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Companies that manufacture clothes suitable for working from home

The fast-spreading Coronavirus, which caused the closure of white-collar offices in the country, has exacerbated the growing divide between the uniformed and informal advocates who have been determining the dress code for US companies over the past decade. (As evidence, see the controversy over the shirts worn by Mark Zuckerberg or the flexible dress code in Goldman Sachs).

Video conferencing software such as Zoom complicates matters, as it allows for live meetings and virtual world travel.

What were the traditions that prevailed before the stone and what are we expected to preserve from them? Should I dress up when pursuing something digital with a colleague? What if this person is the manager? What if you were the manager? Is wearing a track jacket while working from the sofa insane?

Sure, they’re strange questions, but we live in strange times.

Taking advantage of the pandemic
Some brands with long experience are leveraging this new field to push a new type of hybrid clothing that combines work and home, formal and casual, suits and sportswear. They promise to provide lingerie comfort within the look of a business outfit, and they feel it’s tailored for our times.

Consider the brand “Nicestuff”, for example, which was founded in 2019 and has worked in informal, rather than woven fabrics, and made out of them the clothes you often see in corporate environments: women’s shirts, men’s shirts with buttons at the neck, and pants. And suddenly these products seemed to be of particular interest.

Communication via illustrated programs
British clothing seller Charles Terwitt used the stone to start promoting a $ 549 wool blend suit.

London’s Hamilton & Hare department store specializes in outdoor clothing such as underwear, nightwear, and lingerie. Suddenly, however, his travel suite has been reconsidered as the ideal solution for working from home. It includes a cotton suit that was originally intended to look stylish while traveling. Now, in a sort of paradox, it might be better to change its purpose for a time when travel is now forbidden or restricted in some countries, to become an occasion to work with a sense of comfort. (And for virtual hours of fun, you can even wear a beach jacket.)

Clothes for surprises
The Alex Mill brand sells what they call “SUB” (pair of shorts with a track jacket). It’s a mix between the classic stitched jacket and the routine casual toddler coat, ideal for wearing a shirt with him if you find your boss suddenly asking you on FaceTime.

Remember that although these garments feel comfortable, the rules of fit still apply. The definition of inappropriate clothing has not changed, whether it is a wrong-sized jacket or a stained shirt.

And if you’re really at a crossroads, consider whether a video call with a co-worker fits a customer call? Don’t be shy about asking your manager for guidance.

Ideas for successful agricultural projects .. Seize the opportunity

With agriculture’s share of global GDP shrinking to only 3%, by 2050 we will need to produce more than 70% of food to meet the needs of the nearly 1.6 billion people worldwide who suffer from hunger; Therefore, it is necessary to search for agricultural project ideas, as they are one of the largest industries in the world; It employs more than 55% of the workforce in countries, especially the least developed.

Naturally, industry and trade depend on agriculture as a primary source of raw materials and as an active commercial market for manufactured goods. Perhaps this importance has gradually led to the recognition of the green economy as an important tool for achieving sustainable development in the world. This concept has already been adopted by many countries around the world; To achieve sustainable development with a focus on job creation, poverty reduction, social justice, and environmental safety for the various sectors of the economy.

Ideas for successful agricultural projects
Many, especially those aspiring to achieve financial independence, are looking for successful and profitable agricultural projects ideas, and there is no doubt that there are many agricultural projects that can be implemented in rural areas and home surfaces, and what is distinctive here is that most of these ideas do not require large areas for cultivation and implementation.

1) The project of growing nuts
Nuts are among the most popular products to buy, such as peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, and almonds; Therefore, you can start implementing the nuts planting project, as it is considered very successful and profitable; That’s why it’s at the top of our list of ideas for farm projects that you can profit from.

2) House roofs cultivation project
Perhaps you do not own a plot of agricultural land and you do not have the ability to rent a suitable plot for practicing some different agricultural activities, and this does not mean that you are excluded from practicing this type of commercial activities; You can use the roof of your private home and work on preparing it and preparing it well to be suitable for some different plantings. Where there are many varieties that can be grown on home surfaces, such as vegetables of all kinds and a number of fruits such as grapes, strawberries, aromatic plants, and flowers such as municipal roses and daffodils, and other plants that people are keen to buy constantly.

3) Mushroom growing project
Mushroom cultivation is one of the most profitable agribusinesses, which can be started with low investment and less space; The cultivation of mushrooms in a number of Arab countries is gradually growing as an alternative source of income for many people, and the United States of America, China, Italy, and the Netherlands are among the largest producers of mushrooms around the world.

There are 3 main types of mushrooms that farmers focus on: “button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and rice straw mushrooms”; Where rice straw mushrooms can grow in temperatures ranging from 35-40 degrees Celsius, oyster mushrooms are grown in the northern plains, while mushrooms grow during the winter season, and all these fungi of commercial importance are cultivated with different methods and techniques, so if you are about to implement Mushroom cultivation project You can use this study and start implementation immediately.

4) A project of growing medicinal herbs
Medicinal plants are the first source of biomolecules with therapeutic potential and can be relied upon for the development of new drugs, according to a number of recent medical studies that herbal medicines are safer, better physiologically compatible, and cost-effective; As the demand for medicinal plants increases with the expansion of human needs, numbers and commercial purpose.

So; The cultivation of medicinal herbs has witnessed a rapid growth in terms of cultivated areas, and the reason for this is due to their use in the manufacture of medicines or the manufacture of natural cosmetics and many other different fields.

5) The beekeeping project
The son raising project is part of the agricultural project ideas that can easily succeed. Especially in light of the intense and continuous demand for honey in most Arab societies, and what is striking about this project is that it does not need a huge capital or a large area of ​​land, and you will not find it difficult to market it. Due to the increasing demand for it from various segments of society; So do not hesitate to implement this project if you aspire to achieve financial independence.

A new financing round raises the value of “Delivery Hero” to $ 7 billion

Deliveroo Hero raised more than $ 180 million in its most recent financing round, valuing Britain’s online food delivery company more than $ 7 billion, according to the company statement.

The funding round comes as the Amazon-backed company is looking at a possible listing on the stock exchange this year, which is expected in or soon after April.

Deliveroo Hero’s new financing round, led by current shareholders, Durable Capital Partners, and Fidelity Management, links the startup’s valuation on par with the market value of British grocery company Sainsbury’s, and surpasses the market value of W.M. Morrison Supermarkets.

Due to closures restricting the movement of people, and consumers demanding fast food and food for the home, food delivery companies such as “Deliveroo” and “Just Eat Take Away” have seen a boom in their business.

But despite the high demand, competition for market share is still fierce, as Delivery Hero recently raised up to $ 1.6 billion through a share sale to fund potential expansions and deals, while Just Eat Take Away makes investments. Large, “according to the latest information surrounding its business.

Delivery Hero confirmed that it will continue to invest heavily in its business, including expanding its on-demand grocery service and Editions dark kitchen concept.

Hani Al-Burai .. Founder of PassApp

He was raised in an entrepreneurial family. What enhanced his investment-driven lifestyle; So that “Hani Al-Burai” became an entrepreneur since his childhood; He founded several companies that achieved great success and spread outside Egypt.

Engineer Hani Al-Buraei was born in 1977, to a father of industrialists in Egypt in the 1990s, and a mother who worked in a bank. What strengthened the entrepreneurial thought characteristic of the family; This had a great impact on his life, and the career of his brother, who won local and international awards in horse jumping.

His father wanted to support him; Through real opportunities to go through many investment experiences; It gave him courage in the field of investment and the establishment of small companies.

Al-Burai was fond of the world of technology since his childhood; He took advantage of that in many business and investment activities, especially when he established his first project in 1991 when he was only 14 years old; Which further developed his entrepreneurial sense.

Al-Borai majored in computer studies, at the Faculty of Engineering, 6th of October University. Where he studied several disciplines and learned to program, but he did not show interest in the academic part and the curricula prescribed at the university, so he used the famous search engines and YouTube; In order to maintain his learning pace, he was also keen on being familiar with the world of finance and business.

Hani Al-Burai decided to move towards independence in work after he passed his second decade of life. He founded dozens of startups, most notably StockCash, which worked to link and unify the stock exchange with banks. It was considered one of the most important startups in Egypt and was able to maintain its presence for 10 years before it stopped completely due to the disruption of the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 2011.

Launching E7gezly app
Hani Al-Borai used to see “human lines” extending hundreds of meters; In order to obtain match tickets, or to attend various events; What caused severe suffering for him; He was agonized by the human crowding in front of the ports; To obtain tickets related to events or parties; What prompted him to think of radical solutions to this problem, as his idea of ​​“book me”, which used to provide all kinds of tickets “online” and booked electronically; This helped eliminate human congestion in front of ticket outlets.

“Ahjizli” was established in 2012, and has become one of the largest companies in the market for booking events and concerts online, and has concluded agreements and partnerships with many services; Such as El Sawy Culture Wheel, El Geneina Theater, Opera House, and cinemas. It even acquired 40% of the ticket market in Egypt.

Al-Burai sought to expand his company’s activity outside Egypt, but he faced many shocks and challenges, most notably the request of some Arab countries to change the name of the company. To correspond with the Gulf dialect.

Founding PassApp
Hani Al-Borai was concerned, after the difficulties, he faced in expanding his company’s activity outside Egypt. He sold it to A15, which specializes in investing in technology.

In 2016 Hani Al-Burai decided to establish a new company called PassApp. It is a digital key represented in an application available on all Android and IOS mobile systems used to access several portals; Such as home, office, parking lot, electronic gates, clubs, public attractions, and elevators.

PassApp has manufactured more than 500 devices that work in more than 300 enterprises, hotels, road gates, and public places, as well as modern universities and housing estates.

PassApp has achieved great penetration, expanded outside Egypt, and distributed to all services in various institutions.
PassApp will witness the conclusion of other agreements to spread throughout the Arab world during the next stage, with the conclusion of agreements with car-producing companies, and the formation of strategic partnerships in various fields.

PassApp has registered more than a million logins through its application, which is spread across various institutions and services; To get 3 million dollars in financing.

PassApp is proceeding, according to specific plans, controls, and mechanisms, with the aspiration to spread outside Egypt, and a partnership agreement has been concluded with the “Fawry” service to create a wallet in the name of “Cash Pass App”, which users will charge for all of its services.

Ambani sold a dream for 27 billion dollars … and now he has to turn it into reality

Mukesh Ambani spent most of his time during 2020 trying to convince Facebook, Google, and other big companies on “Wall Street” with his ambitious plan, aimed at implementing the largest institutional restructuring in the world. He succeeded in obtaining $ 27 billion in investments to support the implementation of his plan, which added to pressure on him as investors awaited the success of his plan.

Recent press releases, and what has been reported by some people familiar with the company’s plans, show that the 63-year-old Indian businessman is focusing on transforming Reliance Industries Ltd. from an investment group operating on an old business model into a new giant in the field of business. Technology and e-commerce.

Among the most prominent development operations that Ambani will undertake is the participation in the implementation and development of the services of the fifth-generation telecommunications network, which is expected to start work within the next year, as well as the integration of the payment service through WhatsApp from Facebook with the company’s digital payment solutions. Reliance, as well as the inclusion of a nationwide network of small, medium-sized stores in the company’s e-commerce services. These initiatives coincide with the company’s continuing negotiations to sell Reliance’s oil and gas projects, as Ambani had hoped to complete the deal earlier this year, as he aimed to reduce the size of debts and finance his plan to develop the group’s technology services.

Each step is under a microscope

Investors are watching every step Ambani takes to restructure the market value of $ 179 billion, amid the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and intense competition with major companies such as “Amazon” and “Wal-Mart”. The company’s share gains have diminished as investors await evidence of its ability to implement the restructuring plan, after the stock rose by 55% since the beginning of the year, to its highest level in September.

Nandan Nilekani, one of the founders of Infosys, which was founded in 1981 and is currently president of a $ 72 billion software service provider based in Bangalore, says, “It’s not clear yet … and there is a lot of work. Which needs to be done. “

Ambani announced his new partnership with investors including Facebook (there was a TV conversation with Mark Zuckerberg on December 15, during which they exchanged praise). Despite the huge funds obtained by the Indian businessman, these funds represented his alternative plan. He was mainly aiming to finance his plan by selling a stake of up to 20% of the oil and petrochemical sector in the “Reliance” company to “Aramco” in a deal worth up to $ 15 billion considering the value of the group’s investments in the sector amounting to $ 75 billion.

The deal was announced for the first time in August of 2019, as Ambani relied on completing that deal to get rid of his company’s $ 22 billion debt, which he had pledged to pay within 18 months. As talks with the Saudis stalled, investor anxiety increased, causing a sharp decline of about 40% in the company’s share market value over the three months to March 23.

You should start quickly

People familiar with the matter said that Ambani saw the need to speed up talks to sell a share of his digital services and retail units a few months before colliding with a wall that failed Aramco deal negotiations.

One of them indicated that the investor response has exceeded the company’s expectations, and reached the point where major companies such as KKR & Co, Silver Lake, and Mubadala Investment pledged more than $ 20 billion in financing to invest in The group’s digital services business, plus $ 6.4 billion in retail funding. This resulted in Reliance announcing that it would pay off all of the company’s debt in June, nine months ahead of its previously set deadline, thus supporting continued gains in the company’s stock.

The company’s ordinary general assembly meeting that took place last July witnessed Ambani and his sons Isha and Akash present to the shareholders their ambitious plan to invest in the field of advanced digital services. Among the new services that they have offered to shareholders: The launch of the fifth-generation communications network early next year, in addition to the launch of a unified television broadcasting platform that brings together dozens of channels under one umbrella that includes “Netflix”, “Disney +” and “Amazon Prime” service. For the video.

Ambani also mentioned that Reliance’s “Jio” platform is developing a range of digital solutions and applications that support the business of millions of small and medium-sized companies in India, stressing that the company seeks to expand its business outside the country after achieving penetration in the local market.

Ambani told shareholders, “It is time for India to be a world leader in technology, advanced digital services.”

People familiar with the plan’s details confirmed that Reliance’s priority is to launch the 5G communications network in 2021. However, the Indian authorities have not yet announced the auction to sell the rights to launch the next generation of that technology. “We will lead the 5G revolution in India during the second half of 2021,” Ambani added in statements to him this month.

Smartphone worth $ 54

A person familiar with the matter said, “Reliance” plans to present its work related to 5G services at the next ordinary general assembly, which takes place between July and September of each year. The company is also working with “Google” to manufacture and market a smartphone worth 54 dollars as part of its strategy to spread data services, video, and online games using the mobile phone in the Indian market.

According to an insider, the integration of the digital payments system with the payments system using the WhatsApp service will represent a critical step for Reliance in the development of its online shopping services in India. The company aims to benefit from millions of users of the platforms “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “WhatsApp” by integrating them with its e-commerce platforms.

James Crabtree, author of “Billionaire Rag: A Journey into India’s New Golden Age,” said Ambani’s biggest challenge right now is to generate returns on those investments.

Crabtree noted that the technology sectors in which Ambani aims to expand are witnessing much greater growth rates than the refining and petrochemical sectors, which still contribute the largest share of Reliance’s revenues.

Risks about the first man

Among the risks facing Reliance is the “first man” challenge, as Ambani is no longer young, while the company has not announced details of his succession to lead the group. The Indian newspaper Mint reported last August that Ambani, who is worth $ 77 billion, is working on establishing a family council to plan the succession of the group’s management and announce it by the end of next year.

“The reliance of large companies on one man carries a lot of risks,” said Cavell Ramachandran, executive director of the Thomas Schmidhaini Center for Family Enterprises at the Indian College of Business.

Supporters of Ambani’s plan point to his successes in bringing about major market change. Four years ago, he succeeded in changing the map of the telecom industry in India by offering the private telephone company, Reliance Jio Infocomm, free calls and cheap internet services, which bankrupted some competitors, and the company’s customers reached 400 million subscribers.

Confronting China

The Ambani empire may become one of the investment goals of the Indian government in the future, as it seeks to find solutions to confront the growing Chinese technology inside India, especially after the increasing border clashes that broke out between the two historical rivals during the current year.

Ambani has indicated on more than one occasion that the objectives of the Reliance Plan are in line with the strategy of the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which seeks to find national solutions to bridge the growing digital divide the country.

Although Infosys founder Nilekani warned of the risk of the ruling early on with the success of the Reliance restructuring plan; But he was optimistic that Ambani could achieve that success.

“He has a wonderful ability to implement plans,” said Nilekani. “He looks at the big picture, and at the same time cares about all the small details, he looks like Jeff Bezos because both of them is an exceptional person who never gives up.”

Feasibility study: small cafe projects are the most guaranteed profit opportunity

Coffee shop sales are expected to grow 78% by 2022; So if you are thinking of combining your love for coffee with entrepreneurship, it is time to start a small coffee shop business; Through this initiative, hundreds of friends will have great conversations, the mornings will be brighter and the afternoons will seem less stressful.

There is no doubt that the idea of ​​establishing a small cafe project is very profitable if it is implemented correctly. Perhaps if you pass by one of the specialized cafes scattered in the city, it is likely that it is full of customers who enjoy having coffee, espresso, latte, tea, a variety of pastries, and other good things; Where the process of serving high-quality coffee and snacks in a modern atmosphere is a very successful business model created by “Starbucks” global company, which owns more than 31 thousand cafes around the world.

Small cafe project

Some global statistics indicate that coffee shops are the most popular place to meet with friends, and the preferred place for individuals looking to spend time reading books or magazines or surfing the web while enjoying their favorite drink, and coffee shops are also a popular place for informal business meetings or students to pursue business. If you look closely when entering any popular café, you will likely see a group of students collaborating on a study project.

So, we can say that the small cafe project is one of the most successful and profitable projects and the most widespread in various parts of the world, and it is noteworthy in this project that the materials necessary for work are abundant and available, which guarantees that the work will not be disrupted, in addition to that it does not need much experience or qualifications Unlike some other projects; As it can be implemented in any city, commercial market, or even a vital area at costs that are not exorbitant, and the demand for this project by customers will be very high; Because it targets a huge segment of customers.

So; If you are thinking of establishing a successful and profitable small cafe project, in turn, the “Entrepreneurs” website monitors for you a feasibility study of a small cafe project.

Feasibility study of a small cafe project

In this study, we will undertake a comprehensive analysis of the project idea that takes into account all the factors related to the project, economic, technical, and legal considerations to ensure the likelihood of successfully completing the project, and this study is as follows:

First: choosing the appropriate site

Certainly, this step, which is the first in the project implementation process, cannot be overlooked. Where you must allocate sufficient time to think about the appropriate place and location, as your coffee shop location could lead to its success or failure.

There are a few things to consider when searching for a suitable location and location for a coffee shop: Most notably: that the place on which the project will be established should be in a dynamic location with much movement that the largest possible number of people flock to, such as crowded residential areas, taking into account ensuring that the café can be reached, whether on foot or by car, and anyone can enter.

As for the area of ​​the project, it must not be less than 100 square meters at least, so that the project area accommodates the largest possible number of tables and chairs; In order for customers to sit on it while drinking the various drinks offered by the project.

Second: The necessary equipment for the cafe

It is no secret to anyone, especially those interested in the world of entrepreneurship, that good design in cafes is of paramount importance As it plays an important role in the process of attracting customers and encouraging them to return continuously; Where the necessary equipment should be to create a cheerful, harmoniously colored interior, design a facade of an attractive nature, and place a light advertising banner bearing the name of the project.

Talal Al-Ajami: Inspiration and Leadership

The founder and president of VI Markets is an ideal model for an entrepreneur who has invested in the new trend of key sectors such as financial markets, e-commerce, and the world of knowledge in its various fields. He launched many social initiatives that helped empower women and was an example of a pioneer, not only in creating unique investment tools but also in supporting the communities in which he works through training in the use of professional trading platforms and opening unconventional investment horizons.

Talal Al-Ajmi quickly became involved in the world of international companies after his graduation, gaining experiences that enabled him to create his own path in the world of entrepreneurship. Although the world of trading is a complex world that needs expertise, and a market that is subject to intense competition, his company, VI Markets, has been able to stand out and excel in this field; His achievements in many fields earned him wide fame, and he was chosen as one of the most important men who inspire young people who aspire to leadership and excellence.

In this dialogue, Talal Al-Ajami talks about his life, career and mission in life:

Tell us about your beginnings and how your studies affected the choice of your path as an IT graduate? My start in this field was a coincidence, I had no idea about the world of markets and money at that time, but an announcement about trading behind the university was enough to attract my attention, and make me pay attention, read and learn more about trading; I still remember this day specifically in my freshman year in Pennsylvania, where I was studying technology sciences.

Commerce won my passion since I was young and I always heard the phrase “You are a merchant business” from family and friends because I seek to create opportunities from any project I manage – and indeed during my studies, I had a few small projects that I ran with my brothers in Kuwait and they had a good financial return. After my graduation, the job in the petroleum company was imposed on me by my father, but I did not find myself in this field, so I worked in several companies specialized in investing with a lower salary to gain sufficient experience in trading; So I noticed that the market lacked awareness and education, and on the other hand, I saw that this field is what suits my personality and aspirations. This reflected on my positive performance, as I was asked to assume a prominent position at a very young age in one of the companies. At the time, I did not see myself in an administrative position, and then the idea of ​​self-employment came to me, as my ambition was greater than the job. Indeed, I started freelancing by establishing a brokerage firm with modest capital and in a modest office with four people. With perseverance and effort, VI Markets is today one of the leading brokerage firms in the region.

Entrepreneur Hussain Al-Saddi: “Sawaed digital health” is one of the top 50 projects in the Kingdom

Vision 2030 was the inspiration for the idea of ​​the “Sawaed Digital Health Platform” project, which won the best idea award by voting by the audience in the Ideas Marathon competition in Arabnet 2019, then obtaining the support of “Monshaat”, and the support of the Saudi German Hospital; The project will be launched in 4 Gulf countries. So this dialogue was with Hussein bin Ali Issa Al-Saddi; Founder of the project …

How do you define yourself?

Hussain bin Ali Issa Al-Saddi, the founder of the Digital Health platform, is an entrepreneur interested in technology and job creation, a certified international trainer in human development, and 14 years of experience in the private sector.

My company is concerned with training and helps recruit graduates through a digital platform to qualify students and health workers to pass professional exams and obtain a license to practice the profession, as it transfers training and qualification programs from university halls to the digital world in the categories of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry.

Vision 2030 – How was the “Sawaed Digital Health Platform” project established?

The idea was crystallized through Vision 2030, through which we discover dozens of business opportunities that only require the preparation of an action plan for implementation. Since their chances of success are high, you will find with each opportunity a government program that supports you.

I found among the opportunities presented in Vision 2030 to reduce unemployment, localize jobs, develop educational curricula, build a stimulating and attractive learning environment, and contribute to education in developing human capital to meet the requirements and needs of the labor market.

And through my participation in the “Technology Pioneers” program, and through the “Rowad Technology Accelerator”, I started establishing my project; The “digital health arms” platform, which is concerned with training, qualifying, and employing health practitioners in the Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council, and qualifying them to pass specialization tests in the categories of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry, and providing them with job opportunities in the private sector.

I participated with my project idea in the Arabnet Ideas Marathon 2019; The largest technical event in the Kingdom; It won the best idea award by audience vote after sorting more than 100 ideas in the Middle East.

After that, we participated in the Startup Competition at the Saudi Forum for Startups with the support of “Monsha’at”, and we were honored with the digital health arms project with 14 participants, after screening more than 200 participating projects.

Is the project limited to the Kingdom only?

It has been agreed with four Gulf countries to operate the Sawaed digital health platform to qualify health practitioners in their countries; To obtain a professional license; The agreement was made at a forum and presentation of entrepreneurs, which was organized by the Chamber of Commerce in the Eastern Province.

The Digital Health Handsets project has qualified among the top 50 projects in the Kingdom out of 3000 projects participating in the Technology Pioneers Program, with the support of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Liquidity – What about the main challenges?

The most prominent of which was the problem of financial liquidity to end the agreement with the coaches to put programs in the platform, in preparation for its launch on the market. And we beat it with our own savings.

How do you find competition in this sector?

Competition is very fierce; There are 200 governmental and private training institutions in Saudi Arabia working in the same field, but “digital health arms” was established with a vision based on establishing partnerships with these bodies, not competing with them. If we have agreed with a government training agency; It is Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, the Graduate Center. To support the employment and training of university graduates of both nationalities in medical specializations; To increase their competitiveness in the labor market and increase the rate of Emiratisation in health, in line with the goals of national transformation and the 2030 vision.

Alakeela street, a new way of presenting different food tastes

Streets are named after good restaurants, and every food street has something different and special, and the distinctive street this time is Alakeela Street.

After the success of Murad Makram in the “Alakeel” program, he decided to take it to the business world by opening a street that includes a number of restaurants that offer different foods. The journalist and artist, Murad Makram, held the opening ceremony of Alakeel Street in October.

In the presence of the artist Donia Abdel Aziz, the artist Ahmed El-Shamy, Dr. Hany Abu El-Naga, the media Ahmed Salem, the culinary expert, Chef El-Sherbiny and Alaa El-Sherbiny’s daughter, and the party was organized by Sabah Jamil. Everyone in the audience enjoyed the music on Al-Akeel Street.

In order to open Al-Akeela Street, the artist Donia Abdel Aziz, the artist Ahmed El-Shamy, Dr. Hani Abu Al-Naja, the journalist Ahmed Salem, the expert chef El-Sherbiny, Alaa Al-Sherbini’s daughter, the businessman Omar Balbaa, the businessman Hossam Saad, the owner of the brand Almhaltta and the businessman Mohamed Al-Tajouri organized the ceremony.

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