Sunday, June 13, 2021

Apple WWDC 2021 day one summary – iPad OS 15, IOS 15, watch OS 8 and Mac OS monetary

Apple has accomplished its first day of WWDC 2021, the first event was all about software development and Apple announced their improved software skins for iPhones, iPad, Apple Watches, and MacBooks. Apple discussed deeply how good software can make your day smooth and full of fun, company also mentioned that how AI and AR are becoming an essential part of modern technology. After discussing many useful things about the importance of good software, Mr. Tim Cook finally unveiled their next-generation software skins for Apple products.

IOS 15, iPad OS 15, watch OS 8 and Mac OS monetary are the four major announcements of the first day of Apple’s WWDC 2021.

IOS 15 improved skin with improved feature

Apple has really worked hard to improve the iPhone experience every year, with the IOS 14 update Apple did many magical things with IOS, and now again with the latest IOS 15 update Apple has taken the iPhone experience to next level.

The major improvements in the new IOS 15 updates include, improved iMessage which can now track all your shared photos and articles, improved FaceTime new video call feature comes with a special feature called ” Spatial Audio “, this feature helps you to listen to every member’s voice clearly, the improved notification now lets you select categories according to your choice and will only show notification related to those categories. And one more feature called share play that allows you to shift between different Apple devices while watching a video or listening to music. Apple also improved the privacy feature, like now after every 7 days you can have a report of which app is using location access, contacts, microphone, camera, and more.

List of all major improvements :

  • iMessage,
  • share play,
  • live text,
  • FaceTime,
  • Notification improvement,
  • privacy improvement.

List of devices eligible for IOS 15 update :

From, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to iPhone 12 pro max all the devices are eligible for IOS 15 update.

iPad OS 15 major improvements :

Apple also tried to improve their iPad experience for the user, one of the major upgrades was 3D maps on iPad, yes the new Map app on iPad really shows you 3D images in the map and also tells everything about every route or road. Apple has also improved their Notes app to take maximum advantages of the app, you can now see the previous notes or you can get access to quick notes and also the use of Apple pencil has made it easy for making paintings or creating banners or posters on the Notes App. In other words, you can say the Apple notes app now become like Google docs.

List of all major improvements :

  • widgets,
  • App library,
  • multi-tasking,
  • an extra feature in Notes, to improve usability,
  • universal control, allows you to jump between different Apple products,

watch OS 8 and mac OS monetary :

Apple watches are considered as the best in class smartwatch present in the market, because of their accurate calculation in every tracking feature, whether heart rate tracking or breathing monitoring or the extremely fluid experience of the smartwatch. Apple has taken the Apple Watch health features one step further by adding one more feature which can track your respiratory rate while you are sleeping. The new Fitness service has added more workout modes to the Apple Watch and you can use your portrait pictures as a watch face.

The MacBook was already ahead of their generation because of their M1 chip by Apple and the introduction of the new Mac OS monetary is making the experience double. The new mac OS monetary brings additional features like Share play, Airplay, FaceTime upgrade, Focus mode, quick notes and improvements in Safari tabs, and introduction of new extensions into Safari browser.

One major improvement of Siri for all Apple devices that you can now use Siri as your personal assistant with no internet connection in order to make to understand better and improve your experience.

So, these are all the new announcements made by Apple on the first day of WWDC 2021.

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