Tuesday, January 18, 2022

After a long closure due to Corona, “Broadway theaters” resume their shows

The first show on “Broadway” theaters opened Wednesday, since the Corona pandemic in 2020 closed theaters in New York City, while the public had to get vaccinated and put on masks in order to attend.

Tickets for the premiere of “Pass Over,” a modernized version of “Waiting for Godot,” at the August Wilson Theater in Manhattan, are all sold out.

The rules announced by “Broadway theaters” last week oblige the audience, actors, and theater workers to obtain a full vaccination, as well as to wear masks throughout the show period, and the rules allow theaters to receive their maximum capacity from the audience.

safety protocols
Director Dania Taymour said: “The atmosphere is amazing, we had a rehearsal, we had about 500 people here. The tangible joy and gratitude of the audience made me cry.”

The premiere of “Pass Over” will be followed by a free street party outside the theatre.

Taymour added, “The actors and crew strictly followed safety protocols, we all wear masks, and the audience is, so the situation is completely safe with regard to Covid-19.”

Most Broadway shows, including major musicals such as “Hamilton”, “The Lion King” or “The Lion King” and “Wicked” or (The Villain), are scheduled to reopen in September, after theaters have been closed since March 2020 when the epidemic broke out. in New York for the first time.

“I hope this gathering will be a celebration not only of the band but also of an audience that has so much confidence that they can sit inside with a thousand people and trust that it (the play) will be safe,” Timur said.

Rock star Bruce Springsteen launched the opening of Broadway theaters for the first time after Corona, with his solo show “Springsteen on Broadway” in June, but in front of a limited audience.

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