Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Google stops its services on phones running the version of Android “Gingerbread”

Google has warned users of old Android systems, especially the “Gingerbread” version, that they will not be able to access their Google accounts or use its applications, starting from next September 27.

According to what was published by the 91mobiles website, Google indicated that its decision seeks to provide the best use environment for users, preserving their privacy and electronic security.

The company, in a message that reached some users, has specified the old versions of Android that will be affected by the decision, which is Android 2.3.7, known as “Gingerbread”, and older than that, and users of those systems must update to devices running Android versions 3.0 or later, to continue enjoying the company’s services.

What will happen on September 27?
By the appointed date, users of older Android versions will encounter a message saying that the username or password is wrong when the user tries to access any of the Google services, add or create an account, or try to log in with a Google account on any phone that works with one Old version, or trying to change your Google account password on an old Android phone.

Google indicated that users of old Android phones will still be able to use its services via Internet browsers from their phones, with the exception of Google Chrome, but it advises them to update their phones to new versions or buy phones that support newer versions of Android 2.3.7.

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