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A disruption in the services of the tech giants “Google, Facebook and Amazon”

The services of major technology companies experienced widespread outages, Monday, and users reported difficulties with Facebook’s Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger services, as well as Google, Twitter, and AWS’s Amazon Web services.

The major providers of mobile services in the United States, such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-mobile, were also subjected to the deviation of their services from the normal course, as a large number of users were unable to make phone calls, exchange text messages, as well as Internet services.

Users indicated that their phones work normally with wireless Internet networks (WiFi), but they are not able to connect to mobile networks.

The reasons for the outage affecting users in many regions around the world were not immediately clear.

Facebook said in a tweet on Twitter that it was aware that some users were having difficulty accessing its apps and services.

The company added that it was “working to get things back to normal as soon as possible.”

The DownDetector website, which monitors the status of electronic services, showed a significant increase in the number of complaints submitted by users of Facebook services, and it was for WhatsApp that some users were having problems running the application and sending messages.

At the level of Messenger, 36% of the complaints submitted through the “Downdetector” website focused on the inability of users to access the service’s website, while 36% also faced a problem with sending messages in general, along with 28% of the complaints centered On the malfunctions that users encounter with the service application on the mobile.

China unveils a high-speed drone that will fly high for about a day

A 20-hour high-altitude drone with long endurance and a top speed of 700 km/h was one of the aircraft that was unveiled at the 2021 China Air Show in the southern city of Zhuhai on Tuesday.

The CH-6 drone, developed by Aerospace CH UAV, is suitable for carrying advanced weapons, with its long-range qualifies it for use in multiple military and civilian missions.

The aircraft can also perform anti-submarine missions, maritime surveillance, early warning, and close-range aviation support, according to the Chinese newspaper, Global Times.

CHUAV also displayed another series of its CH-817 drone, which is so small that it weighs about 800 grams and flies for 15 minutes, that it can be carried by soldiers or taken off from a larger march.

“We can call it a flying grenade,” the newspaper quoted Shi Wen, the company’s chief engineer and designer of this series of rallies.

It was not immediately known to which governments the company might try to sell either type of march.

Microsoft launches cloud gaming service on Xbox

Microsoft has announced the launch of xCloud and Xbox Remote Play cloud video game services through the Xbox app for Windows devices so that users can enjoy full gaming experiences, even if the capabilities of the devices they are using are modest.

The idea of ​​Microsoft’s cloud-playing services is based on playing games on the company’s servers directly, and then the games are played and broadcast to the user’s device, regardless of their capabilities in terms of data and graphics processing, according to what the company published on the official Xbox blog.

Microsoft had made its xCloud service available on users’ devices via Internet browsers but in the form of a standalone application that works directly across the desktop, greatly improving the experience.

The provision of Remote Play for Windows devices is also a major addition, as it will make it easier for gamers to broadcast the games they play on Xbox devices, such as Xbox Series One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, to Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices when it is officially available so that they can follow the game freely anywhere.

And in order for the user to enjoy the new services, he must have a device running Windows 10, a game controller that works with “Bluetooth” or supports working with a USB-C port, as well as a subscription to the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service.

Facebook glasses capture and receive calls, but lack augmented reality

Facebook has unveiled its long-awaited smart glasses, in partnership with Ray-Ban, to enter the emerging market for wearable mobile devices, with a focus on capturing images rather than augmented reality.

On Thursday, the social network showcased the Ray-Ban Stories glasses, which are a direct competitor to Snapchat’s Spectacles.

An upcoming revolution in the world of the Internet .. “Zuckerberg” changes the face of “Facebook” through the technology “Metaverse”

The $299 Facebook glasses use classic Wayfarer frames from Ray-Ban subsidiary Essilor Luxottica and allow users to take photos and videos, listen to music and answer phone calls. While it lacks augmented reality technology, which adds digital content using what the eye sees as a background, Facebook says it plans to eventually add this feature.

“We’re building on AR glasses as the next computing platform,” Monisha Perkash, a product manager at Facebook, said in an interview. “We see it as a very important first step toward realizing that vision.”

Millennials are addicted to shopping through the $46 billion Klarna app

If you search for “Klarna” on the “Tik Tok” platform, you will find young people talking sarcastically about the debts they incurred using the popular “Buy Now Pay Later” app. Some dance as “debts in deferred” comment appears on the video, after footage of them using the Klarna app to shop and buy clothes. Others share videos of the company’s payment requests with the “I know you’re obsessed with me” comment from a remixed song.

Joila Luisa shared a video with the caption: “When you put on a new outfit and Klarna reminds you to pay for it.” Although she seems annoyed by the fact that she doesn’t like the bill to be paid, she can’t stop it. “In the past, when I didn’t have the money, I simply couldn’t shop. Now with” Klarna, I can do that.

Buy now, pay later
Postpay applications have a double-edged aspect to the concern of financial regulators. While young “fashion stars” on Tik Tok see the potential risk of taking on short-term debt through these apps when they pay off, the temptations are too great for them.

Credit rating companies express concern that this increasingly widespread financing option may encourage more reckless borrowing. The high demand for Klarna (average client age is 33) by millennials and Generation Z helped the company receive a valuation of $45.6 billion in the latest funding round led by Soft’s Vision Fund 2 Bank”.

CEO Elon Musk promises a humanoid robot on “Artificial Intelligence Day”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk (50) has announced the market launch of the prototype of a humanoid robot called “Tesla Bot”. Musk spoke on Thursday (local time) on the occasion of the company’s “AI Day” (“Artificial Intelligence Day”) – that the robot could take on dangerous, repetitive, or boring tasks in the future. The robot with the human-like appearance will have “profound effects on the economy,” said the entrepreneur. “In the future, physical work will be an option. If you want to do it, you can do it, but you don’t have to do it.”

The Tesla Bot will be around five feet eight inches (1.73 meters) high, weigh 57 kilograms and be able to do numerous jobs, from attaching screws to cars to picking up purchases in the store. The Tesla robot will be equipped with eight cameras and a fully-fledged self-driving computer and use the same tools that Tesla uses in the car. He sees the robot as the answer to a shortage of skilled workers. It is important not to let the machine turn out to be “super expensive”.

“He’s supposed to be friendly, of course,” Musk explained. The robot will also be designed in such a way that it is not particularly fast. “You will

“The most difficult thing about a useful humanoid robot is that” it cannot navigate the world without being specifically trained. “But that has to work line by line without explicit instructions. The device gets” a kind of screen at the head for useful information “, but otherwise run autonomously.

The “Polemix ” application… Intellectual debates in the “Tik Tok” way

At a time when American political parties are seeking to settle new social media applications that are free from content controls and free of opponents, such as the Jeter and Ramble applications, and before them Parler, the “Polemix ” application was recently launched as a social networking platform that pursues a different philosophy based on the idea of ​​debates and adopts “ Convince me if you can” is a slogan for it, while followers consider it “Tik Tok Ideas”, given the similarity in the general form of the two applications.

Over the past weeks, in an exclusive beta space, the Polemix app has been launched, which its creators claim, in their description across the Apple Store and Play Store, is “the opposite of all social networks”.

During the initial browsing of the application, it appears very similar to the Tik Tok application, short videos (30 seconds) are the basic format of the content, while scrolling above allows skipping the video clip to the next, just like “Tik Tok”.

On Polemix , the debate begins with the seemingly simple question “Will America miss Trump?”, “Is America racist?”, “Does money buy happiness?”, “Did COVID-19 leak from a Wuhan lab?” Is Beyoncé better than Madonna?”, and after the question, it is the turn of the opponents and those in agreement to explain their views through short videos.

As for the voting options, they are limited to: “I am satisfied with you”, or “I respect you, but I oppose you” so that the result appears similar to the results of opinion polls.

Google stops its services on phones running the version of Android “Gingerbread”

Google has warned users of old Android systems, especially the “Gingerbread” version, that they will not be able to access their Google accounts or use its applications, starting from next September 27.

According to what was published by the 91mobiles website, Google indicated that its decision seeks to provide the best use environment for users, preserving their privacy and electronic security.

The company, in a message that reached some users, has specified the old versions of Android that will be affected by the decision, which is Android 2.3.7, known as “Gingerbread”, and older than that, and users of those systems must update to devices running Android versions 3.0 or later, to continue enjoying the company’s services.

What will happen on September 27?
By the appointed date, users of older Android versions will encounter a message saying that the username or password is wrong when the user tries to access any of the Google services, add or create an account, or try to log in with a Google account on any phone that works with one Old version, or trying to change your Google account password on an old Android phone.

Google indicated that users of old Android phones will still be able to use its services via Internet browsers from their phones, with the exception of Google Chrome, but it advises them to update their phones to new versions or buy phones that support newer versions of Android 2.3.7.

Pegasus spyware under the microscope

The Pegasus program, produced by the Israeli company “NSO”, has sparked global controversy, after human rights and press reports indicated that it was used in attempts to hack the phones of leaders, journalists, government officials, and activists around the world.

Amnesty International and media organizations, and in cooperation with the French journalist Forbidden Stories, said that governments of several countries used the program to monitor the communications of up to 50,000 people, something that most of the governments mentioned in the report denied.

The spyware, developed by an Israeli software company called (NSO Group), allows extracting SMS, photos, emails, recording calls, and activating the phone’s camera and microphone without the owner’s knowledge.

Macron changes his phone and number
A French presidential official said on Thursday that President Emmanuel Macron had changed his phone and number in light of what was revealed in the Pegasus spyware case.

The official added that there was no confirmation that Macron’s phone had actually been hacked. “It is nothing more than additional security measures,” he told Reuters.

The French government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, said that France had decided to amend the insurance procedures, especially those related to Macron’s insurance.

And French newspaper Le Monde reported that one of Macron’s phone numbers, which he has used regularly since 2017, is included in the list of potential spy targets.

Israeli investigation
Israel announced that the government had assembled a team of senior officials from several ministries to look into growing allegations of worldwide exploitation of spyware sold by an Israeli company, adding that an audit of the company’s exports was unlikely.

A prominent member of the Israeli parliament said Thursday that a parliamentary committee may consider imposing restrictions on the export of spyware, according to Reuters.

Morocco files defamation lawsuit
Morocco decided to file a lawsuit before the Criminal Court in Paris against the organizations “Forbidden Stories” and Amnesty International for defamation, according to what the lawyer appointed by the Kingdom to follow up on the case announced in a statement sent to “AFP” Thursday.

Algeria: Investigation into espionage operations
On Thursday, Algeria decided to open an investigation into espionage operations against the country’s interests, which affected Algerian personalities, according to a statement by the Public Prosecutor at the Algiers Judicial Council.

Merkel warns
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday urged stronger international restrictions on the sale of spyware after reports that several governments had used Pegasus.

International and European condemnation
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights called on Monday for better “regulation” of surveillance technologies after reports on the Pegasus program.

In a statement, Michelle Bachelet said that what was revealed by the media about the spyware program “confirms the urgent need to better regulate the process of sale, transfer, and use of surveillance technologies and to ensure their tight control.”

Major websites are back after a global internet outage

Many websites have returned to work, after being down for a short period due to service outages due to a failure in the systems of Akamai Technologies, in the second major outage related to the cloud server services company in a month.

Akamai Technologies said in a tweet on Twitter: “We fixed this issue and based on current feedback, the service is back to working normally.”

The company indicated that the malfunction lasted up to an hour, and was caused by an error in the Domain Name System (DNS) service that allows URLs to transport users to their destinations that were triggered during the software update.

It added that services resumed after the update was rolled back, stressing that the malfunction was not due to a cyber attack. “We are reviewing our software update process to prevent future disruptions,” she added.

short global outage
Websites for companies including Delta Air Lines, Costco WholeSale, American Express, and Home Depot initially went down, leading to DNS errors.

The companies, “Oracle” and “Amazon”, said that the global problem related to the “Akamai” network affected access to many Internet resources, including their cloud computing services, before their services returned to normal operation shortly after.

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