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Film censorship to ensure national security is not violated in Hong Kong

Hong Kong authorities announced, on Friday, that all films are subject to scrutiny, to ensure that they do not “violate national security”, under additional powers granted to the censorship body, in a new step in controlling political and artistic freedoms in the city.

The regional government said, in a statement, that “the film censorship law has been expanded to include any work or activity that may amount to a crime that poses a threat to national security.”

The new directives, which entered into force immediately, stated that “when considering the film as a whole, and the extent of its impact on viewers, the person performing the censorship mission must respect his duties to prevent any actions or activities that endanger national security.”

The statement noted “the common responsibility of the people of Hong Kong to safeguard the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China.”

The new step means that the method of censorship of films used in mainland China has reached Hong Kong.

“An attack on freedom”
“This new censorship will make it more difficult for local filmmakers in Hong Kong to use their democratic rights to make artistic work and challenge unfair bodies of power,” Norwegian director Anders Hammer told AFP.

“It’s been two years since the pro-democracy protests began, and I regret to see another serious example of Beijing’s assault on civil liberties in Hong Kong,” added the director, who was nominated for an Oscar for his documentary “Do Not Split” on the Hong Kong protests.

Films are tightly censored in mainland China, where only a handful of Western commercial films and documentaries are allowed to be released each year, and Hong Kong’s “film censorship authority” has long been less strict.

A government spokesman stated that those responsible for censoring films will work to “balance between protecting individual rights and freedoms on the one hand, and protecting legitimate societal interests on the other.”

The authorities of Hong Kong, which enjoys semi-autonomous rule, launched a massive security campaign to root out opponents of Beijing after the city was rocked in 2019 by massive demonstrations punctuated by violence.

A new law imposed by China and an official campaign called “Patriots Rule Hong Kong” have criminalized most forms of dissent since then, and the pro-democracy movement has been clamped down, with films becoming the last target.

French writer wins Spain’s most prestigious literary prize

French writer Emmanuel Carrier won the “Princess of Asturias” award in Spain, one of the most prominent literary prizes in Spanish-speaking countries.

The jury awarded the prize to the French writer, who has authored many novels, including “The Opponent”, a “Russian Novel” and finally “Yoga”, “in recognition of his personal production, which created a new space for expression.”

The committee, chaired by Santiago Muñoz Machado, director of the Royal Spanish Academy, said Emmanuel Carrier paints “a vitriolic picture of current society and has a remarkable impact on our contemporary literature”.

“Without being a Spanish speaker, unfortunately for me, I have a taste for Spanish-language literature,” the French writer told AFP.

He added: “The greatest interest in my books is in Spanish-speaking countries, and this makes me very happy, and I feel a kind of affinity with Spanish readers.”

Emmanuel Carrier, 63, is considered one of the most prominent names in French literature today, and his credit is rich with a series of successes with literary publications that consistently top the list of best-selling novels.

Carrier won many awards during his career, including the Rinodo Prize in 2011 for his book “Limonov.” He practiced scriptwriting, worked as a journalist and actor, and was busy writing biographies and writing novels, in addition to being a cinematographer and documentary filmmaker.

Over the past 40 years, Carrier has enriched the literary library with works of fiction based on self-exploration, including accounts of the lives of others, from murderer Jean-Claude Romain in “The Adversary” to Russian writer Eduard Limonov in “Limonov”.

Moroccan cinemas participate in “Cannes” for the first time with an entirely local film

Moroccan cinema will participate in the official international competition for feature films at the 74th Cannes Film Festival, to be held from July 6-17, through the film “Ali Your Voice” by Nabil Ayouch.

The film “Ali Your Voice”, which will be shown worldwide for the first time, revolves around the success story of rapper Anas Basbousi, known as “Anas Baws”, in the world of the unknown bands “underground” and his founding of the first “hip-hop” school in Morocco and Casablanca.

The film stars Anas Basbousi, Ismail Adwab, and Maryam Nakash. His candidacy sparked widespread controversy in the Moroccan cinematic community, as some considered that this choice was not the first for Morocco in the official international competition of the festival, while others considered that Nabil Ayouch’s work and his artistic vision did not represent Moroccan cinema.

previous participation
Moroccan director and film critic, Abdelilah El Gohary, said that the film “Ali Your Voice” is the first Moroccan fiction work to participate in the Cannes Film Festival in the international competition on the grounds that before that participation was in the name of Morocco as a co-production, but by non-Moroccan directors.

El-Gohary added to “Al-Sharq”, that Morocco participated almost 4 times in the Cannes Festival, but for foreign directors, the first was with the movie “Othello” by American director Orson Welles in 1952, and he won the Palme d’Or, and four years later with the movie “Doctor with Wellness” by Henry Jacques, Then in 1962, with the movie “Souls and Rhythms” by Abdel Aziz Al-Ramadani, and in 2011 with a movie by French-Romanian director Radu Mihalino.

He pointed out that “Ali Your Voice” is the first film by a Moroccan director to participate in the Cannes Film Festival, explaining that “this film reflects the current Moroccan cinema, its development and the multiplicity of its points of view.”

Turning to the criticisms of director Nabil Ayouch, including that his works do not reflect Moroccan visions, he said: “He is a distinguished director and his films are from Morocco, and I think that other directors such as Hisham Asri, Kamal Kamal, Hassan Ben Jelloun, Faouzi Bensaidi or Others, each one has a peculiarity that distinguishes it from others, and it is difficult to compare one director to another.

Oh, The Memories of Us

When I see the lilies,
They remind me of
All the silly things we did
When we were silly kids.
Like jumping around and making weird sounds.
It felt free being me, spending time with all you beautiful beings.
When I see the stars,
I can’t help but go back to that moonlit night in the desert.
When we stayed up gazing at the stars for six straight hours,
waiting for the sun to come up.
It was fun and it felt free to be me.
When I see a lake,
the memories of us sitting by the river come rushing like those
Cheery waves and wash me over
with all the memories we made that day.
Those days that can never come back,
will remain forever in my head.
And I wonder, would it ever be the same going forward.
And I wonder why things had to change in the past few years
Oh, the memories of us
Are tangy like tangerines
And crazy like the best of us.
Savoury like strawberries and sweet like melons
but these memories are all that’s left of me and you,
thinking about all the things we did together.

“NBC” cancels the broadcast of the Golden Globe concert … and Tom Cruise returns his awards

US television network (NBC) has canceled broadcasting of the 2022 Golden Globe Awards after complaints of moral lapses and a lack of diversity against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which offers annual awards for film and television work.

Tom Cruise joined a move led by digital broadcasting platforms and production studios and returned the three Golden Globe Awards he won for his roles in (Jerry Maguire), (Magnolia) and (Born on the Fourth of July). ), According to Variety and Deadline Hollywood.

NBC’s decision came after the Hollywood Foreign Press Association agreed to include more African-American members and make other changes over the next 18 months.

The TV network initially welcomed the plan, but later said it would wait to see if the reforms were effective.

FILE – Signage promoting the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards and NBC appears in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Jan. 5, 2020. NBC said Monday that will not air the Golden Globes in 2022. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

Members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association were also accused of making racist and sexist comments as well as soliciting benefits and services from celebrities and studios.

NBC said in a statement: “A change of this enormous size takes time and effort, and we have a strong feeling that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association needs time to be able to do it properly.

(NBC) will not broadcast the 2022 Golden Globes. ”

The channel added in its statement: “We hope that we will be able to broadcast the concert in January 2023, assuming that the Association succeeds in implementing its plan.”

After the announcement of “NBC,” the Hollywood Foreign Press Association said that bringing about “radical change” remains an urgent priority “regardless of when the next Golden Globe will be broadcast.”

Earlier, many actors such as Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo called on filmmakers not to communicate with the award, until more fundamental reforms are put into it, as announced by “Netflix”, “Amazon Amazon” and “Warner Media” About the boycott of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The annual Golden Globe Gala, attended by stars and top entertainment industry executives, has become one of the biggest awards shows in Hollywood. But it is under intense scrutiny after an investigation published by the Los Angeles Times last February showed that the 87-member association does not have any members of African descent.

Millions of copies of the French Goncourt-winning novel “Lanomaly” have been sold

On Friday, Gallimard announced that sales of Hervé Le Tillier’s novel “Lanomale”, winner of the 2020 “Goncourt”, the most prestigious French literary prize, have surpassed the threshold of one million copies.

“Week after week, the book continues to sell very well, we have not yet reached the end of this phenomenon,” Jean-Charles Grunstein, commercial director of Gallimard, told Agence France-Presse.

The sales of “Lanomaly” (anomalies), of which 12,500 copies were distributed in August 2020, which were not featured among the literary books of this house, accelerated thanks to the selection by the jury for the “Autumn Literary Awards”, and the closure of libraries from late October to early Last December, sales-focused on some successful business, including this book.

The exact sales number is still uncertain. According to Gallimard, the total number of copies is 954,000 in France and abroad, while 770,000 copies of the novel have been sold in France, according to the GFK board.

“Lanomaly”, which is the eighth of Herve Le Tillier’s novels, revolves around the consequences of a strange event represented by two flights between Paris and New York, which happened to carry the same passengers with a time difference of no more than a few months, as the novel brilliantly mixes different literary genres, including the black novel and the classic literary narrative. And science fiction.

United Talent Agency Co-Founder Marty Bauer passed away At Age 74

Marty Bauer, a founder of the United Talent Agency, has died. Bauer, who was 74, died at home in Los Angeles on Friday. He died of natural causes, sources said.

“The entertainment industry has lost a unique and accomplished executive – and UTA has lost one of its founders,” said the agency in a statement obtained by THR. “Marty Bauer helped reshape the agency business. He was a fierce advocate for artists and a force in the creative community. We pay tribute today to his life and legacy and our thoughts are with his family.”

Bauer later went on to establish The Bauer Company, a management and production outfit, serving as its president. Throughout his career, Bauer’s clients also included John Mankiewicz and Alan Alda.

Dubai shines a spotlight on budding artists, photographers and students

“Art of the World Dubai”, the region’s leading exhibition offering affordable artwork, has revealed the return of its 2021 edition with a rich set of initiatives designed to support emerging artists and photographers in the emirate.

The exhibition presents new activities and opportunities for innovators in its seventh edition, which will start between 7 and 10 April next, at the Dubai World Trade Center, through its long-term partnership with Rove Hotels, and the strong partnerships that it brings with the most prominent private sector companies and local schools.

The exhibition seeks to provide an ideal platform, to highlight young talents, and to provide an opportunity for new artists to compete in front of art lovers and the elite of the most prominent actors locally and internationally.

Egypt .. The official announcement of the series “The King” raises controversy

The series “The King” by the Egyptian actor Amr Youssef has sparked widespread controversy during the past hours, as soon as the advertisement for the work was broadcast, in preparation for its release in the upcoming Ramadan drama season, as the audience’s comments varied about the hero of work, as well as the decoration, clothes, costumes, and others.

On the other hand, all of the work makers remained silent and not delve into the controversy sparked by the advertisement.

The series, based on a novel by the late international writer Naguib Mahfouz, called “Good Struggle”, and its events revolve around the story of King “Ahmose”, his liberation of southern and northern Egypt, and the expulsion of the “Hyksos” from Thebes.

French director Bertrand Tavernier passes away at the age of 79

The French director, Bertrand Tavernier, passed away, Thursday, at the age of 79, according to what was announced by the “Lumiere Institute” in Lyon, which he chaired.

The institute, which deals with the seventh art, announced in a tweet on “Twitter”, “the absence of Bertrand Tavernier today,” expressing “with his wife and two sons Nils and Tiffany and his grandchildren” of “sadness and pain” for his departure, according to the French Press Agency.

Bertrand Tavernier

Tavernier was a prominent figure in French cinema, known for his eclecticism in his works, and gained a global reputation, and his films varied between contemporary and historical, and he had a tendency to societal themes.

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