Thursday, April 22, 2021

Author: Eman Mahmoud

Strange water “monsters” … Hippos, famous drug leader Pablo Escobar, swim freely in Colombia

After the death of famous drug leader Pablo Escobar in 1993, the hippos that belonged to him were left unattended and began to breed around the Magdalena River in Colombia. About five years ago, once the first hippo was seen here in the Magdalena River, tourists and people came to the river with great curiosity to try to see this very strange monster in Colombia. Therefore, Isabel Romero created this new project of running a cruise line on the river to see the local animals, but also to see hippos.

The world mourns Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth

Announcements of obituary follow from world leaders on the death of Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier praised the late Prince’s role in the reconciliation between Germany and Britain. Several countries announced their flags at half-mast.

The British Weapons College said that Prince Philip’s funeral will not be official and that his body will not be recorded so that the public can take a final look at him before the funeral, and added that the ceremony has been modified in light of the restrictions imposed to combat the Corona epidemic.

The college continued: “The funeral will not be formal and the body will not be placed in an open coffin. The body of His Royal Highness will lie in Windsor Castle before the funeral in St. George’s Church. These arrangements are consistent with tradition and with the wishes of His Highness.” “Funeral arrangements have been modified in light of the prevailing circumstances imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and unfortunately, we ask people not to attend or participate in any funeral-related events,” she added.

The Queen’s unwavering supporter
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered his condolences on the death of Prince Philip, saying that Britain “will give thanks, as a country and a kingdom for his extraordinary life and work,” adding, “We remember the Duke … above all for his unwavering support to Her Majesty, not only as a companion who stood up to By her side every day of her reign, but also as a husband. She has had strength and support for more than 70 years. And I say to Her Majesty the Queen and her family: The hearts of our country are with you today. ”

Flags at half-mast in New Zealand, Australia and Norway
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern expressed her condolences on the death of the Prince, on behalf of the Commonwealth country. Ardern was quoted as saying that “Prince Philip will be remembered fondly for the courage he has given to so many young New Zealanders through the (Hillary) Prize that the Duke of Edinburgh received,” referring to a youth program launched by the Prince. Ardern ordered the flags to be flown at half-mast on all government buildings and on navy ships, according to the statement.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison joined world leaders in the memorial service for Prince Philip. “Australians send their love and warmest condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and all members of the royal family,” Morrison wrote in a statement posted on Twitter. “He (Prince Philip) embodied a generation that we will never see again.” Morrison announced that flags will be lowered at half-mast in Australia “in honor of His Royal Highness.”

inside fashion blogger Nadia Hassan’s home of simplicity

Nadia Hassan is a pioneer in the social media content industry in the Middle East, where she is known by her account @thefierce_nay and has more than 200,000 followers. From her daring fashion choices to her carefully curated aesthetics, she always dazzles followers, even in her simplest choices. You can see this characteristic of Nadia clearly inside the luxurious villa that she lives in Jumeirah Park, which has two floors.

The villa contains two spacious living rooms and three bedrooms, the building was originally designed in a traditional Arabic design, but Nadia has completely renovated it to match her and her husband’s taste, Victor Gnwick.

The home renovation and restoration began in June 2019, one month after their purchase of the property, and Nadia documented a lot of this work on her Instagram account and followers watched, in an atmosphere full of suspense, the cracking of the walls, the comprehensive repairs to the kitchen, the bathroom, and the complete change of stairs.
Nadia explains: “The kitchen was very dark, but now it is an open area in which I can cook and talk with anyone in the family room. We also canceled the maid’s room and turned it into a home office for Victor and closed the bathroom to become a laundry room, demolished the toilets in the upper floor, and put the bathtub.” I dream of inside. ”

It was not easy for Nadia to find contractors and pick everything herself. The arduous selection of furniture, materials, and fabrics, all contributed to the beauty of the house, especially since there was no specialized interior designer. “The only way we were able to work was to work on each room separately to be able to adequately supervise each room.”

One of the highlights of the house is the marble dining table with six chairs which was custom designed by the couple from The Line Concept in Dubai, and the head of the bed in the master bedroom covers the entire wall by MEROË The Bed Boutique. In other parts of the house, warm whites blended with eye-catching chandeliers, creamy beige rugs, and curtains, pale pink and gray, giving a warm touch to the dining, sitting and lounge rooms.

Emirati “TAQA” reduces its activity in the oil and gas sectors and turns to “renewable”

Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA), the largest energy producer in the United Arab Emirates, plans to reduce its activity in the oil and natural gas sectors, and to shift towards more renewable energy sources, as part of its new strategy to restructure its business.

TAQA, which acquired most of the state-owned Abu Dhabi Energy Corporation last year, announced that it will increase its electricity production capacity in the UAE to 30 gigawatts by 2030, from 18 gigawatts now, with renewable energy accounting for 30% of the company’s portfolio.

Issuance of bonds
Energy producers around the world are searching for greener options as economies switch to cleaner fuels amid calls to fight global warming. The UAE is the third-largest oil producer among OPEC countries, with a production capacity of 4 million barrels per day, and it relies on crude oil exports as a major part of its national income.

“The company’s focus will be on electricity and water, and to a lesser extent on oil and gas,” said Jasim Hussein Thabet, CEO of TAQA, in an interview with Bloomberg TV, pointing out that TAQA is in no hurry to sell its assets. When it seeks to reduce its operations in the oil and gas sectors.

TAQA has a presence in 11 international markets, as it has hydrocarbon assets concentrated in North America, including gas production fields in Canada. As for the Middle East, the company has electrical power plants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and North African countries, and it plans to add 15 gigawatts of electric power internationally and aims to expand mainly in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, especially Saudi Arabia, and Morocco as well.

Thabet revealed that the company is aiming to issue bonds this year to finance the repayment of its debts due in July and at the end of 2021, totaling $ 1.5 billion.

TAQA, the largest company listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, also plans to invest 40 billion dirhams ($ 10.9 billion) to develop the transmission and distribution of energy and water sectors in the UAE, according to the company’s strategy.

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