Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Hermann Maier: “I am no longer interested in skiing”

Winter sports icon Hermann Maier is currently not often seen in public, but the “Herminator” made people sit up and take notice in the ORF interview.
The two-time Olympic ski champion and three-time world champion retired from the World Cup in 2009. In “Stöckl” in the ORF2 interview, the 48-year-old reappeared on TV screens. Maier talked about his active career, the steps after that, and how he lives now.

At the age of 23, the “Herminator” entered the Ski World Cup very late, but with the help of his family he made it anyway: “Nowhere is anyone who likes to lose. In my environment, it was always like that If someone tells you that it won’t work, then you have a completely different mindset. I am very grateful that I was granted this. “

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Now at 48 years old, Maier is enjoying the peace and quiet: “I don’t miss the public at all. I would never have actually looked for it, that’s why I also became a ski athlete. You go down the mountain at 140 km / h, but nothing more. “

“I haven’t disappeared from the scene, when I was active it was very different, you have advertising contracts, you are the focus. You can’t hide there either. Now I just don’t have to add my mustard everywhere”, explains the “Herminator” in the ORF broadcast.

A ski comeback doesn’t have to be: “I wouldn’t go down the Streif anymore. I could probably slide down, but Kitzbühel is another topic with sponsors and all the hype. Kitzbühel lives from the action and the celebrities, skiing actually gives so much. “

“When you stand by the mousetrap in summer, you wonder how you should actually drive down there. The sheep stand around there in summer,” laughs the family man.

However, Maier’s criticism of current sporting events makes people sit up and take notice: “I’m currently no longer interested in skiing. It’s the same with skiing and football. If you don’t bring people and fans to the track, then it’s just like a video game, there is no emotion at all. “

His fall at the 1998 Olympics was also a topic: “I am glad that I had the youthful recklessness in me when I was young. I dared myself a lot and always tried to find my limit. It was just a question of when was it enough? In Nagano 1998 I was very close to a serious injury, but I’m glad I risked the whole thing. “

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