Saturday, November 27, 2021

After gaining 6000% in “Getir”, a Turkish investment company finds a new lover

The investment company that early supported Getir will prepare for its next step after its investment in the Turkish delivery app achieved a gain of nearly 6000% in value.

Re-Bay Asset Management Inc. sees significant opportunities in Turkey’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ segment, a business model that is enjoying a global boom moment.

Re-Pay made its latest fintech investment in Colendi, a financial services platform with 2.4 million users, at a valuation of $120 million, just below the valuation that Geter snapped when it backed it. Asset manager in 2018.

“Kolindi fulfills all the ingredients to become the next unicorn company in Turkey,” said Emre Kamilibal, Chairman of RePay’s board of directors, in Istanbul.

Getter, along with e-commerce platform Trendyol, is spearheading a group of technology start-ups shaking up the corporate system structure in Turkey, and Hepsipurada.com, another major online shopping platform, and the first Turkish company to list on Nasdaq. “.

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