phone before we even decided to go out on a date, was that he really laughed with all his heart at every joke I told him. And as you all know, jokes are not my strong point! “

Prince William and Duchess Kate: Great support

Prince William and Duchess Kate do not seem to fail even at the trickiest of tasks. Nevertheless, you would definitely not want to miss the great support of this person …

Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate are a real power couple. Whether Megxit or the Prince Andrew scandal – William and Kate simply smile away family crises with their friendly appearances and, in addition to their duties as heir to the throne couple number two, also manage the upbringing of their three children. Chapeau! Will the time together in the 10th year of marriage be neglected? Not at all, because of course, the royals are not entirely on their own either. You can now read which young Lady William and Kate are currently helping something, has already “made herself popular with everyone” and is, therefore, a great help in looking after Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Elvis Presley festival brings fans together in Germany

The German town of Bad Nauheim, where Elvis Presley lived during his military service, hosts a festival dedicated to the King every year. It brings together thousands of fans, mostly dressed in 1950s fashion. During the festival, the city of 30,000 inhabitants brings together visitors from all over Europe. For the occasion, several Cadillacs are parked in the streets and the men stroll with the emblematic Elvis hairstyle.

Elvis Presley lived in Bad Nauheim from October 1958 to March 1960, when he was sent to Germany to serve in the nearby town of Friedberg. His fans regularly place candles and small gifts there for their idol.

An association in memory of Elvis has been active since 1998 in the two towns and organizes its birthday party and this festival every year. For this edition, fans have discovered a Bronze statue of the “King”. The inauguration, originally scheduled for last year, has been postponed due to the pandemic.

A photo of Fabiola Yañez generated a wave of versions of pregnancy on social networks

Fabiola Yañez returned to her homeland to accompany Alberto Fernández in the presentation of the second edition of the Pre-trip 2021-2022. From Iguazú, the President re-established the program with the aim of reactivating the tourism sector, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic.

Yañez decided to highlight the benefits of the program, with several posts on social networks. Her publication quickly became a trend, as hundreds of Internet users commented on the possibility that Yañez was pregnant.

The doubt arises specifically after a photo that Yañez uploaded to her Instagram stories: in the image, the first lady is observed holding her belly before the photographer’s lens. With the passing of the hours, both on social networks and on various portals, pregnancy rumors increased. In that sense, the Chief of Staff of the President’s advisers, Juan Manuel Olmos, neither confirmed nor denied the rumors (“the truth is that I don’t know,” he stated) while insisting on remarking that “what happens personally it is a matter of private life ”.

Does Scarlett Johansson have an argument in her lawsuit against Disney?

Johansson claimed that Walt Disney breached its contract last month when it released the movie bearing the character’s name in cinemas and on its Disney+ on-demand service simultaneously. Johansson argues that her compensation depends in large part on the film’s performance in cinemas and that its access to homes limits her desired earnings.

Disney will likely lose its battle with Scarlett Johansson in the court of public opinion, but the legal question is significant and has implications for dealings beyond Marvel Cinematic Universe and the actress who played Black Widow for more than a decade.

Fans have been confused about the lawsuit, but its core is constantly emerging, as compensation is often contingent on a future event that compels it, often called a “trigger,” such as achieving a sales target, closing a deal, or selling a certain number of books. Is the party liable to pay obligated to allow this event to occur?

loose standard
Critics of the “good faith” standard consider it too broad, giving judges almost absolute discretion in redrafting agreements. Even so, this standard is enforced and film studios have more than once been successful in breaching it. Apparently, California courts have allowed the lawsuits to continue even on what appeared to be bare ground, as in an allegation that the studio did not fairly evaluate films seeking a development deal.

Johansson’s lawsuit will serve to establish the background to the joint premise of the parties, as in the examples of the professional athlete and sales associate. In her lawsuit, Johansson alleges that the parties understood that the contractual promise that “Black Widow” would have a “widespread release”, meaning that it would “remain exclusively in cinemas for approximately 90 to 120 days”. The actress stresses that this is the norm in the industry and is what Marvel has been following. The studio would have violated the common premise by releasing “Black Widow” through “Disney+” while it was also made available in cinemas, according to this argument.

Actress Scarlett Johansson poses for photographers upon arrival at the ‘Avengers Endgame’ fan event in London, Wednesday, April 10, 2019. (Photo by Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP)

New York man charged with causing the death of actress Lisa Bynes

New York Police announced on Friday that a 26-year-old man has been arrested and charged in connection with a traffic accident in Manhattan last June that led to the death of American actress Lisa Bynes.

A police spokesman told AFP that the man was arrested Thursday and charged with refusing to give way to a pedestrian and fleeing after causing a fatal accident.

Lisa Baines, 65, who was visiting New York City on the fourth of last June, suffered head trauma as a result of an accident on the part of a scooter rider, who crossed a red traffic light while crossing the street.

She died of her injury 10 days later. The accident occurred near the Lincoln Cultural Center in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

As Bynes was battling death in hospital, her partner, Kathryn Cranold, appealed to the Daily News for witnesses to come forward with their information to help stop the scooter rider.

Lisa Bynes has acted in many works in film and television, including comedies, including “Roseanne”, and has appeared in plays on Broadway.

She appeared in well-known films, including the movie “John Girl” in 2014, and “Cocktail” in 1988, alongside Tom Cruise.

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