Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Emirates Airlines increases flights to regain the crown of long distances

Emirates Airlines will increase its flights to Europe and other regions as the world’s largest long-haul airline before the Coronavirus pandemic takes a less cautious stance about returning its services.

The Dubai-based company is bringing plans to increase its capacity to more than 10 European destinations and will operate 50 flights a week to Germany alone by the end of next month. It will return to Dusseldorf and Hamburg with giant Airbus A380 aircraft.

As Europe eases travel restrictions, state-owned Emirates is ramping up flights even as a mutant delta strain strains demand in the US and new lockdowns in Asia, areas the airline is helping to connect to western cities via its hub in the Middle East. . It is reported that it has restored about 90% of its pre-pandemic network, albeit at a slower pace.

different approach
This expansion comes after Emirates Airlines took a more conservative approach at the beginning of the epidemic, which prompted its Gulf rival, Qatar Airways, to advance on intercontinental routes, occupying the position of the number 1 air cargo company in the world.

Emirates will add flights to cities such as Barcelona, ​​Rome, and Dublin and restore services to Newcastle upon Tyne in England, bringing the number of weekly flights to the UK to 77 by the end of October.

Other new operations will include the resumption of flights between the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Dubai, and from Oman to Sao Paulo.

Doha-based Qatar Airways said in an email that it also plans to bring back more routes and sees “strong passenger demand for services in both Europe and the United States.”

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