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Startups fight COVID-19: Innovative alert solution from Sugatix to search and schedule an alert for COVID-19 vaccination slots in India

The battle of Corona pandemic can only be won by Vaccination. Getting the right vaccine at the right time is necessary. But due to a large population in India and shortage of vaccines, it became difficult to get the vaccine early. 

Don’t worry!

Many startups are helping Indian citizens and one of them is Car-pooling startup Sugatix. They have launched ‘Vaccine Tracker Cowin’ to help you in finding Covid-19 Vaccination slots in your locality. 

Founder of Sugatix Gaurav K. Verma said ” It gets difficult for vaccination registration as only one platform is available for the whole country then we realized the need to build this platform. Thus people can get notification when the slots are available, they can select the slot and it redirects them to the Cowin website to book the Vaccination slot”.

Vaccine Tracker Cowin built with Cowin APIs to track the slots. Users will get the notification by mail after registering. This platform currently has 1349 users from more than 200 districts across the country. NRIs from the UK, Germany, USA, Poland, UAE, and Japan can book the slots for their family staying in India as well.

Challenges at Vaccination sites like Cowin & How Sugatix helps you to overcome these challenges?

People are jumping the vaccine line to get the early shot. Vaccination sites are getting up their speed to schedule the people and verifying if they are eligible for vaccination or not.

  • Vaccination site like Cowin has a lack scheduling system to get the verification done. 
  • A large number of people are waiting for their slot and keep checking every day.
  • People don’t have a clear idea of how to get the shot at the right time at the right place.

To overcome these challenges, Sugatix a Car-pooling application came up with a ‘Vaccine Tracker’ Cowin in which you can get your Vaccination slot when it’s available. 

How to get Covid-19 Vaccination early with Sugatix?

Sugatix’s online platform Vaccine Tracker Cowin helps to schedule the location and get the notification via email when a slot is available. With this app, you can get the appointment soon and Vaccination in place.

About Vaccine Tracker Cowin:

This platform is trusted by hundreds of Indians and verified by the Ministry of health and family welfare. Sugatix introduced this with the collaboration of the Ministry of health and family welfare and Uthaan to get the people of Indian Vaccination shot fast. 

Direction to use this platform:

  • Visit Vaccine tracker Cowin website. You will see the email address area. Put the email address and get started.
  • Schedule the alert with a particular date and what type of vaccine you want- first and second dose. Also, choose 18+, or 45+ as well.
  • You will see real-time availability of vaccine slots. Also, put a watch list on 3 locations according to your choice.
  • They will keep your request and will look for available slots. Then they will send you a notification for available slots.

Visit the website and get your Vaccination soon!

Hamilton wins the Grand Prix of Spain

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton imposed himself on the Barcelona circuit after his team succeeded in the strategy game ahead of Red Bull and Dutch driver Max Verstappen in the Spanish Grand Prix, the third stage of the Formula One World Championship on Sunday.

Hamilton won his 98th victory in his career, the third this season and the sixth in the Spanish circuit, including five in a row, equal to German record holder Michael Schumacher.

His Finnish colleague Valtteri Bottas came third, while Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc arrived from Monaco fourth.

Hamilton strengthened his lead in the drivers’ standings with 94 points and is 14 points ahead of Verstappen, who scored second-place points, one point for the fastest lap after entering the podiums to be fitted with smooth tires after losing his lead.

The “OSIERS-Rex” probe begins its return to Earth carrying samples from the asteroid “Benno”

The US probe, “Oasis-Rex”, finally left the orbit of the asteroid “Benno”, from which it collected samples of dust last year, to begin its journey back to Earth.

The probe’s return journey is long, as it will not land in the Utah desert in the United States until September 24, 2023.

“The probe is now moving at a speed of more than 950 kilometers per hour from Benno on its way back to Earth,” mission chief Dante Loretta said, during a NASA video broadcast of the event.

The vehicle’s propellers were operated for 7 minutes, with the aim of giving the probe the propulsion needed to put it on the right track.

The “Oasis-Rex” carries 60 grams of grains of asteroid dust, which is the largest sample collected by “NASA” since the lunar rocks that were carried to Earth by the “Apollo” flights.

The probe reached this amount thanks to a high-risk operation carried out by the US Space Agency in October 2020, during which the probe touched the asteroid soil for a few seconds and caught the dust caused by the storming of Dante Loretta.

The entire process almost failed when it became apparent to the US Agency after days that the door of the room for storing samples was no longer locked, which led to some of them being blown into space.

But the probe eventually succeeded in storing samples in a safe way, as its arm took the load to a capsule in the middle, whose lid could be closed tightly.

After two and a half years, this capsule will be launched a few hours before it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, and its speed will be slowed by the parachute system in order to be able to land.

The agency stated that the samples will then be transferred to its Johnson Space Center in Houston, but 75% of them will be preserved without prejudice to “for future generations to study them with technologies not yet available.”

The researchers hope the samples will help provide a better understanding of the origins of the solar system and the evolution of Earth as a livable planet.

NBA .. Lakers defeat the Knicks in overtime

Talin Horton Tucker scored a hat-trick 21.1 seconds before the end of extra time to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a 101-99 victory over the New York Knicks in the NBA.

Playmaker Tucker, 20, scored 8 of his 13 game points during extra time.

The Lakers became seventh (39 wins -30 defeats) one game away from the Mavericks (40 wins -29 losses) as they strive to clinch the sixth place in the Western Division after Dallas’ 133-104 defeat to Memphis Grizzlies.

With this loss, the Knicks (38 wins -31 losses) were tied with the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat in fourth place in the Eastern Division.
Hit secured it to qualify for the knockout stage for the fourth time in the last 6 seasons, with a 129-121 win over the Boston Celtics.

Miami (38 wins -31 losses) won in Boston for the second match in a row to send the Celtics (35 wins-34 losses) by a large percentage to the promotion round to the knockout stage.

Miami is three games ahead of Boston and is ahead of the Celtics, who have 3 matches left in the preliminary stage of the season.

Hit, who defeated the Celtics in the Eastern Division final last year, clinched his place in the knockout rounds thanks to his advantage in head-to-head matches over the Hawks and Knicks.

The Indiana Pacers (33 wins -36 losses) also clinched a qualification round for the knockout rounds in the Eastern Division after their 103-94 win over the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers and the Chicago Bulls 115-107 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

In the battle for positions before entering the knockout round in the West, the Golden State Warriors won 122-116 over the Phoenix Suns, who finished second in the West Division.

The Warriors (37 wins -33 losses), who defeated the first two teams in the West in two consecutive days, are still half a match ahead of Memphis in their struggle for eighth place in the West Division.

The Sacramento Kings clung to their meager hopes of qualifying for the knockout round after their 122-106 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder thanks to 27 points from Terence Davis to claim their sixth victory in their last 7 games.

Sacramento needs to win all of their matches and lose the San Antonio Spurs in all of their remaining matches in order for them to have any chance of qualifying for the knockout round in the West.

Neymar: I want to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo

After confirming on several occasions his desire to play again alongside his Argentine friend Lionel Messi, Brazilian Neymar announced his desire to play alongside Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

Neymar told French magazine “GCo”: “I want to play with Cristiano Ronaldo. I have already played with great players like Messi and Mbappe, but I haven’t played with Cristiano Ronaldo yet.”

This is not Neymar’s only goal, as the Paris Saint-Germain star also seeks success with the Brazilian national team in the next World Cup tournament. “I want to win the World Cup. It was always my biggest dream, but I also want to win everything with Paris Saint-Germain,” he said.

Neymar recently renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain until 2025, refuting reports that indicated his return to Barcelona next season.

Van Dyck confirms his absence from the euro

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dyck said he made the difficult decision not to play for the Netherlands national team in the European Football Championship this summer, in order to fully recover from his suffering from a serious knee injury.

The 29-year-old expressed his deep sadness at his absence from the European Championship 2020, as he told the official Liverpool website: “I am definitely very sad because of the absence from the European Championship, and the failure to lead my country, but this is how things went and I must accept it.”

The Dutch defender, who was injured in front of Everton last October, added: “Physically, I feel that I have made a sound decision not to participate in the European Championship, in order to complete the recovery phase before the start of the new season.”

The Netherlands will play in the European Championship in Group C, along with Ukraine, Austria and North Macedonia, and it is scheduled to play its three matches in the group stage in Amsterdam.

Uefa opens an investigation against Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus

UEFA has opened an investigation to take disciplinary measures against Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus over attempts to launch the European Super League.

Twelve clubs tried to establish the Super League before all, with the exception of Real, Barcelona, and Juventus, responded to pressures and criticisms and announced the retreat.

UEFA said in a statement on Wednesday: “Observers from the Bioeva Values ​​and Discipline Committee have been appointed to start disciplinary investigations into possible violation of the legal framework of UEFA by Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus in connection with the launch of the project called the Super League.”

Nine clubs withdrew from the Super League project, namely Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Milan, Inter Milan, and Atletico Madrid, and reached an agreement with Uefa.

The withdrawing clubs openly acknowledged that they would take all possible steps to end their relationship with the Super League.

UEFA had said last week that it would start disciplinary measures against Real, Barcelona, and Juventus, and the three clubs responded with an attack against the Confederation due to “intolerable” pressure from Uefa to abandon this project.

Juventus decides the list of candidates to succeed Pirlo

The management of the Italian club Juventus began searching for a new coach to succeed Andrea Pirlo, the current coach of the team.

Pirlo led Juventus at the start of the season in his first coaching experience. The team lost the Italian League title to Inter Milan, the first time the title had been knocked out of the old lady’s coffers after nine consecutive seasons.

Juventus, who is currently ranked fifth in the league, has now threatened not to participate in the next edition of the Champions League.

Despite the declared support of the club’s management for the current coach Pirlo, many Italian media confirmed that Andrea Agnelli, the club’s president, has already begun, along with the members of the administration, the journey to search for a new coach.

The Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta Dello Sport” reported, Tuesday, that the French Zinedine Zidane, the current Real Madrid coach, is a “dream coach” for the old lady’s management, as his return will be an important event in Italian football.

Zidane had previously hinted at the possibility of his return to the team, when he said, “Juventus is always in my heart,” in addition to the disagreements that marred his relationship with the president of the Spanish club Florentino Perez.

Honey has direct benefits for health and skin

Just as honey has countless benefits for health, there are similar benefits for the skin, and from this standpoint, it has been used as an essential ingredient in many creams that improve the skin and face, and women can get its benefits by making a home mask with other ingredients with honey, including a mixture to cleanse the skin Where you mix a teaspoon of milk. With 4 teaspoons of honey. Then it is distributed as a mask on the face with a flat brush, or by hand to be clean, and then leave the mask on the skin for about half an hour, and the face is then washed with soap.

As for the honey mask and lemon juice, it can be used for oily skin, because honey contains substances that treat oily skin prone to acne, and it moisturizes dry skin, while lemon juice tightens the skin, reduces the size of its pores, and can be made by adding an amount of lemon juice. And an amount of honey, equivalent to twice the amount of lemon juice, to be distributed on dry areas of the skin.

Nour Bazarbashi … a plastic artist who launches her costumes from Dubai to the world

Transforming art paintings into fashion, a new idea that the Dubai-based Syrian artist, Nour Bazarbashi, recently came up with, to be a first step towards expanding the scope of dealing with plastic arts, as artist Nour Bazarbashi applied her idea to a special collection of clothes and hats that finally unleashed, For her various designs, which carry different drawings inspired by the nature of the local and Arab community, where Nour’s fashion was widely echoed on social networking sites, while the audience applauded her on the breadth of the Arab region.

Nour’s assortment, which graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Aleppo in 2011, and landed in the Emirates in the same year, seemed wide-ranging, as the collection included shirts, dresses, gowns, hats, and bags, all decorated by Nour with different colors and hand drawings, reflecting the nature of the art schools to which it belongs. These costumes further refine Nour’s talent, who had previously held many art exhibitions, as her first solo exhibition was titled “Unwritten Ideas” in 2012, and she also participated in several group exhibitions, including “Gallery 76 Jumeirah” and “Gallery”. Iris Noir »2013.

Nour Bazarbashi’s craftsmanship in design and drawing alike, was enough to open the eyes of international fashion companies to her, as Noor recently revealed her contract with an international fashion company, with the aim of adopting and promoting her new collections, saying that she is currently preparing to launch a new collection with this company that she described. As a “global brand”.

Besides fashion design, Nour has also taught acrylic and oil painting on canvas since 2011, and she also studied painting for 3 years at a talent development institute in Dubai.

Nour’s paintings did not remain confined to galleries and galleries, but rather they were freed from them, and landed in international auctions, as two of her works had previously been sold for an amount of more than $ 17,000, at a global auction held in 2013, under the slogan “Seeing is Believing”. The proceeds of the paintings to a charitable organization via Standard Chartered Bank.

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