Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The new “Body Guard” is coming soon to Hollywood

Warner Brothers, the film production company, intends to present a new treatment for the famous movie “Body Guard”, which was released in 1992, and launched the late singer Whitney Houston’s career in the world of acting, and included her most famous songs.

The company said that the new treatment of the suspense, excitement, and romance film is “in progress”, and that “American writer Matthew Lopez is writing the script.”

Warner Brothers did not release details about the cast, plot, or possible release date of the film, but said Lawrence Kasdan, the writer, and producer of the 1992 film, would co-produce the remake.

Whitney Houston began acting in that film, playing a singer who is protected from an unknown stalker by a former Secret Service officer. The role of the bodyguard was embodied by the famous star Kevin Costner.

Although the film met with critical reviews at the time of its release, it came in at number two at the global box office that year, and Houston’s lead single “I Will Always Love You” became a classic.

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