Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Egypt’s first silver medal in the modern pentathlon in Tokyo 2020

Ahmed Al-Jundi managed to win the silver medal by coming second in the modern pentathlon competitions.

The soldier came second after Britain’s Joseph Chung, who won the gold, and before South Korea’s John Wong Tae, who came third and won the bronze medal.

The soldier scored 1482 points, 5 points ahead of Britain’s Joseph Chung (1487 points), while South Korean Wong Tae came third and scored 1470 points.

This is Masdar’s fifth medal in this Olympic cycle, but it is the 11th silver medal in Egypt’s Olympic history.

Meanwhile, Egypt may win the sixth medal, after Faryal Ashraf Abdel Aziz secured a medal by qualifying for the semi-finals in the +61-kilogram weight competition in karate.

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