Saturday, November 27, 2021

A restaurant employee kicks Nicolas Cage out into the street barefoot

In a surprising incident of the international star’s behavior, an employee of a luxury restaurant expelled the American star Nicholas Cage to the street barefoot, after he behaved aggressively with restaurant workers.

The photographers’ lenses monitored the arrest of the international star Nicolas Cage, while drunk, inside a famous restaurant in the US state of Las Vegas, after he got into a big fight with the restaurant’s employees and workers.

The English newspaper, The Sun, reported the details of the arrest of the 57-year-old international star, which began with Cage taking off his shoes in the restaurant, and addressing him to the workers in the restaurant in a loud voice while telling the workers that he did not have any shelter.

Cage appeared in the video published by the English newspaper, as he exited the Lawry’s Prime Rib restaurant near the famous Las Vegas last week, and the report stated that the workers in the restaurant did not recognize the Oscar-winning star, and after learning his true identity, they called for security.

The report quoted some details from workers at the luxury restaurant, who confirmed that Nicolas Cage was aggressive, and Cage appeared wearing leopard-print pants, sitting on a sofa while he was barefoot.

Cage was recently contracted to star in Butcher’s Crossing, an adventure based on John Williams’ original 1960 novel about the rugged frontiers of the American West, slated to be directed by Abe Polsky.

The film will be produced by Altitude Group, which produces, finances, and has British and Irish distribution rights, as well as an international sale at Cannes Market, which began today, with the market opening ahead of next month’s festival.

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