Saturday, January 29, 2022

Ideas for coordinating clothing colors to celebrate UAE National Day

If you want to have a wonderful look that matches the atmosphere of the celebration of the UAE National Day, you should choose the classic or practical pieces that are available in your closet. To ensure a great appearance, be sure to choose the colors of clothes inspired by the Emirati flag that you can coordinate according to your own taste and personality in a wonderful way that reflects a charming look for you at different times.

If you want to have a wonderful and modern look that expresses your bold personality, do not hesitate to coordinate the clothes available in your closet in shades of green and red together. I know there are a lot of girls who think that bright colors can’t be coordinated with each other, but in fact, it is one of the most popular trends that are at the top of the fashion list this year.

Where you can adopt a red-colored coat with a green sweater, skirt or trousers, or vice versa by wearing a red coat and a green skirt. This method can give you a lively winter look in a more than wonderful way. And do not worry about coordinating clothes in this way, you can adopt them, whether on the UAE National Day or even throughout the year.

Colorful accessories are a fashion that you have to keep up
Colorful bags are one of the most popular trends this year, which most fashionistas are keen to choose for an elegant look. Where you can wear a simple look in neutral tones in white or black with the addition of a red or green bag. These pieces are among the distinctive accessories that you can have because they will suit you on Saudi National Day and throughout the year as well.

And when we talk about colored accessories, we do not mean only bags and shoes, but there are colored accessories such as necklaces and earrings. If you want to have an elegant look that competes with the fashionista, choose a black or white dress and coordinate with its earrings and a green necklace or studded with colored lobes for a wonderful look that catches the eye.

How to coordinate a uniform look in green or red
The most important rule that most fashionistas are keen to apply to get an elegant look is to wear a uniform color, so do not hesitate to wear a complete look in green or red, as this method will give you a wonderful and eye-catching look. So choose practical or classic clothes that match your style in shades of green or red from the colors of the UAE flag.

But if you feel hesitant to try this method by wearing a complete look in a solid color, you can add black or white accessories to ensure that the UAE National Day is celebrated in a wonderful and distinctive way that is unlike anyone. This method is always used by most fashionistas around the world in their New Year’s looks, especially since the colors are close and Arab fashionistas always choose them in the looks of the UAE National Day every year.

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