Saturday, November 27, 2021

Facebook glasses capture and receive calls, but lack augmented reality

Facebook has unveiled its long-awaited smart glasses, in partnership with Ray-Ban, to enter the emerging market for wearable mobile devices, with a focus on capturing images rather than augmented reality.

On Thursday, the social network showcased the Ray-Ban Stories glasses, which are a direct competitor to Snapchat’s Spectacles.

An upcoming revolution in the world of the Internet .. “Zuckerberg” changes the face of “Facebook” through the technology “Metaverse”

The $299 Facebook glasses use classic Wayfarer frames from Ray-Ban subsidiary Essilor Luxottica and allow users to take photos and videos, listen to music and answer phone calls. While it lacks augmented reality technology, which adds digital content using what the eye sees as a background, Facebook says it plans to eventually add this feature.

“We’re building on AR glasses as the next computing platform,” Monisha Perkash, a product manager at Facebook, said in an interview. “We see it as a very important first step toward realizing that vision.”

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