Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Argentina beat Bolivia in Buenos Aires, Messi hits a hat-trick and beats Pelé

The Argentina team’s first meeting with its fans after winning the Copa América, ending a 28-year hiatus without titles, couldn’t be more exciting and historic. In addition to the victory for the 10th round of the South American Qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar, the match at Monumental de Núñez, in Buenos Aires, this Thursday, won 3-0, placed Messi, author of a hat-trick, as the top scorer of national teams in South America, with 79 goals, leaving behind none other than Pelé (77).

The first half was an Argentine attack against the Bolivian defense. And it didn’t take long for Messi’s talent to be highlighted. On minute 13, the ace received the ball at the entrance to the area, made a beautiful dribble and hit placed, without defense for the goalkeeper Lampe. It was the number 77 goal of the shirt 10 by the selection in official matches, equaling Pelé.

With the disadvantage, the Bolivians tried to at least stay with the ball longer, but Argentina increased the pressure on leaving the game. With that, the option of the visitors was to commit fouls and two yellow cards were distributed.

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