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unpiloted planes. A big step in the future of aviation.

Maybe 5 years ago, if you asked someone if they’d agree to board a drone, they would likely refuse. He might even think it’s crazy, but not anymore. With all the training, safety measures, and precautions that are taken into consideration in the field of aviation, however, without a doubt, accidents do occur, and human error is inevitable no matter how we try to avoid it. But technology and the development witnessed by our time have solved many of the problems and gaps that we suffer from in many areas of life. The field of aircraft is not excluded from it.

unpiloted planes have been taken in earnest, and we consider this step a big leap. So what’s new here?

Reliable Robots and Xwing are two startups in the Gulf region that are building aircraft that can fly on their own unpiloted planes, Instead of building new aircraft, both companies have modified Cessna Grand Caravans. Airplanes can fly autonomously while a remote operator monitors the flight, and only takes control if needed. Both companies said they are working with major logistics companies to deliver cargo as an initial draw or as a trial run for the move, once approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Xwing tried it out in action, as a plane was taken on a test flight and the pilot did not touch the controls, not even once, and it went well.

How do instant messaging applications stand up to the dominance of WhatsApp?

Quite a few applications that provide instant messaging services have seized a piece of the share of WhatsApp owned by Facebook (100 billion messages per day through its platform), as a result of users’ anger at the expected change in WhatsApp policies to deal with data privacy.

According to a report issued by the Statista research institution, the number of active WhatsApp service users reached two billion per month in January, despite the loss of the service to millions of users after announcing the intention to change privacy policies and data management.

After the users sparked a wave of outrage, WhatsApp withdrew from applying the amendment last February, and it was postponed to this May, specifically May 15, that is, next Saturday.

WhatsApp alone holds a 30% share of the global instant messaging services market, and it dominates the largest share in 93 countries at the level of Android users’ phones.

The service recently clarified a simple modification in the procedures it will take with non-acceptors to amend its new policies. After it promised that accounts of non-conformers would be suspended immediately on May 15th, the service retreated and explained that those accounts will gradually lose the benefits of its services, in order to give their owners a greater opportunity to change their thinking. And approval of the amendments.

The encrypted messaging service Telegram has achieved remarkable growth in the number of users since the beginning of this year, and the service has reached third place in the world in the list of the most used messaging services on the Android operating system at the end of last March.

The service has achieved wide reach in 11 countries around the world, including Egypt, Armenia, Lithuania, and Venezuela.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger comes second in the global instant messaging market, according to a SimilarWeb report on the market situation at the end of last March.

Messenger has dominated users in a group of countries, led by the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, and Sweden.

Until the end of last March, Messenger succeeded in maintaining its third position in the list of the most popular apps with active monthly users. Facebook and WhatsApp snapped first and second places, according to what Social Media Today reported on the App Annie Research Foundation report.

According to a report by the Statista for Statistical Research, the total number of active monthly users of Messenger reached 1.3 billion users in January.

LinkedIn is accused of censoring its users to please China

A prominent critic of China said that Microsoft’s LinkedIn platform had frozen his account and removed content critical of the country’s government, in the latest series of allegations that a professional networking network imposes censorship on users to satisfy Beijing authorities.

And Bloomberg quoted Peter Humphrey, a British corporate investigator, and former journalist, as saying that he “received a notification from LinkedIn that last month, that his comments he had posted on his account on the platform had been removed.” His published comments described the Chinese government as a “repressive dictatorship” and criticized Government media organizations in the country described them as “propaganda mouthpieces.”

Humphrey pointed out that, late last month, he received many notifications stating that his “critical comments he published about the Chinese government and the state-controlled China Global Television Network (CGTN) were removed, like bullying and harassment,” while his account was suspended on the 26th of the same month due to “He violated the Terms of Service.”

After Bloomberg contacted LinkedIn last week to request comment, the company reinstated Humphrey’s account and recovered some of his comments, including those mentioned above.

LinkedIn entered the Chinese market in early 2014, operating under the name Li Lingying. It is still the only American social network allowed to operate in the country, but it complies with the restrictions imposed by the Chinese government on certain types of content for users in China.

And the “LinkedIn” platform said last March that it would stop new registrations for its users in China because it works to “ensure our compliance with local law.” And earlier that month, the Internet Regulatory Authority in China reprimanded executives of “LinkedIn” for their failure. In control of political content, according to The New York Times.

$ 41 billion in cloud computing expenditures in the first quarter of 2021

Global expenditures on cloud computing have reached new record levels, exceeding $ 40 billion in the first quarter of this year, in light of the big boom since the start of the Corona pandemic, according to a study published by Canalys.

Companies and institutions that use servers and data-processing services that have become essential to the work of the Internet spent $ 41.8 billion between January and March, an increase of 35% compared to the same period last year.

The global health crisis was reflected in the growth of the activities of major digital platforms, from e-commerce to remote work, through entertainment sites and applications, which are services that depend on cloud computing systems.

Analyst Blake Murray said in comments reported by “Canalys” that “cloud computing is imposing itself as profitable in all sectors combined last year, since the start of the pandemic and the start of the lockdown measures.”

“Organizations rely on digital services and their online presence to maintain their operations and adapt to the situation,” Murray added.

Challenges and Opportunities Faced in Automotive Industry

There is no single industry in this world that doesn’t face problems or obstacles in its path to success. Once a wise man said that
” Where there are problems there are opportunities” keeping this thing in mind the automotive industry has been doing a lot of progress in its manufacturing sector as well as the R&D region. The EV tech is one of the most recent and innovative creations that the industry has given us, but there are also many challenges present in the automotive industry such as the rate of recall, the recycling issue, shortage of items, and so on.
Some of these challenges and opportunities are Been listed in this blog in a short and sweet explanatory manner.

1. Chip Shortage And Hike in their Price.

As the production of cars is increasing day by day one of the major issue faced by the automotive sector is the shortage of semiconductors and this particular thing has to lead to a slightly bigger problem that is the increase in the pricing of chips.
The Indian auto OEM has been getting requests from chip manufacturers to increase the respective prices of chips – this particular thing has been approved and said by 3 companies in particular to date and the number is likely to increase in the near future. The combined impact of the supply shortage and accompanied by the surge g demand has put pressure on prices. The hike may be up to 3-6% up to 2021. This problem caused not only the car sector but also the semiconductor industry is looking for other alternatives.

2. EV batteries and the economy.

The used or retired electric vehicle batteries of the old vehicles have the major problem that they are unable to store or produce the required energy as compared to the new one which is a fact. Due to this, the cost of maintenance and repair of the battery costs too high. So these batteries are sold and been recycled in a very innovative manner which stores energy.
“Relectric” An Australian technology developer Is building and selling units of repurposed expired or outdated Nissan Motor Co.Leaf batteries to create products capable of storing renewable power at the manufacturing facilities, Big farms, and also old mines. These are also called second-life battery systems harnessing the remaining life of the used EV batteries or packs.

3.) Hyundai’s Recall

The recall is nothing but the right of the customer of the vehicle to replace or repair any part of his/her vehicle (a condition that it should be original ) by the company or the local manufacturer/dealer of that company. A similar recall chain has hit the Hyundai company where it has recall 82,000 electric vehicles globally to replace their batteries after 15 reports of fires involving the vehicles have come forward. This is one of the most expensive recalls in history. This signals to us that how electric car defects could create
such high cost for the automakers.
Replacing an entire battery is a very hectic process that requires a similar amount of hard work and expense as replacing a complete engine of a traditional IC-powered car.

4.) Driverless Electric Buses.

Driverless Electric Buses is definitely a milestone of changing technology. This bus adapts the machine learning mechanism and learns all the things while operating and observing the process in detail. It also interacts with the traffic signal and works and drives accordingly. The stops and routes are programmed with the help of machine learning and this bus uses its own AI to learn and understand new concepts. It is majorly operating in a city named Malaga in Spain. It runs at 8 km ( Five miles) loop it does six times a day. It is also capable of using its intelligence and improving its decision based on data processed along the route.

The founder of Signal hacks into an Israeli company that specializes in hacking phones

Moxy Marlinspike, founder and director of the “Signal” instant messaging service, revealed that he had hacked a device used by the Israeli company, “Cellebrite”, which specializes in hacking smartphones for intelligence purposes.

In a post on the official website of Signal, Moxy indicated that the “Silbright” device, which was found by accident, contains security flaws that expose the Israeli company’s customers to danger and threaten the accuracy of the reports issued by the devices used to penetrate phones.

Security loopholes
The post indicated that there are a number of flaws in the software system for operating the “Celebright” device, and Moxy considered them to be “high-risk” loopholes capable of making the Israeli company warn its customers against using its devices to extract information from inside any smartphone.

Moxy pointed out that some of the discovered vulnerabilities are able to open the way for hackers to place malicious code inside the operating system of the “Silbright” device, by planting a malicious file inside one of the applications installed on the target phones.

Through the malicious programming, it becomes easy for the hacker to remotely control the data and files stored on the phones, and thus it is easy to tamper with the reports issued by the “Celebright” devices, and the security services, which are considered one of the most important customers of the Israeli company, depend on them.

Charges exchanged
This statement comes as a new episode in which Signal responds to the allegations made by the company, “Silbright”, which it launched last month, during which it stated that it is able to provide services to hack any account on the “Signal” service to its customers.

Signal’s statement included a response “to this allegation,” noting that what Silbright can do in terms of collecting data from a Signal account, is what anyone can do when they hold a phone in their hands with an unlocked screen lock, and the only feature it provides “Celebright” for its customers to perform this operation automatically, without human intervention.

Bloomberg: Apple is trying to develop iMessage to compete with WhatsApp

Apple is working on making several updates to its iMessage service, in order to be able to compete strongly in the instant messaging market, especially WhatsApp.

According to what was published by the agency “Bloomberg”, informed sources confirmed the work of the iPhone company to develop iMessage to attract iPhone users, to rely mainly on its service for communication, rather than WhatsApp.

A long struggle
Apple’s plan to develop iMessage to rival WhatsApp is a new link in the series of conflicts between Apple and Facebook.

Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg said that iMessage service is an important and differentiating factor in the world of Apple services because it comes pre-installed on every iPhone phone, so it is the most used among all instant messaging services in the United States of America, according to what was published by the CNN website. NBC. “

WhatsApp is one of the most powerful messaging services used in the world, but since the end of last year, it has been going through a period that may be the most difficult in its history, in conjunction with the service’s announcement of updating the privacy policies related to its handling of user data and placing it in the hands of Facebook for use in a wider field of ads.

Snowden is selling crypto NFT for $ 5.5 million

A report of Edward Snowden, a former contractor with the US National Security Agency (NSA), has revealed that the NFT has sold about $ 5.4 million in cryptocurrency tokens, according to the verege.

The encrypted piece of art bears the name Stay Free, and is represented in a group of pages of the court ruling that recognized the unlawfulness of the extensive surveillance practices carried out by the US National Security Agency (NSA), which Snowden had revealed to the world in 2014, and these documents were arranged so that Snowden’s face appears, According to Engadget.

“Emerging applications of coding can play an important role in upholding our rights,” Snowden said in a statement issued by the Freedom of the Press Foundation. “This auction will develop valuable and privacy-protected uses of cryptography, to protect press freedom and serve the public.”

Snowden announced, in a tweet on his official Twitter account, that the sale of his encrypted art piece is directed directly to the International Press Freedom Foundation, which he chairs.

A sudden malfunction hits Facebook services worldwide

The “Android Police” website suddenly revealed that Facebook services have been disrupted, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The British newspaper, The Independent, said that millions of users of Facebook’s social media platforms, in different regions of the world, had suddenly encountered difficulties using the various “Facebook” services, on Friday.

Facebook has not issued a statement that the service has stopped.

According to the website monitoring the performance of electronic services “Down Detector”, the rate of complaints from users regarding the four social services during the past minutes has increased to more than 112 thousand times.

Facebook is considering launching a version of Instagram for children under the age of 13

After launching a copy of the Messenger Kids program to chat with children, the social network “Facebook” intends to launch a version of the Instagram application for children under the age of 13 years, with the aim of using it safely for the first time.

The social network, Facebook, is considering launching a version of the Instagram photo-sharing app for children under the age of 13. “I am pleased to announce that from now on we have made working with young people a priority for Instagram and have added them to our list of H1 priorities,” BuzzFeed News, a technology-focused website, quoted Vishal Shah, deputy product manager at Instagram, as saying in a message on the company’s intranet.

Shah added, “We will build a new pillar for youth within the community product portfolio to focus on two things: the first is to accelerate integrity and privacy work to ensure the best possible experience for teens and the second to launch a version of Instagram that allows people under the age of 13 to use Instagram safely for the first time.” It is reported that children under the age of 13 cannot use the Instagram application.

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