Saturday, January 29, 2022

“Binance” platform… The story of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world

It is a company that pays its employees with a digital code of its own creation, headquartered wherever its founder is. There is a growing list of countries that you do not want anything to do with. It’s Binance Holdings that might be the biggest, and craziest, thing in the craziest world of cryptocurrency.

Welcome to the world of Zhang Bing Zhou, the elusive Flip-flop developer called CZ — and the mastermind behind Binance, currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange. On this planet, though, the UK has just fired a subsidiary, while Thailand has filed a criminal complaint against the company for operating without a license.

without a specific title
Binance was founded in China, then exiled to Japan, then exiled itself to Malta, and today its official headquarters are in the Cayman Islands, but unofficially; the company

It has no headquarters specifically anywhere.

The platform lives online, and so far appears to be a far cry from regulators’ attempts to pinpoint exactly how and where it operates. At the core of this company is CZ, a figure revered by crypto enthusiasts who have nearly 3 million followers on Twitter and has stated his desire to ease government censorship. Live in Singapore recently.

Just now, the authorities of several countries want to know more about CZ’s four-year experience in cryptocurrency trading. The reprimand to the company from the UK is one of the biggest blows yet, as Binance Markets cannot sell or even advertise products in the UK, a move that prompted Barclays to block payments. With debit cards to this stock exchange.

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