Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Egyptian film “feathers” wins the Golden Tanit at the Carthage Film Festival

The Egyptian film “Feathers,” directed by Omar Al-Zuhairi, won the Golden Tanit for the feature film competition of the 32nd Carthage Film Days, which concluded on Saturday at the Opera Theater in the City of Culture, Chadli Kilibi, in the capital, Tunis.

The film also won the best screenplay award, and its heroine, Damiana Nasser, won the best actress award for her role in the film, according to the Tunisian News Agency.

The Silver Tanit award went to the film “The Untamed Fire of Spring,” directed by Leoming Jeremiah Musas from Lesotho, while the “Bronze Tanit” went to “Disobedience,” directed by Jilani Saadi from Tunisia.

The jury for feature films commended the films “Fartato Al-Dahab” by Abdelhamid Bouchnak from Tunisia and “Amira” by Mohamed Diab from Egypt.

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The film “Feathers” tells the story of a poor family consisting of a father, a mother, and three children. One day, the father decides to celebrate the birthday of one of his sons, so he brings a magician to present entertaining paragraphs to the guests, but when the magician uses the father to perform a paragraph, he enters him into a large chest of fear and turns it into a chicken, and the father disappears.

It is from this absurd paradox that the events of the film begin, as the wife resorts to all means to restore the father, and searches for the magician, but to no avail. his father to pay off their debts.

The director of the film, Omar Al-Zuhairi, 33, has two short films to his credit. He also worked as an assistant director in a number of films, in addition to his work in the field of advertising.

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