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Burberry is back in fashion but is looking for a new boss

Checks from Burberry are back in fashion, but the departure of the company’s CEO has taken its toll on the British luxury brand.

Although Burberry Group reported an improvement in sales last Friday, the decision of its chief executive, Marco Gopetti, to leave his post to move to smaller Italian rival Salvatore Ferragamo, threatens to unravel the recent improvement.

Sales jump
Gobetti had set himself a goal that included elevating the company from a luxury brand to the very highest echelons of luxury.

Indeed, Gobeti has managed to stabilize the company since he joined in July 2017, as evidenced by the 90% increase in sales in the same stores in the three months to June 26, compared to the same period last year. That exceeded analyst expectations, to the point that sales slightly exceeded the pre-pandemic stage.

Modern designs
Gobetti brought in a new designer, Riccardo Ticchi, and laid the foundations for turning Burberry into a super-luxury brand, building a line of handbags, modernizing its signature coats, and expanding the shoe line to include sneakers.

It also stopped selling the brand’s products in regular stores and reduced special discounts.

In addition, Burberry is getting closer to Millennials and Gen Z shoppers thanks to the streetwear it is launching in limited editions.

It is no longer surprising to see young Londoners dressed in the brown, black, red, and white checks that characterize Burberry, along with other brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga.

New suit
However, the British brand still lacks the same glamor as Gucci, plus the sales growth and market margin expansion that Gucci achieved just a few years after its parent company Kering launched the brand’s transformation in 2015.

Indeed; The work on the new Burberry suit is not finished yet. For example, it is necessary to continue working until the handbag line achieves its full potential, as handbags are one of the most important sales and profit drivers for other luxury brands.

The epidemic impeded the progress of “Barbarian”. Now that it is emerging from the crisis, the company is having to search for a new CEO.

Given the path of transformation it has achieved; The next CEO’s strategy would have to align with the broad outlines of Gobeti’s plan, although that might act as a deterrent for candidates who would want to put their stamp on Burberry.

More importantly, is the match that will arise between the new CEO and Tychi, who previously worked with Gobetti at LVMH’s Givenchy brand, and joined Burberry in March 2018.

In terms of continuity, Techy’s history attests to him remaining in his position at Genifchi for more than a decade after Guppette moved to LVMH’s Celine brand – Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

Ticchi’s relationship with the new CEO will be crucial to determining whether the designer stays long at Burberry.

New logo
At first, I questioned Gopetti’s appointment of Ticci, whose style aesthetic could best be described as falling in half between former Celine designer Phoebe Philo and Alessandro Michele’s fashion revolution at Gucci.

however; Embracing a change in creative management at this sensitive juncture would be beneficial.

In this regard, the company has put a lot of effort into creating a new logo, and the “monogram tchi” design intertwined with the letters “T” and “B” that adorns all of the brand’s products today, from blouses to sunblocks.

Paris Fashion Week Gears Up for a remarkable return

For over a year and a half, the global fashion industry — and haute couture in particular — has struggled without live fashion and film red carpet events. This week, haute couture designers gathered in Paris to show their new collections. Designers, buyers, and the international press assembled to see the 33 brands showing their collections on the runway.

The latest run of couture shows in Paris signaled a return to relatively normal, as the balance between digital and in-person events tipped in favor of the latter, and more international guests returned to the city this week to soak up the atmosphere. Balenciaga stole the show when the brand — led by creative director Demna Gvasalia — presented its first haute couture collection 53 years after the house’s founding designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga, closed his couture business in 1968.

Maison Alaïa Resort 2022

Dior, Chanel, Giorgio Armani Privé, Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, Zuhair Murad, Vaishali S, and Pyer Moss all showed on physical runways, while Azzaro Couture was shown as a broadcast. Twenty-four brands ranging from Julien Fournié, Viktor & Rolf, to Imane Ayissi showed digitally, despite France loosening in-person pandemic restrictions. Digital presentations — which are cheaper and less work to pull off than runway shows — have become a common practice over the past year, and many in the industry are wondering whether they may become the norm.

Sixteen months after the pandemic hit Europe, the fall 2021 couture shows mark our semi-official “return” to live and in-person fashion shows. Many of us will still be viewing the collections online—we’re extra excited about Pieter Mulier’s debut at Alaïa and Demna Gvasalia’s first couture collection for Balenciaga—but for those lucky enough to attend IRL, the inevitable question is: What to wear? Will editors and influencers dust off the runway pieces and heels in the back of their closets, or will they be influenced by the casual, experimental looks we saw outside the menswear shows? Style du Monde’s Acielle is on the ground in Paris to find out. Scroll through her latest street style photos below, and come back for her daily updates.

The fall 2021 couture shows in Paris mark the first time in a post-lockdown world that shows are happening again on a major scale—think Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Balenciaga (though some brands are staging super-exclusive shows attended by just a handful of journalists you can count on one hand). It’s also the first time in a while that designers and creative directors are opening their ateliers and backstages to meet people in real life again. Digital shows have their advantages, but a real-life couture week in Paris is an experience unlike any other. Here, a behind-the-scenes look at a historic couture week.

Modern techniques for treating scalp and hair problems

With the constant use of dry shampoos, excessive use of hair products, and the sweat resulting from exercise and running, scalp problems such as irritation, itching, dehydration, and others increase, leading to poor scalp health, and such problems are among the most important causes of hair damage, weakness and slow growth. Poetry puts the technology on its potential that is renewed from time to time.

The HydraFacial Keravip is the last of them. This treatment includes 3 carefully designed steps to gently and effectively cleanse, rejuvenate and moisturize the scalp in order to prepare it to play its role in the growth of healthier, healthier, and thicker hair.

The first step in the Hydra-Facial Kerava® technique involves cleaning and exfoliating the scalp and hair follicles to remove accumulated impurities of dirt, oils, and dead skin cells using a gentle absorption method that does not cause pain. This method works to stimulate blood circulation and give the feeling of relaxation and comfort that we feel when getting a facial skin treatment, but this time on the scalp.

The second step is to treat the scalp with stimulants that penetrate deep into the scalp with a serum rich in growth stimuli and proteins to moisturize the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

And finally, a home spray that contains a complex of peptides to massage the scalp in order to stimulate daily hair follicles in the following weeks to make the most of the treatment that has been carried out and the spray works to regulate cell regeneration and calm inflammation so that the positive results achieved are long-lasting.

Nour Bazarbashi … a plastic artist who launches her costumes from Dubai to the world

Transforming art paintings into fashion, a new idea that the Dubai-based Syrian artist, Nour Bazarbashi, recently came up with, to be a first step towards expanding the scope of dealing with plastic arts, as artist Nour Bazarbashi applied her idea to a special collection of clothes and hats that finally unleashed, For her various designs, which carry different drawings inspired by the nature of the local and Arab community, where Nour’s fashion was widely echoed on social networking sites, while the audience applauded her on the breadth of the Arab region.

Nour’s assortment, which graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Aleppo in 2011, and landed in the Emirates in the same year, seemed wide-ranging, as the collection included shirts, dresses, gowns, hats, and bags, all decorated by Nour with different colors and hand drawings, reflecting the nature of the art schools to which it belongs. These costumes further refine Nour’s talent, who had previously held many art exhibitions, as her first solo exhibition was titled “Unwritten Ideas” in 2012, and she also participated in several group exhibitions, including “Gallery 76 Jumeirah” and “Gallery”. Iris Noir »2013.

Nour Bazarbashi’s craftsmanship in design and drawing alike, was enough to open the eyes of international fashion companies to her, as Noor recently revealed her contract with an international fashion company, with the aim of adopting and promoting her new collections, saying that she is currently preparing to launch a new collection with this company that she described. As a “global brand”.

Besides fashion design, Nour has also taught acrylic and oil painting on canvas since 2011, and she also studied painting for 3 years at a talent development institute in Dubai.

Nour’s paintings did not remain confined to galleries and galleries, but rather they were freed from them, and landed in international auctions, as two of her works had previously been sold for an amount of more than $ 17,000, at a global auction held in 2013, under the slogan “Seeing is Believing”. The proceeds of the paintings to a charitable organization via Standard Chartered Bank.

inside fashion blogger Nadia Hassan’s home of simplicity

Nadia Hassan is a pioneer in the social media content industry in the Middle East, where she is known by her account @thefierce_nay and has more than 200,000 followers. From her daring fashion choices to her carefully curated aesthetics, she always dazzles followers, even in her simplest choices. You can see this characteristic of Nadia clearly inside the luxurious villa that she lives in Jumeirah Park, which has two floors.

The villa contains two spacious living rooms and three bedrooms, the building was originally designed in a traditional Arabic design, but Nadia has completely renovated it to match her and her husband’s taste, Victor Gnwick.

The home renovation and restoration began in June 2019, one month after their purchase of the property, and Nadia documented a lot of this work on her Instagram account and followers watched, in an atmosphere full of suspense, the cracking of the walls, the comprehensive repairs to the kitchen, the bathroom, and the complete change of stairs.
Nadia explains: “The kitchen was very dark, but now it is an open area in which I can cook and talk with anyone in the family room. We also canceled the maid’s room and turned it into a home office for Victor and closed the bathroom to become a laundry room, demolished the toilets in the upper floor, and put the bathtub.” I dream of inside. ”

It was not easy for Nadia to find contractors and pick everything herself. The arduous selection of furniture, materials, and fabrics, all contributed to the beauty of the house, especially since there was no specialized interior designer. “The only way we were able to work was to work on each room separately to be able to adequately supervise each room.”

One of the highlights of the house is the marble dining table with six chairs which was custom designed by the couple from The Line Concept in Dubai, and the head of the bed in the master bedroom covers the entire wall by MEROË The Bed Boutique. In other parts of the house, warm whites blended with eye-catching chandeliers, creamy beige rugs, and curtains, pale pink and gray, giving a warm touch to the dining, sitting and lounge rooms.

“Neon” is the delight of the catwalks

Neon colors in fashion designs achieved great success in the era of the eighties and became synonymous with the most attractive and elegant looks that dominated the capitals of international fashion and formed a large part of cinematic fashion during the eighties.

And its spread increased, especially among teenagers, after its arrival in the world of television. She entered the world of fashion through the wide door to become a staple of modern fashions, including windbreakers and plastic shoes.

Some designers were also famous for using neon colors in their swimwear designs, and the positive circumstances during that era inspired others to introduce neon colors to the world of high fashion. It took another decade for neon to become familiar.

In fact, these colors were chosen as an effective visual ploy to attract attention, adopted by a number of fashion designers to enhance their image, and today it is once again occupying the international exhibition stands with a variety of designs that are characterized by lightness and flow.

The caftan is an international fashion during Ramadan

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, many international fashion houses offer their seasonal collections that celebrate the elegance of oriental designs, and recently launched from the Emirate of Dubai, an exclusive “capsule” collection, inspired by the Middle East region and its charming legacy.

The collection is particularly distinguished by the lightness of its luxurious fabrics with a rich texture and the soft threads that give the cuts an unparalleled flow. Silk, linen, and cotton threads combine to form tissues that embrace the body and move the senses! The luxurious and delicate touch comes first in everything the house has to offer. Midi-length dresses slip on the body spontaneously, sometimes tapering and contouring the waist with elegant belts at other times.

As for the jackets, they come without buttons and comfortable geometric cuts that we see coordinated with flowing pants, and the result is practical and elegant suits at the same time. This collection provides ultra-light and comfortable options for an elegant look from day tonight.

What is the German “Adidas” betting to increase its sales after “Corona”?

Last year, Adidas CEO Casper Rorsted likened the impact of the pandemic on the company’s business to a halftime break at a soccer match. Pointing out that business will return to its course after a time out.

Indeed, the sportswear company recently confirmed the resumption of its activity and announced the return of its business to grow, which was recorded in the last three months of 2020, and it has set ambitious targets for sales and profits until 2025, in a direction confident by it that we will need more sports clothes and equipment For home exercise, such as those offered by companies such as Peloton, yoga classes held through the Zoom program, as well as our need to wear sportswear when going to gyms and to attend activities when they open.

Adidas’ new strategic plan, dubbed “Be the King of the Game”, assumes that the significant increase in spending over the past year on health, fitness, and well-being will continue vigorously and that the company must exploit this trend and secure a stake in it.

It is not impossible, of course, as investors have already started giving the company a chance. Its shares have risen by up to 8.6% recently, but of course, in the markets, there are no guarantees.

People will not stop exercising once they return to a normal life. But it is difficult to imagine the same great rush to equip homes and exercise indoors.

In fact, Diks Sporting Goods, a company that sells equipment, clothing, and sneakers, recently indicated that after a massive epidemic year, sales growth in 2021 could falter.

Adidas expects that after a year of staying indoors, people will continue to prioritize comfort over style. But the truth is, people are more likely to ditch the gym pants. In my view, fashion often revolts against prevailing conditions.

Despite the current trend towards more casual wear, the post-pandemic economy could attract more attention to dressing up, and formal wear after a year of “pajamas.”

The company, “Urban Outfitters” has said recently, that it is witnessing more interest in dresses and other clothes, and this means that the company “Adidas” will have to work hard to achieve its goals. It is currently focusing on the right mechanisms; It is currently investing one billion euros (1.2 billion dollars) in e-commerce, with the aim of doubling online sales, to 8 or 9 billion euros, by 2025.

It is also focused on achieving sustainability and aims to make nine out of 10 of its products green in the same time period. In addition, Adidas is working to promote women’s clothing and move towards producing sportswear that looks beautiful outside sports clubs. This is a smart move, given that “sports” fashion will account for 50% of the growth of the sporting goods industry through 2025.

Fashion is looking for a better, more sustainable world

The modern global challenges that we are facing, starting from climate, to the scarcity of water resources, have made many fashion houses bear responsibility and search for solutions, when using fabrics, which are the first element in the completion of fashion, regardless of their designs and the target age group, and in this context.

The companies continued their commitment to achieving a more responsible fashion industry, and used a range of denim fabrics for this season, which will save 30 million liters of water in the final stage, thanks to innovative and more sustainable operations.

Some models incorporate technologies such as laser or ozone, in order to provide sustainable and effective solutions for washing and preparing every uniform. Likewise, Tommy Jeans presented her Spring 2021 collection, with a modern and sporty effect, based on denim and recycled cotton fabrics.

Recreate and adapt

About this group, Beatriz Bio, Mango’s Director of Sustainability, said: Thanks to innovation and adaptation to sustainable technologies and processes, we are creating collections, and we are constantly looking for more sustainable alternatives and production materials.

Mango has continuous goals and a clear plan to achieve its approach, based on its conviction to continue betting on a more responsible business model. By 2025, 50% of polyester, one of the primary materials in the fashion industry, will be recycled.

Digital models conquer the fashion world

Models Noonoouri and Choudou Gramm grace the covers of fashion magazines and pose for a showcase of luxury brands, and are under contract with famous fashion agencies. However, they are only available by default.

The government summit, which concluded its activities a few days ago, presented future visions about the technological side of global cities and their smart methods in developing services and various areas of life in order to reach leadership and improve the experience of customers. Several new terms were presented to the public, most notably: smart cities, smart transportation, and smart education Smart medicine, and other things, but “Al Bayan” decided to invent the concept of smart “fashion” based on the modernity of Dubai and the exceptional summit that called for the necessity of preparing for the expected and unexpected challenges of life. It is not reasonable for robots to replace a large number of Doctors, engineers, and teachers, for example, without affecting the fashion sector and the makers of “fashion”, and based on that here are the smart features of “fashion” as we imagine it, as everything is possible to happen.

Digital models compete strongly with human models, not only in terms of beauty, but in terms of wages, and this may cause unemployment among our pretty models.

Designers will not have to transfer their outfits to the showroom, as the outfits will be digital as well, and of high color quality.

It takes technicians months to prepare the display stage or the “catwalk” .. suffering that will disappear in the coming years. The stage may become digital so that it appears at the show and disappears after its completion.

Designers may dazzle us with clothes that help us control body temperature.

It will not be difficult for designers to create clothes that enable us to know the degree of consistency between the pieces that we wear. For example, our clothes will become more lustrous when the color of the shirt matches the trousers or the shirt with the tie, and this, in turn, may make the “look” experts in their homes without jobs.

All kinds of clothes and shoes will have special codes that help security services track criminals, and wives pursue their husbands.

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