Saturday, January 29, 2022

Boeing announces compensation for victims of the 737 Max plane belonging to Ethiopian Airlines

Boeing has agreed to accept compensation in lawsuits brought by the families of the 157 people who died in the 2019 Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX crash, according to Chicago court documents.

As a result of the agreement between Boeing and the families of the victims; Lawyers for those families will not seek punitive damages, and Boeing will not challenge lawsuits in Illinois.

“Boeing is committed to ensuring that all families who have lost loved ones in accidents are fully and fairly compensated,” the planemaker said in a statement Wednesday, adding that by accepting liability, Boeing’s agreement with families allows the parties to focus their efforts on determining appropriate compensation for each family.

The best-selling Boeing has been grounded for twenty months after 346 people were killed in the crashes of two 737 Max planes, one in Indonesia in 2018 and the other in Ethiopia in 2019.

The plane returned to service after Boeing made improvements to software and training, and the two accidents have already cost Boeing about $20 billion.

For his part, the American activist in the field of consumer protection, Ralph Nader, criticized the agreement in an interview; Because it would prevent lawyers from seeking accountability for current and former senior Boeing executives and seeking punitive damages, Nader lost a relative in the crash in Ethiopia.

Under the agreement with Boeing; Victims’ families also agreed to dismiss lawsuits against Rosemount Aerospace, the maker of sensors on the 737 Max planes, and Rockwell Collins; It is a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies, the parent company of Rosemount, and a major supplier to the Max aircraft industry.

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