Tuesday, January 18, 2022

“Nord bei Nordwest” keeps TV competition at a distance

Crime, politics, or TV gala? The audience made a clear decision on Thursday evening.

With the crime series “Nord bei Nordwest”, the first at prime time on Thursday evening secured the quota win by a large margin. 6.09 million viewers saw the episode “Things of Life” at 8:15 pm. This corresponds to a market share of 23.5 percent.

At the same time, ZDF was about the federal election campaign. 2.78 million watched the program “Klartext, Frau Baerbock!” (10.7 percent). The private broadcaster Sat.1 had 1.47 million viewers (5.6 percent) with its crime series “Navy CIS”.

The odds in the private sector
RTL broadcast the gala “The German TV Prize” – 1.35 million viewers (6.8 percent) wanted to see it. Vox reached 1.06 million (4.4 percent) with the action film “Fast & Furious Five”. 800,000 viewers (3.2 percent) spent the evening with the report “Watch out for rip-offs – on the trail of holiday fraudsters” on Kabeleins. ProSieben showed the show “The job tourists – we are now learning something right” – 640,000 (2.6 percent) wanted to see that. RTLzwei broadcast the documentary series “Police in action” and thus reached 620,000 viewers (2.4 percent).

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