Saturday, January 29, 2022

The FA urges fans not to jeer at the national team

The Football Association has issued a statement asking fans to respect the players’ desire to “knee” as a form of protest against racism, and urging them not to jeer before England’s Euro 2020 matches, which are currently taking place in 11 different countries.

“We are asking those who oppose this behavior to think about the message that reaches the players you are trying to support,” the FA said before the national team’s Euro match against Croatia at Wembley Stadium, on Sunday.

“Please respect their wishes, and remember that we must all be united in the fight against racial discrimination. We are all together,” he added.

“They will do their best for you, and please do what’s best for them.”

England players were booed by some fans ahead of two friendlies this month by kneeling, in a move made famous by a campaign against racism known as “Black Lives Matter”.

On Saturday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson considered it a mistake to boo the England national team.

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