Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Britney Spears refuses to sing under the tutelage of her ‘murderous’ father

The famous American pop star Britney Spears said that she will not sing again, as long as her father controls her artistic career, considering that the guardianship she underwent 13 years ago “killed her dreams.”

The statement she made in a long post on her official page on “Instagram” is her latest public comment regarding the guardianship that controls her personal and financial affairs, which she is actively seeking to end.

“I won’t sing on a stage anytime soon, as long as my father controls what I wear, say, do or think,” wrote the songstress of “Piece of Me.”

“I’d much rather share videos, from my private living room, than go on stage in Vegas,” she added.

Popstar Jamie Spears’ father has been the sole controller of her $60 million fortune since the court-appointed him as her guardian in 2008, and the 39-year-old Spears, who suffers from psychological problems, has not sung at any party since late 2018 at the conclusion of a tour. International.

New lawyer
Last week, Spears appointed a new lawyer to represent her in her attempts to end the tutelage she described as cruelly abusive. “This tutelage killed my dreams, so all I have is hope, and hope is the only thing in the world that is so hard to kill,” she wrote.

“I didn’t like the way documentaries evoke humiliating moments from the past, I got over it a long time ago,” she added.

The documentary, “Framing Britney Spears,” drew more attention to the tutelage, increased public support for Spears, and was nominated last week for two Emmy Awards.

Spears and her lawyer have yet to file a formal request to end the guardianship, and the court will hold its next hearing in the case on September 29 in Los Angeles.

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