Saturday, October 16, 2021

Netflix signs long-term contract with “Lupin” Star

French actor Omar Sy has signed a long-term contract with the “Netflix” platform to produce films for him, in a cooperation that is the first of its kind between the American platform and a French actor, and comes after the global success of the series “Lupin”.

And “Netflix” said in a statement that “Omar C Production Company in Paris and Los Angeles will, under this contract, prepare special films for Netflix, and “C” will be the representative and executive producer in them.”

The statement quoted Omar Sy as saying that he was “happy with the opportunity to continue” his relationship with the platform and that he was “excited for the next stage in the joint adventure” between them.

Omar Sy re-published the “Netflix” advertisement on his account on “Instagram”, while the broadcasting platform did not specify the value of the contract.

And the American magazine “Variety” said that this kind of cooperation with “Netflix” has not happened before, except with actress Vanessa Kirby, who appeared in the series “The Crown.”

Omar Sy was known on a global level after the success of the movie “The Intouchables”, and his fame increased after the French series “Lupin” broke records on “Netflix”, attracting tens of millions of subscribers in the world.

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