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India .. Corona “swallows” cities and tireless search for “cemeteries”

India’s crematoriums and cemeteries are overwhelmed by heavy work after being overwhelmed by a devastating new wave of Covid-19 infections that is tearing through the densely populated country at terrifying speed, depleting life-saving oxygen supplies to critical levels, leaving patients dying while waiting in line to see doctors.

And for the fourth consecutive day, India today, Sunday, set a world record for new infections, driven by a new malignant boom that appeared, undermining the government’s premature claims to victory over the epidemic, according to the “Associated Press”.

And the 349,691 confirmed cases during the past day raised the total number of cases in India to more than 16.9 million, second after the United States.

The Ministry of Health reported another 2,767 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the number of Covid-19 deaths in India to 192,311.

Experts say that the number of victims may be much more than the number mentioned, as suspected cases are not included, and many deaths from infection are attributed to other causes.

The crisis unfolding in India goes deeper in cemeteries and crematoriums, and in the heartbreaking images of gasping for patients dying on their way to hospitals due to lack of oxygen.

In the capital, New Delhi, cemeteries are running out of space, and lit and glowing funerary cremations lit up the night skies in other hard-hit cities.

In Bhopal city center, some crematoriums have increased their capacity from dozens to more than 50 bodies. However, officials say, there are still long waiting hours.

Bill Gates is betting on these companies on his journey to combat global warming

The Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund, led by billionaire Bill Gates, and featuring 24 other billionaires as co-investors, will invest a lot of money in about 40 startups developing clean energy technologies for everything from lithium extraction to steelmaking.

Four years ago, Bill Gates launched a billion-dollar fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which has brought together more than 20 (currently 28) like-minded investors to invest in scientific discoveries that have the potential to bring cheap and reliable clean energy to the world. The ultimate goal is to bring new, zero-emission technologies to the market.

Since then, the fund has supported dozens of startups developing green technology innovations that range from replacing fossil fuels with carbon-free equivalents to creating alternatives to meat.

“We are only focusing on investments that will have a significant impact on climate change,” Gates told Forbes earlier this year. So far, one startup the fund supports has gone public through a special purpose acquisition company: solid lithium battery maker QuantumScape, which has not yet started selling its batteries. Some of the clean energy innovations that Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund invests in are avatars, and technology development may take a decade or more. But finding solutions is imperative.

“If we want to avoid a climate catastrophe, we have to go from 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases to zero in just 30 years,” the fund says on its website.

The fund raised another $ 1 billion earlier this year to fund more startups, and Gates was the largest investor. The other 24 supporting billionaires include Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Bloomberg founder Michael Bloomberg, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma, and CEO of mutual fund giant Fidelity Abigail Johnson. Gates told Forbes in February that he would “devote at least two billion dollars” to carbonless technologies over the next five years.

On Earth Day, Forbes highlights five Breakthrough Energy portfolio companies building innovative solutions to help save the planet:

Boston Metal Corporation: Low Carbon Steel
For thousands of years, steel has been produced in the same way, which is to mix iron ore with coke (a coal product) and put it in a blast furnace. The result is a high-carbon product, which is then placed in a kiln, where the carbon is burned to solidify. The entire process leads to significant carbon emissions (steelmaking accounts for 7% of all greenhouse gases annually), and Boston Metal has promised to eliminate them through a method called metal oxide electrolysis. This new technology uses electrolyte cells instead of a blast furnace, and electricity instead of carbon, ultimately emitting oxygen instead of carbon dioxide.

The electrical-based steel industry was first demonstrated by MIT researchers in the early 2010s, and it led to the creation of Boston Metal Corporation as a subsidiary. The Woburn, Massachusetts-based company completed a $ 50 million financing round early this year that was valued at $ 165 million, according to venture capital firm BeachBook. Boston Metal CEO Tadeo Carneiro says he plans to use the funds to operate the company’s pilot plant continuously by the end of 2022. After that, Carneiro hopes to build the first Boston Metal manufacturing facility by 2024 and begin commercial production the following year.

Lilac Solutions: Extraction of Lithium Laboratory
To power the growing number of electric cars around the world, car manufacturers need lithium-ion batteries. Most of the lithium in the world is found in brines, which are saltwater deposits often found in deserts. Lithium mining company Lilac Solutions offers a proprietary technology that replaces the old, water-intensive lithium extraction process with a new method that uses ion exchange beads and much less water. Founder and CEO Dave Snaker says Lilac technology is faster and cheaper than current methods. He says: “It is imperative to make the most of these brine solutions as a product.” “Other than that, all the promises made by electric car manufacturers such as General Motors, Volkswagen and Tesla that the world will be 100% electric cars cannot be fulfilled,” he says.

Lilac works with resource owners – old lithium producers, oil and gas companies looking to enter the market, and junior developers – by designing the extraction systems they use for projects. The brine is introduced into a tank filled with small beads that, through an ion exchange process, can absorb the lithium. The Auckland-based startup has ongoing projects in Chile, Argentina and the United States – the Americas being its primary focus – as well as Europe and Asia.

Pachama: Artificial Intelligence to Stop Deforestation
Entrepreneur Diego Saise Gil founded two travel startups before deciding to turn things around with Pachama. Born near the Argentine forests, Saise Gill came up with the idea for the new company after he took a road vacation through South America, where he saw major deforestation. Pachama acts as a Zillow-like platform that allows companies to purchase carbon credits to finance reforestation, which in turn will increase the amount of carbon absorbed by trees.

Willis Carrier .. inventor of the air conditioner

From the need of society and the company that he worked for, the “Willis Carrier” invention; For air conditioners, he was not only an inventor but an entrepreneur who made an imprint in the life of the whole world.

Willis Carrer was born on November 26, 1876, in the town of “Angola”, New York, USA, to a family consisting of a father and mother. Since childhood, he was passionate about science, then he joined Cornell University, and graduated in 1901 with a BA in Engineering.

When he turned 25, Carrer introduced a thermostat and humidity control system at Sackett-Wilhelms Printing and Publishing in Brooklyn; As his first important invention; Based on temperature and humidity control, air circulation, and ventilation, as well as humidifying air and heating and cooling water; As the company was struggling with printing one color well at the time; Due to the effect of heat and humidity on paper and ink.

The first centrifugal refrigeration machine invented by Willis H. Carrier, the father of air conditioning, is pictured in this 1922 photo in Syracuse, N.Y. (AP Photo/Provided by Carrier Corporation)

Willis Carrier patented the cooling system that he invented, known as the first modern air conditioning system in the world, and then he continued his work in other refrigeration fields, and then he was appointed director of the company’s testing engineering department.

Laws and documents
In 1906 Willis Carrer discovered the “law of constant regression of the dew point”; Knowing that the constant slope of the dew point provides an almost constant relative humidity; Which made it based on the design of the automatic control system; He filed a patent suit for the design on May 17, 1907, but it was not issued until February 3, 1914.

On December 3, 1911, Carrier presented the most important document on the air conditioner at the annual meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. She related the concepts of relative humidity, absolute humidity, and dew point temperature; This enables the air conditioning systems to be designed to precisely suit the requirements.

The first home air conditioner
By 1928, the company had developed its first home air conditioner, which is called the “weather maker,” but due to its high price, only wealthy families owned it.

The company merged with “Brunswick Cruise” and “York”; To form the Carrier Corporation, Willis Carrier was appointed as its Chairman.

Obstacles and challenges
Willis Carrier faced many financial challenges; As a result of the Wall Street crash in 1929, then the economic depression of 1930, homes and stores reduced the use of air conditioning.

Willis moved his company to New York, and in 1930, he launched his business in Japan and Korea through Toyo Carrier and Samsung Application.

Emmanuel Tarpin is an accomplished jewelry designer

World War II broke out; This led to the curtailment of the idea of ​​the “polar hut”, which the Carrier Company presented at the World’s Fair in 1939.

Correct use of the “Clubhouse app” … an opportunity for self-affirmation

The Clubhouse application is one of the latest social networks that has been very popular on the Internet in the recent period, and since its beta release on iOS and its endorsement by world-famous people, millions of smartphone and Internet users are flocking to access it, and in just a few weeks, the “Clubhouse” jumped, Which allows members to host and join voice chat rooms, from 600,000 to 100 million daily active users, including the world’s top thought leaders.

In light of the growing awareness of the “Clubhouse” application and its popularity that is increasing day after day, many brands interested in building communities are more curious about how to use them in their marketing strategies, but because Clubhouse is still not available to users of other systems such as Android, many marketers are logging in for the first time now.

Correct use of Clubhouse app
The chat room on the Clubhouse app is just like a conference call, but with some people in the call chatting, most of them listening to it, and as soon as the conversation ends the room is closed unlike Twitch; The videos that are streamed live remain on the platform for people to come back and watch.

At first, once you download and open the application, you will be prompted to choose the people or topics you want to follow and depending on what you choose and who you choose, you can scroll through the list of current and upcoming discussions, and you will be able to see the chat rooms hosted by all the different users; It contains titles, brief descriptions of topics, names and profiles of moderators, and you don’t have to wait hours in line to get to your industry, so if you see another discussion that catches your eye, you can just leave and move on to the next conversation.

Young people are a victim of the second wave of Corona in India

In India, the number of young people and children who have claimed their lives a new wave of the Coronavirus is sweeping the country, according to what was reported by the French Press Agency, “Agence France Presse,” Sunday.

Some doctors suggest that the reason why people under the age of 45 are more vulnerable is that they go out to work and eat meals outside the home more than those who are older, but there is no conclusive evidence for this.

Young adults may be more susceptible to a new mutated version known as a “double mutation” found in 60% of samples in Maharashtra, which is the hardest hit.

India swept through a new epidemic wave, resulting in a million confirmed infections, within a week, and shook the authorities.

And officials in India at the beginning of the year believed that the country had defeated the epidemic, amid the launch of a massive vaccination campaign.

Residents neglected the wearing of masks and social distancing, with huge crowds taking part in religious festivals and election rallies.

But in hospitals, doctors sounded the alarm against the background of the high number of cases, amid a new phenomenon represented by the admission of more young people to hospitals, due to their infection with the disease, which has always been considered more dangerous for the older groups.

Children in hospitals
And in a country where 65% of the population is under 35 years old, there is growing concern about the impact of the epidemic on young people.

New Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal reported that 65% of new patients are under the age of 45.

While the Indian Medical Research Agency does not have a demographic classification of cases, doctors in major cities confirm that more young patients are being transferred to hospitals.

Delivered around 180,000 cars … a strong start for Tesla in 2021

Tesla announced, Friday, that it delivered 184 thousand and 800 cars in the first quarter of 2021, exceeding analysts’ expectations of about 7 thousand vehicles.

The Axios website stated that these results constitute more than double the vehicles that the electric vehicle manufacturer delivered at the same time last year, which is a strong start this year.

Despite the significant decline in the global economy due to the Corona pandemic, and many sectors were affected as a result of the repercussions of that crisis, the new figures confirm that Tesla has achieved record profits in light of that.

The site pointed out that it is unclear how the global shortage of chips will affect the electric car industry, including Tesla, as many companies around the world have been forced to extend the scope of production cuts.

The Corona pandemic has caused an increase in demands for chips used in the production of smartphones, televisions, and computers, as consumers try to make their long home lives somewhat bearable, allowing less capacity to achieve a more than expected recovery in vehicle demand.

On the other hand, despite the unprecedented records of wealth accumulation achieved by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, in 2020, he was quickly hit by losses since March 8, after his company’s shares declined in the context of a wave of selling of shares of technology companies. Green.

Musk’s fortune fell to $ 156.9 billion, to move him to second place on the “Bloomberg Rich Index”, after Jeff Bezos topped it with an increase of nearly $ 20 billion, to become the richest person on the planet last week.

Floating the delinquent Suez Canal ship after disrupting the shipping lane for about a week

The Egyptian Suez Canal Authority announced the start of the floatation of the giant container ship EverGiven after its delinquency caused the suspension of movement in the shipping lane for about a week, which had negative effects on global trade.

The ship’s course was significantly modified by 80% and its distance from the shore by 102 meters instead of 4 meters, according to an official statement of the Authority, while oil prices decreased immediately after the announcement of the ship’s float by more than 2%.

Sisi confirms the end of the crisis
The Egyptians succeeded in ending the crisis of the delinquent ship in the Suez Canal despite the enormous technical complexity that surrounded this process from every side, according to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in a post on the social networking site Facebook.

By returning matters to their normal course, with Egyptian hands, the world reassures the path of its goods and needs that are passed through this central shipping artery, Sisi added, thanking everyone who contributed technically and practically to ending this crisis.

Very cheap … a Chinese electric car grabs the limelight from Tesla

A Chinese electric car snatched the lights from the Tesla Model 3 vehicle to become the best-selling vehicle on the planet in January, for its irresistible price of $ 4,500.

According to the US news site Axios, the success surprised the manufacturer of the car, “CGMW”, a joint venture between “General Motors” Shanghai auto manufacturer and “Woolig Motors” company, as it was expected that the same car “Hong Gong” would be sold. The four-seater is about 3,000 per month, and sales exceeded 36,000 in January. More than 200,000 vehicles have been reported to have been purchased from them since production began last summer.

The source reports that the Chinese electric car is narrow for four people, and it lacks Tesla vehicle’s battery range (105 miles) and performance (top speed 62 mph), but its convenience and low price attract Chinese consumers.

An executive at Wooling Motors told the China Daily that most of the buyers are younger women in small cities, and that may be because it is being marketed not as a car but as design clothes, with fun new colors being introduced to its look.

This is while the company is also planning to unveil co-branded cars, with big names such as “Nike” and “Disney”.

The first signal from the DMSat 1 satellite was successfully received

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center announced that it had successfully received the first signal from the DMSat 1 satellite at 4:42 pm UAE time.

The DM Sat 1 satellite, the first environmental nanometric satellite for Dubai Municipality, was launched successfully at 10:07 am this morning UAE time, aboard the Russian launch missile (Soyuz 2.1E) from the Baikonur space base in Kazakhstan.

The “DMSat 1” satellite is a cooperation between Dubai Municipality and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center. “DMSat 1” aims to monitor, collect and analyze environmental data, measure air pollutants and greenhouse gases, and develop maps for the concentration and distribution of greenhouse gases in Dubai and the UAE in general, as well as As for studying and monitoring the seasonal changes of these gases, the moon carries 3 devices, one for imaging, and the other two sensing systems for greenhouse gas monitoring.

NASA: A huge asteroid that will pass near the Earth, and there are no dangers

The largest asteroid will pass near the globe in 2021, at a distance of more than two million kilometers, without any risk of collision with the planet, but the event will allow astronomers to study this asteroid, according to Agence France-Presse.

And the asteroid, which was named “2001 FO 32” and has a diameter of less than a kilometer, will pass at a speed of 124 thousand kilometers per hour, meaning “faster than most asteroids” that pass near the Earth, according to the US Space Agency (NASA).

The rocky body is scheduled to pass near the planet on Sunday, at 16:00 GMT.

And it will be at a distance of two million 16 thousand and 158 kilometers from the Earth, which is 5 times greater than the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

“There is no risk of collision with our planet,” said “NASA”, while experts at the Paris Observatory confirmed that its path “is known and disciplined enough” to allow any danger to be excluded.

However, the rocky body is classified as “somewhat dangerous”, like all asteroids whose orbit is less than 19.5 times the distance between the Earth and the moon, and more than 140 meters in diameter.

The French Observatory said that this category “is being monitored tirelessly by astronomers around the world, to put in the smallest possible details,” noting that the first and largest asteroid, “Ceres”, was discovered in 1801.

The asteroid “FO 32” was observed for the first time in 2001, and has been under close monitoring since then. It is part of the “Apollo” family of near-Earth asteroids that orbit the sun in at least one year and can cross the Earth’s orbit.

“Currently we do not know much about this object, so its passage will give us a wonderful opportunity to learn a lot about it,” said Lance Penner, an expert at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The Center for the Study of Near-Earth Objects of the Thrust Center stated that “it is assumed that amateur astronomers in the southern hemisphere and at low northern latitudes will be able to see the asteroid.”

Florent Delphi of the Paris Observatory said, “We will have to wait until dark and be equipped with a good telescope with a diameter of at least 20 centimeters,” explaining that “we should see a white point moving like a satellite.”

Its path is unlike that of meteors, which form a luminous line in the sky within tenths of a second.

“NASA” said that none of the large asteroids will hit Earth in the next century. But she added, “The more information we gather about these crimes, the better we can prepare to deport them in the event that one of them threatens the Earth.”

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