Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The “Polemix ” application… Intellectual debates in the “Tik Tok” way

At a time when American political parties are seeking to settle new social media applications that are free from content controls and free of opponents, such as the Jeter and Ramble applications, and before them Parler, the “Polemix ” application was recently launched as a social networking platform that pursues a different philosophy based on the idea of ​​debates and adopts “ Convince me if you can” is a slogan for it, while followers consider it “Tik Tok Ideas”, given the similarity in the general form of the two applications.

Over the past weeks, in an exclusive beta space, the Polemix app has been launched, which its creators claim, in their description across the Apple Store and Play Store, is “the opposite of all social networks”.

During the initial browsing of the application, it appears very similar to the Tik Tok application, short videos (30 seconds) are the basic format of the content, while scrolling above allows skipping the video clip to the next, just like “Tik Tok”.

On Polemix , the debate begins with the seemingly simple question “Will America miss Trump?”, “Is America racist?”, “Does money buy happiness?”, “Did COVID-19 leak from a Wuhan lab?” Is Beyoncé better than Madonna?”, and after the question, it is the turn of the opponents and those in agreement to explain their views through short videos.

As for the voting options, they are limited to: “I am satisfied with you”, or “I respect you, but I oppose you” so that the result appears similar to the results of opinion polls.

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