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The character of Prince Philip in “The Crown” … the difference between reality and fiction

As the fifth and penultimate season of The Crown, which deals with the biography of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, who passed away at the age of 99, approaches last Friday, critics are questioning whether the Duke of Edinburgh’s character is somewhat identical. With his real role in the royal family.

According to a report published by the “Associated Press”, “The Crown” portrayed Prince Philip, played by British actor Matt Smith in the beginning, and later by actor Tobias Menzies, a naval officer who gets angry at the beginning of the episodes of being a shadow of his wife Queen Elizabeth, only to find himself at the end. A trusted partner in the family.

Morgan added, “We do not know whether Prince Philip was strict in his approach towards son Charles as much as he was sensitive with his daughter Anne, as his role in the series,” noting that the fifth part will be shown next year, across the “Netflix” platform.

“Task Man”
The “crown” highlighted Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, during the year 1969 as someone eager to follow media coverage of the first human landing on the moon, and that he liked the idea of ​​flying.

But according to the “Associated Press”, the series erred in this premise. In fact, during World War II, Philip saw himself as a soldier in the service of battleships and destroyers, and at the age of 21, he obtained the rank of “the first lieutenant in the Royal Navy.”

While carrying out a full schedule of royal duties and presiding over hundreds of charities, Philip learned to fly in the 1950s, was a professional polo player, yachtsman, painter, art collector, and difficult man.

Princess Diana
In the series, Philip presented Diana Spencer at a family gathering in Balmoral Castle, Scotland, and appeared in one of the scenes with Philip during a hunting trip, and was supportive of her marriage to his son Charles.

After a while, the relationship between Charles and Diana became “bitter”, and Diana told Philip that she was considering separation from Charles, in what the royal family found an “indifferent person”, and Philip warned her against this step, but in fact, Philip supported Princess Diana through letters It was leaked, and he also criticized his son’s extramarital relationship with his current wife, Camilla.

After Diana gave her famous TV interview, Philip’s tone toward her allegedly became more stringent, and he wrote at the time that “Diana should either adjust to the family or get out of it.”

228 million dirhams for “The Journey of Humanity”

The day before yesterday, the painting “The Journey of Humanity” was destroyed by a new world record for sale during the public auction held at the Atlantis The Palm Resort for an amount of 227,757,000 Emirati dirhams (62 million US dollars), double the amount that the initiative aimed to raise, in order to support children The most affected by the effects of the pandemic around the world.

And thus ends the journey of the largest global social, artistic and charitable initiative, in history, that began in Dubai, with an individual painting painted on canvas by one artist, the well-known British Sasha Jefri.

The public auction witnessed a lot of global interaction with the initiative, which was launched in 2020 during the period of the “Covid 19” pandemic, under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, and in partnership with Dubai Cares and the Atlantis The Palm Resort in Dubai. Jefri painted the painting in the resort of Atlantis over a period of seven months, 20 hours a day.

Surprise auction

The organizing committee, which received hundreds of international phone calls, confirmed to participate in the purchase of the painting, which was divided into 70 paintings, and it was expected that 9 of them would be offered for sale in Dubai, and then the rest would continue its journey in international auctions, but in Dubai, no However, dazzling surprises can happen by all standards, during the ceremony, the French businessman André Abdoun closed the charity auction when he announced that he had purchased the entire painting for $ 62 million, after an escalating bid by the attendees, and through international calls.

During the charity auction, two desirable high-value paintings were also sold; The first is the “piece of brushes”, which is a work of art created by Jefri from the original brushes used to draw the record-breaking piece of art in the amount of $ 120,000, and the second is “the clothes that the artist wore,” a piece of art that was hung on a frame.

The clothes that the artist wore during the process of drawing the painting, which lasted 7 months, inside the hall of the resort of Atlantis during the period of complete closure, for an amount of $ 140,000. Artist Sasha Jefri has presented a group of individual paintings, each of which represents inspirational stations from the painting “The Journey of Humanity”, which aims to achieve positive change in the lives of the most needy children in the world.

Among them, The Child Within Us was sold for $ 257,000, and the mother nurture plate was sold for $ 900,000, and The Soul of Earth was able to raise bid attempts, and it was sold for $ 1 million.

Dubai Cares will allocate the funds collected during the historic auction to the partners of the “Inspired Humanity” initiative, including “UNICEF”, “UNESCO”, “Global Gift” and Dubai Cares, to support a range of programs aimed at addressing issues related to Children, such as their access to communication, education, health care, and sanitation.

Commenting on the auction, Sasha Jefri said: “As a painter and lover of humanitarian work for more than 25 years, I think this is the most important and most prominent moment in my life, but the most important moment for humanity.

As my initiative (Inspirational Humanity) began, I envisioned rebuilding our shattered planet through the hearts, minds, and souls of the world’s children. I feel inside me that we have taken another step forward towards achieving this lofty goal. ”Those interested in viewing selected pieces of the record-breaking artwork can visit“ Leila Heller Gallery ”, which is the largest exhibition in the United Arab Emirates, located on Alserkal Avenue. In Dubai.

In a statement on this occasion, Andre Abdoun said: “I thank His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, who is always keen to help children.”

He added, “The UAE is paving the way for us to take, where nothing is impossible. Moreover, this achievement is just the first step in the framework of an inspiring humanitarian initiative. ” He continued: «I always dreamed of presenting something special to my children and my father, and after I spoke with Sasha, I sensed from him the extent of his love for this painting and the great effort that he devoted to its implementation. My goal has always been to help children. For me, I did not have any food when I was a child, and now I earn a living, so, we all have to take meaningful action, and every dollar can make a difference, and if we achieve it together, we give hope to these children with a decent life. ”

Spike Lee chairs the Cannes jury.

The American director Spike Lee was chosen as president of the jury of the 2021 Cannes International Film Festival, after canceling last year’s session, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which was to be chaired by Lee himself.

Initially, the 2020 edition of the Festival de Cannes, one of the most important events in the film industry, was postponed from May until the end of June before it was canceled.

Ultimately, the organizers held a 3-day limited event during October, showing a batch of short films.

At a time when the “Covid-19” disease is still spreading at a high rate in France, the festival organizers have set the date for the 2021 session between 6 and 17 July instead of May as usual.

“For 30 years, untiring Spike Lee has raised the issues of his time,” said festival president Pierre Lescourt in a statement.

Other jury members and films selected for the program will be announced in early June. The 74th Palme d’Or will be presented on July 17.

Lee, 63, won the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2018 with his movie (Black Clansman). Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu was chair of the committee for 2019.

A great success for the Mansour Bin Zayed Festival in Kuwait

The horse “Make Me Rich” of Al-Osaimi stable, under the supervision of Ayed Al-Ruwais, and the leadership of Ali Al-Khayari, won the title of the main stage of the Cup of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, within the racing festival of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan for purebred Arabian horses, which witnessed great success. Yesterday at the Hunting and Equestrian Club in the sisterly State of Kuwait, and it is part of the festival’s initiatives sponsored by many Arabian horse races locally, in the Gulf, and internationally.

Sheikh Sabah Fahad Al-Nasser Al-Sabah, Secretary-General and Head of the Supreme Commission for Horse Racing at the Hunting and Equestrian Club, gifted a memorial shield to His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, which was received on behalf of His Highness, Abdullah Al Zaabi, Assistant Military Attaché at the State Embassy at the State of Kuwait, who crowned the winners in the six rounds. Champion “Mick Me Rich” covered the race distance of 1,600 meters in a time of 1:51:20 minutes.

The horse “Riad Al-Safinat” for the stable of Nayef Al-Kahlawi, under the supervision of Mufarah Al-Zamanan, and the leadership of Faleh Rashid Al-Ratiban, the first cup of the festival, scored in the run for Arab horses “Egyptian blood” for a distance of 1600 meters, and the champion scored 2:00:90 minutes. In the second round of the festival “Local Production” for a distance of 1600 meters, the horse “Harf” for Omar Mubarak Al-Hifi, under the supervision of Nasser Al-Humaidan and led by Philip Galvo, won first place after an exciting match on the finish line, recording 1:90:90 minutes.


The skilled “Jalila Al-Ameed” of the owner Hammoud Salem Al-Amira, led by Abdeel Jane Alberto, continued her series of victories, by winning the third round dedicated to foals and mares “open blood and Egyptian blood” for a distance of 1400 meters, and a recorded time of 1:48:80 minutes. The dowry “Nashwan Al-Qasr” of the owner Salem Salifah Al-Ajami, under the supervision of the same owner, and the leadership of Hussein Al-Anzi, won the title of the fourth round “did not win” “open blood and Egyptian blood,” and the hero crossed the 1400-meter distance in 1:41:10 minutes. The horse “FH Naseem” by Abdel-Rahman Lafi Al-Dhafiri and the leadership of Hussein Al-Anzi won the fifth round cup “Egyptian blood”, born in 2017.

Egypt… Details of saving a mermaid from certain death

In 10 minutes, the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, in cooperation with the civil society sector and those working in marine activities, succeeded in saving a mermaid from death, after the nets were suspended on the body of this animal, which is scientifically called “Dojong”, in the area of ​​Marsa Mubarak in the Red Sea.
And the Egyptian Minister of Environment, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, announced the completion of the rescue operation and the withdrawal of the net stuck on the animal after a report was received from a tourist boat stating that there were nets on the body of the Dojung in the Morsi Mubarak area around the tail area, in order to immediately raise the state of readiness of the volunteers in the region and move with the participation of a number of guides.

The mermaid animal is considered an endangered marine animal, according to Dr. Mohamed Salem, head of the nature protection sector at the Ministry of Environment. This animal is considered one of the most important marine organisms in existence, indicating that the total number on the entire coast does not exceed 70 creatures.

Speaking to “Sky News Arabia”, Salem pointed out that its scarcity made it the focus of attention of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and the Ministry, explaining that all the places of this object’s existence are known precisely to the Ministry’s bodies according to research efforts that are carefully implemented, in addition to identifying these organisms through a program. The Ministry follows it to identify all the animals on the Egyptian coast through markings on the tail and body, which are impossible to be repeated in more than one animal.

Great competition between four candidates to succeed Malagasy Ahmed Ahmed at the helm of the Confederation of African Football

Observers of African football are awaiting the elections for the new president of the Confederate Federation of the Game on March 12 to find out the successor to the current President of Malagasy Ahmed Ahmed, who faces a five-year ban from the International Federation of Football Association for corruption charges. FIFA is accused of interfering in these elections through the support of its president, Janie Infantino, for the most prominent candidates in these elections, namely South African Patrice Mutsibi and Mauritanian Ahmed Ould Yahya, while observers estimate that the game of alliances between national federations on the continent will determine the name of the winner.

In elections described as “Game of Thrones”, four candidates will compete for the post of president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) on March 12th in Rabat. The fortunes of SenegaleseAugustin Senghor and Mauritanian Ahmed Ould Yahya are higher than the Ivorian Jacques Anoma and South African Patrice Mutsepi.

The past weeks have witnessed an active campaign for the four candidates to succeed the current Malagasy President Ahmed Ahmed.

Ahmed was arrested by the International Federation (FIFA) for five years on charges of corruption, and he hopes that the decision will be reversed through the portal of the Court of Arbitration for Sport on March 2.

Each of the 54 national federations has the right to vote in the elections, which indicates “competitive elections,” according to Gayle Mahe of the Sports Global Business Agency, the organizer of the national team matches in Africa, told AFP.

HBO Max Streaming The Batman’ 2004 Animated Series

The Batman (2004) ran for five seasons and featured the usual cache of Batman sidekicks and villains. The series starts three years after Bruce Wayne first puts on the cowl to fight crime in Gotham City.


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For the first time, Tunisia is on the Oscars list as “The Man Who Sold His Back”

The American Academy of Film Arts and Sciences, which awarded the Oscar, announced, on Tuesday, the shortlist of films competing for the Best Foreign Language Film Award, which included 15 films, including “The Man Who Sold His Back” by Tunisian director Kawthar Ben Haneya.

And the director wrote on her Facebook page in English: “Yes, we did it … we got to the 2021 Oscars shortlist, thanks to everyone who loved (the man who sold his back).”

The film, starring the Syrian Yahya Maheini, the French Dia Lien, the Belgian Queen Di Bau, and the Italian Monica Bellucci, and participated in 2020 in many film festivals, on the ground or virtually, including the Venice Festival in Italy, and the El Gouna Festival in Egypt.

The film deals with the story of a Syrian immigrant who left his country to escape the war to Lebanon, hoping to travel to Europe, where the girl he loves lives.

To that end, he accepts that one of the most famous contemporary artists draw a tattoo for him on his back, turning his body into a masterpiece but then realizes that he has lost his freedom again because of the decision he made.

Competition with 14 films
The Tunisian film competes in the shortlist with 14 films: “Another Tour”, Denmark, directed by Thomas Winterberg, “Better Days”, Hong Kong, directed by Derek Tsang, and “Antichrist”, the Czech Republic, directed by Aniska Holland, and ” Collective, Romania, directed by Alexander Nanao, “Dear Comrades!”, Russia, and “I’m No Longer Here,” Mexico, directed by Fernando Frias, and “Amal”, Norway, directed by Maria Soudal, and “La Llorona”, Guatemala, Directed by Jero Bustamante, “Al-Wakeel”, Chile, Directed by Maiti Bardi, “Night of Kings”, Ivory Coast, Philip Lacot, “Co Fades, Aida?”, Bosnia and Herzegovina, directed by Yasmila Shabanitch, and “Children of the Sun”, Iran, Directed by Majid Majidi, “Two of Us”, France, directed by Filippo Minghetti, and “A Sun”, Taiwan, directed by Chung Maung Hong.

Tunisian cinema and the Oscar
It is noteworthy that this nomination is the first for Tunisian cinema in the Oscar shortlists, after 6 films were nominated throughout its history for the award, none of which reached the short or final list, including Kawthar Ben Haniyeh’s “On the Edge of Imp”.

The 93rd Academy Awards will be held on April 25 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and broadcast worldwide via the ABC television network.

Will Texas succeed in forming a new Silicon Valley to compete with California?

Texas may be different, not because of its recent flagship relocation. Unlike other potential innovation centers, the state has quietly nurtured the high-tech industry for decades. And if Texas eventually competed with California, the consequences would be dire not only for the industry but for US policy as well.

Let’s go back a little. At different times in the history of the United States, many regions have emerged as clusters of industrial innovation flourishing, and have spawned powerful new companies with vast sums of wealth. These “innovation clusters” attract a large mass of companies and talent that often rely on institutions specialized in training future generations of workers and entrepreneurs.

Part of the reason for her career is related to Rice University in Houston, which continues to play a major role in driving technical innovation in the state, just as Stanford University does with Silicon Valley. Indeed, many of the first players in Silicon Valley moved to California after graduating from Rice University, forming what was sometimes called the “Rice Mafia”.

FUERSTENWALDE, GERMANY – SEPTEMBER 03: Tesla head Elon Musk arrives to have a look at the construction site of the new Tesla Gigafactory near Berlin on September 03, 2020 near Gruenheide, Germany. Musk is currently in Germany where he met with vaccine maker CureVac on Tuesday, with which Tesla has a cooperation to build devices for producing RNA vaccines, as well as German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier yesterday. (Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images)

Shadow of Silicon Valley
It was appropriate for “Rice” University to play a major role in the next step in the rise of Texas. In 1961, the university donated more than a thousand acres of land to build what became known as the “Johnson Space Center”, which led to the flooding of a city that was previously a county, Real rocket scientists. Like Silicon Valley, where government contracts and telecoms have proven imperative for the region to stand on its feet, Houston’s lead in the space race has unleashed a host of related industries.

It all happened very gradually, and almost imperceptibly, as Texas remained a shadow of the thriving Silicon Valley, but as the state boomed, the public university system boomed. The pioneering university soon emerged in Austin, and startups began to sprout across the campus, as well as along Interstate 35 that connected Austin north to Dallas and south to San Antonio. This corridor connected with Houston, which was already thriving at the time.

Denzel Washington’s “The Little Things” tops North American movie theaters

The thriller and crime thriller “The Little Things” by Denzel Washington, a leading American actor, topped North American cinema revenues again, recording $ 2.1 million in the second week of the show.

Abroad, the film raised $ 1.4 million in ticket sales in 20 countries. In total, the movie has grossed $ 7.8 million in the United States and Canada and $ 5.2 million globally to date.

The animated film “The Crowd Family: A New Era” (The Croods: New Edge) came in second, recording $ 1.7 million in its eleventh week of release.

Liam Neeson’s new action movie “The Shooter” (The Marksman) was ranked third, with $ 1 million in revenue.

And dropped the movie “Wonder Woman 1984” (Wonder Woman 1984), to fourth place after its revenues reached 905 thousand dollars. Its total domestic revenues were $ 40 million, and it made $ 154 million worldwide.

The thriller “Monster Hunter” (Monster Hunter) earned $ 590,000, ranking fifth.

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