Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Jennifer Aniston: I moved away from my friends because they refused to get the Corona vaccine

American actress Jennifer Aniston revealed that she had to stay away from some of her friends because they refused to get the vaccine against the Coronavirus.

Aniston, 52, said in an interview with “InStyle” magazine in its issue due to be published next month that she has no time for vaccine opponents or who do not “listen to the facts” when it comes to science.

Aniston added that she feels Americans who oppose vaccines are basing their position on “fear or propaganda”.

Aniston said she has spent most of the pandemic watching the news, but at one point she felt like she needed a break.

She continued, “I had to stop following the news, we were following the news and feeling tired and afraid during the pandemic because we hoped to wake up one day and hear something good.”

“There is still a group of people who are against vaccines and don’t listen to the facts, it’s a shame,” she added.

And Anson had received the second dose of the Coronavirus vaccine last May, and published the news on her page on “Instagram”, and worked to encourage her followers around the world to obtain the vaccine.

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