Tuesday, January 18, 2022

A photo of Fabiola Yañez generated a wave of versions of pregnancy on social networks

Fabiola Yañez returned to her homeland to accompany Alberto Fernández in the presentation of the second edition of the Pre-trip 2021-2022. From Iguazú, the President re-established the program with the aim of reactivating the tourism sector, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic.

Yañez decided to highlight the benefits of the program, with several posts on social networks. Her publication quickly became a trend, as hundreds of Internet users commented on the possibility that Yañez was pregnant.

The doubt arises specifically after a photo that Yañez uploaded to her Instagram stories: in the image, the first lady is observed holding her belly before the photographer’s lens. With the passing of the hours, both on social networks and on various portals, pregnancy rumors increased. In that sense, the Chief of Staff of the President’s advisers, Juan Manuel Olmos, neither confirmed nor denied the rumors (“the truth is that I don’t know,” he stated) while insisting on remarking that “what happens personally it is a matter of private life ”.

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