Saturday, November 27, 2021

Why I Decided To Take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program?

They always say “There is a first time for everything, and for me, It was the first time to find the dream passion!

Before I decide to take the digital marketing non-degree program, I was a part of a rotational shifts job as a customer care agent in a multinational company, taking phone calls and handling queries.

I am not saying it is a bad thing as I am convinced to some point that every company’s success relies on its whole workforce, but I was not fulfilling my learning and development needs.

I was suffering from rotational shifts and not being able to keep up my performance due to the lack of sleep on some days and the lack of passion on other days.

I was getting my paycheck every month, but It was not enough of course because, for some reason, they thought that they were not supposed to pay me enough for my trouble.

Where enough is enough

After 3 years of continuous non-stop rotational shifts and slow-burn same old everyday routine, I found myself abandoning my social life and family time, and of course not to mention not taking vacations off like what normal people do.

The Big Life mystery

I started asking myself “Why am I not getting promoted? Is it not keeping a consistently excellent performance? or Is it the right job for me? Do I need to take new courses and learn new skills? Or is it a dead-end for me?

Finding My Passion

After long hours of thinking and looking up the internet trying to plan my future success, I decided to pursue an inspiring and passionate career as a freelancer and enter that magical, multicultural and diverse freelancing world.

I managed to find a promising FWD free scholarship initiative that is powered by ITIDA, and I plan to make the most of it.

I have chosen the digital marketing nano-degree program because:

1- IT will provide me with the necessary information and pointers that I need to market myself as a digital marketer.

2- IT will prepare me for my next stage in learning data science.

3- It will fulfill my passion and enrich my knowledge base in the freelancing world.

You can always make your dreams come true if you tried hard enough.

Note: This post is for training purposes.

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