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The Egyptian film “feathers” wins the Golden Tanit at the Carthage Film Festival

The Egyptian film “Feathers,” directed by Omar Al-Zuhairi, won the Golden Tanit for the feature film competition of the 32nd Carthage Film Days, which concluded on Saturday at the Opera Theater in the City of Culture, Chadli Kilibi, in the capital, Tunis.

The film also won the best screenplay award, and its heroine, Damiana Nasser, won the best actress award for her role in the film, according to the Tunisian News Agency.

The Silver Tanit award went to the film “The Untamed Fire of Spring,” directed by Leoming Jeremiah Musas from Lesotho, while the “Bronze Tanit” went to “Disobedience,” directed by Jilani Saadi from Tunisia.

The jury for feature films commended the films “Fartato Al-Dahab” by Abdelhamid Bouchnak from Tunisia and “Amira” by Mohamed Diab from Egypt.

movie events
The film “Feathers” tells the story of a poor family consisting of a father, a mother, and three children. One day, the father decides to celebrate the birthday of one of his sons, so he brings a magician to present entertaining paragraphs to the guests, but when the magician uses the father to perform a paragraph, he enters him into a large chest of fear and turns it into a chicken, and the father disappears.

It is from this absurd paradox that the events of the film begin, as the wife resorts to all means to restore the father, and searches for the magician, but to no avail. his father to pay off their debts.

The director of the film, Omar Al-Zuhairi, 33, has two short films to his credit. He also worked as an assistant director in a number of films, in addition to his work in the field of advertising.

The 14th edition of the maroocian International Women’s Film Festival in Salé kicks off

The Swiss film “The Divine Order”, written and directed by Petra Volpi, opened the screenings of the 14th International Women’s Film Festival in Salé, western Morocco.

Swiss cinema will be the guest of honor for the festival, which is organized by the Bouregreg Association, and will continue until the thirteenth of November, according to Reuters.

During the opening ceremony, which was held at the Hollywood Cultural and Film Center in the Karima neighborhood of Salé, the festival reviewed the various jury committees, then presented a lyrical segment performed by the singer Sabah Zidani, accompanied by the orchestra.

At the opening, the festival honored actress and director Samia Akrio from Morocco, who received the honorary shield from the new Minister of Youth and Culture, Mohamed Mahdi Bensaid.

In this session, the festival will screen 10 films in the feature film competition, and 5 films in the documentary film competition, as well as a window on the Moroccan short film directed by young women talents, and a window on the Moroccan feature film.

Among the most prominent films participating in the feature film competition are “Costa Brava” by Mounia Akl from Lebanon, which premiered at the Venice Festival in September, and “Carla Sola” by Natalie Alvares Mason from Costa Rica, which premiered at Cannes in July.

The festival program also includes seminars, workshops, and lectures, as well as the “Cinema Dialogue”, which will bring together director Abdel Salam Al-Kalaei and director Jamila Annab to talk about the issue of gender in cinema.

A movie turns into reality.. Alec Baldwin’s bullets kill the director of photography and injure the director

On Thursday, US police announced that 63-year-old actor Alec Baldwin fired shots with a fake weapon while filming the movie Western, in an accident that killed the film’s director of filming and injured its director.

In a statement, police said that director of photography Haliana Hutchins, 42, and director Joel Sousa, 48, “were shot when Alec Baldwin fired a ‘Chalby’ weapon on the set of the movie “Rust” near Santa Fe, the capital. New Mexico, southwestern United States.

She added that Hutchins was evacuated on a helicopter to a nearby hospital, but “she soon died of her injuries,” while Souza was taken by ambulance to the hospital, and he is currently in the intensive care unit.

The statement explained that the tragedy occurred “while filming a scene on the set of the Western movie Rust,” the films of the American Old West.

No judicial charges have been filed so far in this incident, which is still being investigated, with witness statements being heard, according to the statement.

The Hollywood Reporter quoted a police spokesman as saying that the director was in hospital in a “critical condition”, while a spokesman for the production company said that the “accident” was caused by shooting from a shooting weapon supposed to be loaded with fake bullets.

previous accidents
Filming locations usually have strict rules about the use of claw weapons, but it has not been without incidents. The most famous of these incidents occurred during the filming of “The Crew” when Brandon Lee, son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, was killed by a pistol that was supposed to be loaded with fake bullets.

Written and directed by Joel Sousa, “Rust” stars Alec Baldwin, who also stars in the role of outlaw Harland Rust, who comes to the rescue of his 13-year-old grandson, who has been sentenced to death by hanging for murder.

And in recent years, Baldwin has grown in fame in the United States thanks to his elaborate imitation of former President Donald Trump on the popular satirical show “Saturday Night Live.”

“Squid Game” sweeps the views among the “Netflix” original series

The South Korean series “Squid Game” has officially become the most-watched of its original series, Netflix said.

The series “Squid Game” has caused a global uproar since it began airing less than a month ago, and it consists of 9 episodes, in which competitors in financial difficulty play children’s games but with deadly consequences, in pursuit of a prize of 45.6 billion won (38 million dollars).

“Squid Game” has officially reached 111 million followers, which makes it the biggest launch of our series ever, Netflix said on Twitter, on Wednesday.

Netflix signs long-term contract with “Lupin” Star

French actor Omar Sy has signed a long-term contract with the “Netflix” platform to produce films for him, in a cooperation that is the first of its kind between the American platform and a French actor, and comes after the global success of the series “Lupin”.

And “Netflix” said in a statement that “Omar C Production Company in Paris and Los Angeles will, under this contract, prepare special films for Netflix, and “C” will be the representative and executive producer in them.”

The statement quoted Omar Sy as saying that he was “happy with the opportunity to continue” his relationship with the platform and that he was “excited for the next stage in the joint adventure” between them.

Omar Sy re-published the “Netflix” advertisement on his account on “Instagram”, while the broadcasting platform did not specify the value of the contract.

And the American magazine “Variety” said that this kind of cooperation with “Netflix” has not happened before, except with actress Vanessa Kirby, who appeared in the series “The Crown.”

Omar Sy was known on a global level after the success of the movie “The Intouchables”, and his fame increased after the French series “Lupin” broke records on “Netflix”, attracting tens of millions of subscribers in the world.

Daniel Craig joins the Hollywood Walk of Fame After farewell to “James Bond”

Daniel Craig was finally awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday, days before his latest James Bond movie premiered in the United States.

“No Time to Die” is the fifth and final in the series of films in which Craig played the role of the elegant British agent, ending the role he played over 15 years.

Craig’s star was ranked 2704 on the Walk of Fame and was placed alongside the late Roger Moore, who played the role of Bond in seven films between 1973 and 1985.

“Being on this driveway, surrounded by all these legends makes me a very happy man,” said Craig.

Film producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson, as well as Rami Malek, who played villain Savin in No Time to Die, attended Craig’s tribute.

The film garnered 121 million dollars in ticket sales when it premiered during the weekend in Britain and international cinemas after the show was postponed 3 times due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Craig will play Macbeth on Broadway in March.

“Spencer” about the late Princess Diana screened at the London Film Festival

The movie “Spencer”, which narrates the life of the late British Princess Diana, was shown at the London Film Festival on Thursday, starring American star Kristen Stewart.

Stewart, 31, said she was excited to showcase her performance as Princess Diana to British audiences, in a role that won critical acclaim.

The events of “Spencer”, the family name of the late princess, focus on three days in Diana’s life, as the story of the film follows her as she reluctantly heads to Sandringham House for a Christmas gathering with members of the British royal family, at a time when her marriage to a crown prince falls apart. Covenant Prince Charles.

The film, directed by Chilean Pablo Larren, was first shown at the Venice Film Festival last month, prompting some critics to say that Stewart, best known from the “Twilight Saga” series, could be nominated for a Best Oscar. an actress.

“I’m excited to show the movie in his home country,” Stewart told Reuters on the red carpet. “We did it with a lot of love. Even if everyone hated the movie, it wouldn’t be a bad thing, because we did everything we could to make it happen.”

And she continued, “We love her so much and wanted to understand her… I hope everyone loves the movie as much as we loved her.”
“Spencer” depicts Princess Diana growing increasingly isolated from the rest of the royal family as she desperately seeks to free herself from royal shackles. The film also shows her close relationship with her two sons, William and Harry.

The London Film Festival will continue until October 17, and the festival has returned this year to live shows, after it held its activities virtually last year, in light of the exceptional situation imposed by the Corona epidemic.

Scarlett Johansson and Disney sign Black Widow deal

Actress Scarlett Johansson and Disney announced Thursday that they have reached an agreement over a financial dispute that has erupted between them since the movie “Black Widow” was made available via streaming at the same time as it was shown in cinemas, which the American star considered a breach of contract.

And Johansson, who is considered one of the most prominent and highest-paid Hollywood stars, was supposed to receive a percentage of the box office revenues from the upcoming Marvel movie, in which she plays the main role, according to the text of a lawsuit she filed at the end of last July with a Los Angeles court.

Johansson considered that the simultaneous release of the film in cinemas and via the video-on-demand platform “Disney +” of the giant entertainment company, missed her millions of dollars in profits.

Disney, which owns Marvel Studios, which specializes in superhero films, confirmed that it had not breached the contract, and regretted Johansson’s ignoring the “horrific and continuing global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The film was originally scheduled to be shown on the big screen last year, but its release was postponed more than once due to the Coronavirus.

A restaurant employee kicks Nicolas Cage out into the street barefoot

In a surprising incident of the international star’s behavior, an employee of a luxury restaurant expelled the American star Nicholas Cage to the street barefoot, after he behaved aggressively with restaurant workers.

The photographers’ lenses monitored the arrest of the international star Nicolas Cage, while drunk, inside a famous restaurant in the US state of Las Vegas, after he got into a big fight with the restaurant’s employees and workers.

The English newspaper, The Sun, reported the details of the arrest of the 57-year-old international star, which began with Cage taking off his shoes in the restaurant, and addressing him to the workers in the restaurant in a loud voice while telling the workers that he did not have any shelter.

Cage appeared in the video published by the English newspaper, as he exited the Lawry’s Prime Rib restaurant near the famous Las Vegas last week, and the report stated that the workers in the restaurant did not recognize the Oscar-winning star, and after learning his true identity, they called for security.

The report quoted some details from workers at the luxury restaurant, who confirmed that Nicolas Cage was aggressive, and Cage appeared wearing leopard-print pants, sitting on a sofa while he was barefoot.

Cage was recently contracted to star in Butcher’s Crossing, an adventure based on John Williams’ original 1960 novel about the rugged frontiers of the American West, slated to be directed by Abe Polsky.

The film will be produced by Altitude Group, which produces, finances, and has British and Irish distribution rights, as well as an international sale at Cannes Market, which began today, with the market opening ahead of next month’s festival.

The new “Body Guard” is coming soon to Hollywood

Warner Brothers, the film production company, intends to present a new treatment for the famous movie “Body Guard”, which was released in 1992, and launched the late singer Whitney Houston’s career in the world of acting, and included her most famous songs.

The company said that the new treatment of the suspense, excitement, and romance film is “in progress”, and that “American writer Matthew Lopez is writing the script.”

Warner Brothers did not release details about the cast, plot, or possible release date of the film, but said Lawrence Kasdan, the writer, and producer of the 1992 film, would co-produce the remake.

Whitney Houston began acting in that film, playing a singer who is protected from an unknown stalker by a former Secret Service officer. The role of the bodyguard was embodied by the famous star Kevin Costner.

Although the film met with critical reviews at the time of its release, it came in at number two at the global box office that year, and Houston’s lead single “I Will Always Love You” became a classic.

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