Tuesday, January 18, 2022

LinkedIn helps hire people who never want to go back to an office

Microsoft’s “LinkedIn” service for professionals will make it easier for job seekers to find jobs from home or a hybrid that combines direct and remote work, in an attempt to respond to the profound shifts in employee attitudes during the pandemic.

The company announced on its blog Thursday that the new options will allow users to choose to search for jobs in traditional offices or find workplaces that offer a mix of jobs. The company also plans to make it easier for employees to familiarize themselves with the companies’ requirements for vaccinations.

The recovery of the “stay at home” era may continue after Corona

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted employees to rethink how, where, and why they want to work, in a shift that LinkedIn has dubbed the “Great Adjustment.” Posting of remote work jobs on the site continues to increase, increasing by more than 8.5 times since the start of the pandemic to 16% of the total in August.

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But the company considered that office work will not end. Microsoft employees themselves plan to return to the office more frequently than managers expected, according to the results of an internal survey. 8% of non-managerial employees said they plan to work in the office daily, compared to just 1% expected by managers.

The “Great Reset” .. This is how business and life will change in America after the Corona closures

The survey found that nearly half of Microsoft employees plan to come to the office three to four times a week, far more than the 28 percent expected by managers. However, the results showed that bosses plan to be physically present for longer times than their employees.

The paradox of the survey emerged in the reason why employees who prefer to stay at home and who want to return to the office, as those in both categories share that they feel that it makes it easier for them to focus on work.

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