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Ed Sheeran comes to Belgium and fights with usury tickets

Ed Sheeran is coming to the King Baudouin Stadium, and he doesn’t want you to pay too much for it. With a new app, the British singer is trying to sideline ticket loan sharks.

The concert halls in our country are open again, but the stampede for tickets is not forthcoming for a while. Much is expected from the return of tours of international artists to crank that machine up. With Ed Sheeran, one of those heavyweights is already hitting the target. He announces a European tour that will stop at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels on Friday 22 July 2022. There he will present his new album Equals, which will be released on October 29.

The past shows that things can go quickly at such a Sheeran concert. For his show on the Werchter meadow in 2018, the Briton sold 60,000 tickets in 40 minutes. But that also led to excesses: Sheeran tickets were then offered for more than double the original price of 75 euros on resale sites such as Viagogo. That was the work of ticket usurers, who prefer to buy tickets in large numbers and sometimes via specialized software in order to realize a hefty profit.

In 2019, the secondary ticket market was valued at $8 billion per year, compared to the $30 billion in revenue generated by the global concert industry annually. In this way, artists and organizers miss out on income, and fans also pay more than necessary.

No more paper ticket

At Sheeran, opposition to ticket loan sharks grew after he saw hundreds of tickets to a British Teenage Cancer Trust benefit concert appear for £7,000 instead of £75 in March 2017. In that year, he had 10,000 tickets for his tour blocked, among other things, because it turned out that they had been resold at an extortionate price via Viagogo. Afterward, his team helped the duped fans to get their money back. Around that time, this tactic was also applied by Tele Ticket Service, the ticket sales service of the Antwerp Sportpaleis Group.

For this tour, Sheeran goes one step further, with a new digital ticket system that should make illegal resale impossible. “Fans buy their ticket as always through the official sales channels Ticketmaster and Eventim,” says Jan Digneffe of FKP Scorpio, the office that organizes Sheeran’s concert in Brussels.

‘Only you will no longer have to or be able to print that ticket to come to the concert. Instead, you will need to download an app that will link the ticket to your identity and phone number via an SMS verification code. Only a few days before the show will an animated QR code appear in the app, with which you can go to the concert. That should make it impossible to resell a screenshot, for example, let alone do that long in advance.’

Gifts are getting harder

That does not mean those ticket holders who have to cancel last minute are stuck with their tickets, says Digneffe. ‘Within the apps of Ticketmaster and Eventim, there will be a system in which you can offer your ticket for sale again. Only that will not be possible for a price that is higher than the original value. Lower will be possible, for those who want it.’

The new system also has some drawbacks. Tickets can be purchased in a maximum of six, but are all linked to one telephone number. That requires the entire group to enter at once. It will no longer be possible to resell tickets directly to friends: all transactions must take place via the official platform.

Giving a ticket as a gift is also becoming more difficult: you need the mobile number and identity card of the person to whom you want to gift the ticket. And for people without a smartphone, such a digital ticket is not obvious either. “That’s a shame, of course,” Digneffe also knows. “There have also been many discussions internally. But at a certain point, you have to dare to make choices if you really want to limit the resale at extra costs – which is already prohibited by law in Belgium. In the end, those loan sharks make money on the emotion of fans, and that is very ugly.”

Tickets for Ed Sheeran at the King Baudouin Stadium will be available from Saturday, September 25 at 11am, via Ticketmaster and Eventim. The prices vary between 72.40 euros and 101 euros. For more information: edsheeranbrussels.be.

The last time Ed Sheeran came to our country was in 2018. Music journalist Nick De Leu then explained why the singer sold out Werchter on his own in forty minutes.

Father gives up: Britney Spears is free after 13 years

For Britney Spears it is another significant step on the way to a self-determined life: After 13 years, the singer’s father wants to step down as guardian for his daughter.

James Spears filed an application to the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday to end the guardianship, US media reported unanimously. NBC News quoted the application as saying that his daughter has the right to have this court seriously examine whether guardianship is no longer necessary. The living conditions of the 39-year-olds have changed “to such an extent that the reasons for the appointment of a guardian no longer exist”.

Free Britney

Numerous Spears fans celebrated the news on social networks – often with the hashtag “#FreeBritney”, which many supporters had used in recent months to support the singer. “Finally,” wrote a user on Instagram. “A new era is dawning,” said a Twitter user.

In early September, Britney Spears’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart, had already urged her father to resign as guardian immediately. Rosengart accused James – also known as Jamie – Spears of continuing to try to enrich himself on his daughter. James Spears had announced a month ago that he would step down at the “right time” and that a “proper transition” to appoint a new guardian as a condition for his departure.

Elvis Presley festival brings fans together in Germany

The German town of Bad Nauheim, where Elvis Presley lived during his military service, hosts a festival dedicated to the King every year. It brings together thousands of fans, mostly dressed in 1950s fashion. During the festival, the city of 30,000 inhabitants brings together visitors from all over Europe. For the occasion, several Cadillacs are parked in the streets and the men stroll with the emblematic Elvis hairstyle.

Elvis Presley lived in Bad Nauheim from October 1958 to March 1960, when he was sent to Germany to serve in the nearby town of Friedberg. His fans regularly place candles and small gifts there for their idol.

An association in memory of Elvis has been active since 1998 in the two towns and organizes its birthday party and this festival every year. For this edition, fans have discovered a Bronze statue of the “King”. The inauguration, originally scheduled for last year, has been postponed due to the pandemic.

Spanish judge seeks to bring Shakira to court for tax evasion

A court document published Thursday showed that a Spanish judge believes there is “sufficient evidence” to bring famous Colombian singer Shakira to court for tax evasion.

The judge ended a pre-trial investigation by prosecutors into allegations that Shakira did not pay up to 14.5 million euros ($17.2 million) in taxes on income she earned between 2012 and 2014.

“The documents… attached to the lawsuit constitute sufficient evidence of violations to allow the proceedings to continue,” he said in the judicial document.

Prosecutors say that Shakira was residing in Catalonia during the mentioned years, but a representative for her affairs says that she did not reside in Spain until 2015, and has already fulfilled all her tax obligations.

Her representatives in Spain said, in an email statement Thursday, that the court document is an “expected step in the process”, and that Shakira’s legal team “remains confident (of her position) and is fully cooperating with the judiciary and will not make further comments.”

Britney Spears refuses to sing under the tutelage of her ‘murderous’ father

The famous American pop star Britney Spears said that she will not sing again, as long as her father controls her artistic career, considering that the guardianship she underwent 13 years ago “killed her dreams.”

The statement she made in a long post on her official page on “Instagram” is her latest public comment regarding the guardianship that controls her personal and financial affairs, which she is actively seeking to end.

“I won’t sing on a stage anytime soon, as long as my father controls what I wear, say, do or think,” wrote the songstress of “Piece of Me.”

“I’d much rather share videos, from my private living room, than go on stage in Vegas,” she added.

Popstar Jamie Spears’ father has been the sole controller of her $60 million fortune since the court-appointed him as her guardian in 2008, and the 39-year-old Spears, who suffers from psychological problems, has not sung at any party since late 2018 at the conclusion of a tour. International.

New lawyer
Last week, Spears appointed a new lawyer to represent her in her attempts to end the tutelage she described as cruelly abusive. “This tutelage killed my dreams, so all I have is hope, and hope is the only thing in the world that is so hard to kill,” she wrote.

“I didn’t like the way documentaries evoke humiliating moments from the past, I got over it a long time ago,” she added.

The documentary, “Framing Britney Spears,” drew more attention to the tutelage, increased public support for Spears, and was nominated last week for two Emmy Awards.

Spears and her lawyer have yet to file a formal request to end the guardianship, and the court will hold its next hearing in the case on September 29 in Los Angeles.

Italian band Manskin wins a Eurovision song award

On Saturday, the Italian rock band Manskin won the award for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, during a ceremony hosted by the Netherlands after the competition was canceled last year due to restrictions on the Corona virus.

Italy surpassed Switzerland and France, and swept the popular vote that awarded half the points.

“The victory is an important boost for Italy, one of the countries most affected by the Corona epidemic … This is a message of hope after this difficult year,” Victoria De Inglis, a member of the winning band, said in a press conference.

A limited number of 3,500 people attended the ceremony hosted by the city of Rotterdam after undergoing tests for the detection of the Corona virus.

Last March, Armenia announced its withdrawal from the “Eurovision” competition this year, due to the military conflict with Azerbaijan, during the past year, and said that the remaining time is not enough to prepare for the competition.

This is not the first time that global challenges have reflected in the atmosphere of the European singing competition.

The 2017 edition was held in Ukraine against strong tensions with Russia, while the “Eurovision” organization in Israel two years ago sparked widespread protests from activists and artists in support of the Palestinian cause.

Britney Spears asks the court to break free from her father’s guardianship

The American singer Britney Spears submitted a request through her agent to speak before the court looking into her case, as she has been under guardianship for more than 12 years due to her psychological condition.

The Los Angeles court set the date for next June 23 to be heard. The agent of the former pop star, lawyer Samuel Ingham, told the court that “Britney wants to go to court directly,” without giving further details.

Britney Spears (39 years) lives under very strict provisions stipulated in a judicial agreement decided by a court in California in 2008 after a significant deterioration in the psychological status of the star, which received widespread media attention at the time.

The guardianship-like agreement provides that decisions about the singer are made by her father, Jamie Spears. But Britney Spears’ lawyer recently asked a Los Angeles court to replace Jamie Spears with a professional will, who is currently collaborating with Britney’s father in managing her case. Ingham, who was formally appointed by the court, said his client was “afraid of her father”.

Prince Harry and Jennifer Lopez star in a charity concert

British Prince Harry participated with a number of pop stars, including Jennifer Lopez, in a concert held in Los Angeles, on Sunday, to urge the acceleration of vaccination campaigns against the Coronavirus and its global expansion, expressing his support for India in facing the wave of the outbreak sweeping it.

The concert was titled “Fax Live: A Concert to Unite the World” and included videotaped interventions by Pope Francis and US President Joe Biden and the attendance of a number of Hollywood stars, including Ben Affleck and Sean Penn.

The event, organized by the International “Global Citizen” organization, aims to fight misinformation about vaccines and to urge world leaders and companies to take action and make donations.

The ceremony will be shown on television and on YouTube on May 8, after being recorded, Sunday, at the vast California stadium in the presence of thousands of spectators who received the vaccinations completely.

Prince Harry, who met the audience with applause, said, “Tonight, we are gathering in solidarity with the millions of families across India who are fighting a second, very ferocious wave of the epidemic.”

The Grammy Awards celebrate music despite the pandemic

About a year after the first closing of American concert halls due to the “Covid 19” pandemic, the “Grammy Awards” tomorrow celebrate music and its stars, including Beyoncé, whose “Black Lives Matter” movement contributed to the great success of one of its recent songs.

The Grammy Awards ceremony was a victim of postponement due to the pandemic, just like other celebrations. The evening will be held this year in a format where the virtual character is the main element in it, and live performances and pre-recorded clips alternate.

Queen of Pop Beyoncé leads the race for the awards with nine nominations after her repeated losses in the main categories were often controversial. Beyoncé was ahead of rapper Rudi Rich, British-born Kosovar Dua Lipa, and American Taylor Swift, who each was nominated in six categories.

The singer, nicknamed “Queen B”, thus has the largest collection of nominations for the “Grammy” awards among female singers, as her total rose to 79, equivalent to Sir Paul McCartney’s number for men, while her husband Jay-Z and the legend Quincy Jones maintain the record for the female and male categories combined, which is 80 nominations.

Beyoncé’s album “Black Parade”, released in June at the height of demonstrations against discrimination against blacks in the United States, is considered the most likely to win the two main categories of awards, “Song of the Year” and “Record of the Year.”

Nevertheless, a number of experts are likely to win Dua Lipa, who risked releasing a very disco and dance album before the stone linked to “Covid 19”, thus achieving widespread success.

Taylor Swift won her nominations this year, following an opposite strategy. In the midst of the pandemic, she released a surprising “Folklore”, which was characterized by its simple and soft nature that implies a return to nature.

  • Rock and “Black Life Is Important” – Thanks to his successful song “The Box”, rapper Rudi Rich managed to make his way even to public awards, not just those for rap, as he was nominated for the “Song of the Year” award after he received the “Grammy Award” last year. On his collaboration with the late Nipsey Hassel.

Single entry

And the rock singer Brittany Howard was nominated in five categories for her album “Jamie”, thus achieving a single entry to the “Grammy” nominations after her fame was based on being a member of the “Alabama Shakes”.

Howard is among the front runners in the rock music categories that have been monopolized by women since the competition’s inception in 1959.

As for the young singer Billie Eilish, who last year achieved a remarkable achievement by winning in the four main categories, she may shine again during the sixty-third session, as this year she received four nominations, including the categories of «Album of the Year» and «Song of the Year», and she will compete with the Post. Malone, Justin Bieber, and rapper Da Baby.

Among the most prominent obstacles to her victory is the singer Megan The Stallion, who won four nominations, one of them in the “Best New Artist” category, where she has great chances of winning. For the new distribution of her song “Savage” with Beyonce, she deserved a nomination in the “Record of the Year” category.

MORRISON, COLORADO – SEPTEMBER 01: Phoebe Bridgers performs onstage during Day 1 of “Red Rocks Unpaused” 3-Day Music Festival presented by Visible at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on September 01, 2020 in Morrison, Colorado. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Visible)

Regarding the new names, rock singer Phoebe Bridgers has caught the attention of experts after her name emerged.

Among the well-known names, is Fiona Apple, whose album “Fitch The Bolt Cuters” was described by a number of critics as a “masterpiece”. This year, she will be in the first row of rock singers who have long been excluded by the American Academy of Music, the organizer of the “Grammy Awards.”

Adele … the best-selling album of the 21st century

British singing star Adele Adkins has won the title of the artist with one of the best-selling albums in the United Kingdom during the current century, beating her counterparts such as Pink, Madonna, Rihanna, and others, according to the classification of “The British Bonographic Industry” which represents the British music industry.

According to news websites, her album titled “21” has also been tagged as the number one album in the United Kingdom by a female artist since 2000, after releasing 6 million copies in the United Kingdom alone.

These new numbers came out to coincide with the return of the National Music Album Day scheduled for October 21 to “Celebrate Women in Music” as the theme for 2021.

“We are delighted that National Album Day is back in its fourth edition, highlighting this year the tremendous contribution women are making to the music world,” said Jeff Taylor, CEO of BPI, and Kim Bailey, CEO of the Entertainment Retailers Association. Emphasizing that while developing the ways in which fans of tone and note enjoy music, the album remains central to the artists ‘expression of themselves and fans’ understanding of what it has to say to them. So National Album Day is an opportunity for artists and fans alike to celebrate this beloved art form and remind ourselves of the continuous power of albums to tell stories, influence, and inspire.

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