Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Messi’s transfer ignites Paris Saint-Germain’s accounts on social media

Messi blew up a resounding surprise in the world of football with his official departure from his club Barcelona, ​​as he is heading to move to Paris Saint-Germain in a historic deal, and even before his arrival in the French capital, Messi’s impact on the social networking sites of the Parisian club is making the event.

So far (August 9), the Paris club’s followers on Instagram have reached 38.6 million followers, and statistics indicate that the capital club gained 5.17 million followers between January 1 and August 4 of this year, at a rate of 24 thousand followers per day.

As of today, August 9, the Paris Club has gained a follow-up of 211,660 followers, which is 10 times what “Al-Bayagi” was getting earlier, which confirms the great influence of Messi, who is followed by 245 million people on Instagram.

At the level of the official account of the Parisian club on “Twitter” in Spanish, it made a big leap, as the followers of this account amounted to 612 people per day between January 1 and August 4 of this year, and after Messi approached Paris Saint-Germain, the daily follow-up reached 8400 people. daily since last Friday.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Twitter accounts in Arabic, English, and French have also witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of followers, and subscriptions to the team’s accounts on “YouTube” have also increased, and in parallel with Messi’s great influence on Paris Saint-Germain’s social networking sites, the great and historical leap is awaited. In the process of selling T-shirts as soon as they are officially signed.

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