Saturday, October 16, 2021

Galatasaray is preparing to earn money from Mostafa Mohamed! Zamalek demanded it back and gave that figure.

Despite the yellow-reds’ departure to Bordeaux at the beginning of the season, there was an important development regarding the striker Mostafa Mohamed, whose transfer was canceled at the last moment. According to the claim in the Egyptian press.

Zamalek club wanted Mostafa Mohamed back from Galatasaray. Mostafa Mohamed, whose rental contract continues until the end of the season, answered the yellow and red people: If you want to get it back, you give that money! Here are the details… (Fotomac.com.tr | FOREIGN NEWS) | gs news

A flash development in the Egyptian press about Galatasaray’s Mostafa Mohamed was conveyed to the readers. Accordingly, Mohamed can return to Zamalek, where his testimonial is located.

Zamalek club, who wanted Mostafa Mohamed, who is known to be unhappy in Galatasaray, from the yellow and red people, started negotiations on the subject.

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