Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Jessica Alba and Zac Efron star in the Dubai Progress campaign

Under the title “Dubai Presents”, the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai (Dubai Tourism) launched its latest new global marketing campaign, with the participation of the stars Jessica Alba and Zac Efron, as part of its continuous efforts to promote the growth and recovery of the global travel sector, where he directed the campaign films. Marketing Director Craig Gillespie – winner of the Guild Award for his latest film Cruella, the campaign includes a series of advertisements and films, which were formulated in a distinctive style and a unique perspective to promote global destinations with attractive content, while at the same time showing the attractions of Dubai with a wonderful cinematic character.

The #Dubai_Advances campaign showcases the creative spirit in a global city famous for its cultural diversity. Filming took five days with a diverse crew of more than 180 people from more than 27 nationalities, including talented celebrities, directors, production, and creative crews that won international awards, as well as a camera crew that included talents. from the UAE.

For her part, actress Jessica Alba said: “Participation in this project and playing several characters in this series gave me the opportunity to get to know Dubai in ways I had never imagined before, whether by wandering in the Spice Market in Old Dubai and performing exciting scenes on the last floor of the Burj Al Arab. There is no doubt that Dubai offers a lot of offers to its visitors of distinctive sites and delicious cuisine in an atmosphere unique to the emirate, and I loved every part of this experience.” As for actor Zac Efron, he said: “My previous visits to Dubai have always been fun and happy, but that This experience seemed different, although Dubai is famous for its liveliness, what really captivated me was the unexpected calm and historical importance of the desert. It is remarkable how we moved from the lively city center to the beach and then to the desert on the same day. This experience also gave me the opportunity to explore the emirate and visit places The beauty that few know and enjoy the hospitality of its residents.”

Director Craig Gillespie said: “This project is characterized by employing the art of cinema to showcase the vitality and diversity of Dubai, which represents for some an ideal luxury destination, while for some it is a romantic travel destination rich with surprises and memories, and for many, it is a destination to explore civilization and historical heritage. Zack’s skill added Jessica’s cast, as well as the amazing landmarks and diverse cast from around the world, are a special touch to the films and we are excited to share this series with the world.”

Dubai recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of resuming its reception of international visitors, as data issued by “Dubai Tourism” showed that the city received 4.1 million visitors during the 12 months from July 2020 to June 2021, as these results confirm Dubai’s distinguished position in leading a recovery phase. The global tourism movement, by providing a safe and attractive experience for travelers.

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