Sunday, June 13, 2021

Angelina Jolie loses the custody battle to Brad Pitt

A case that lasted for months and attracted the attention of the American media, the decision ended in favor of the star Brad Pitt in front of his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. So why would Jolie seek full custody of the five children?

American media reported that Hollywood star Angelina Jolie lost a lawsuit filed against her ex-husband, American star Brad Pitt, to obtain absolute custody of their five children, as the court decided to grant both parties to the case the right of equal custody.

The American “People” magazine mentioned that Brad Pitt, who did not get enough time to spend with his children, was from Angelina Jolie, namely Bucks (17), Zahara (16), Shilo (14), Vivienne, and Knox (12). However, the court ruled in its preliminary decision that he should have more time with them.

“Big Six” magazine had quoted sources close to the two stars as saying that Jolie wanted by all means to prevent an agreement about her ex-husband’s spending more time with their children, and demanded before the court to obtain full custody, and accused Pitt of domestic violence. Other sources stated that Jolie wanted the children to testify against their father in court, which happened last March, when Maddox (19), the sixth and only son who has passed puberty, testified in court against Brad Pitt.

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