Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Find out about gasoline prices in Egypt before and after the increase

Today, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced the increase in new gasoline prices, which makes many people search for gasoline prices in Egypt before and after the increase to determine the value of the increase.

Gasoline prices in Egypt were estimated before and after the increase, with an increase of 25 piasters per liter of gasoline of all kinds, and the stability and stabilization of diesel and diesel prices.

The Automatic Pricing Committee decided to raise gasoline prices by 3% over the prices set last April.

The committee formed by the Ministry of Petroleum and the Ministry of Finance announced to raise the prices of 80 petrol by 25 piasters to 6.75 instead of 6.50, which is within the framework of the 10% agreed upon by the committee in fuel pricing.

Gasoline 92 prices increased by 25 piasters, bringing the price of a liter of 92 gasoline to 8 pounds, compared to 7.75 pounds.

As for gasoline 95, it increased and reached 9 pounds per liter instead of 8.75 pounds per liter, and local diesel prices stabilized at 3900 pounds per ton.

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