Saturday, October 16, 2021

Saudi Arabia requires obtaining a Covid-19 vaccine to enter government facilities and use public transportation

Saudi Arabia announced that obtaining the Covid-19 vaccine will be a mandatory condition for entering activities, events, government, private and educational facilities, and using public transportation in the country, starting from next August.

An official at the Saudi Ministry of Interior said, “Based on what the competent authorities have submitted to confront the Covid-19 virus, it has been decided to stipulate the vaccination approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health to enter any economic, commercial, cultural, entertainment or sporting activity, and any occasion and any governmental or private facility, whether For the performance of business or auditing, in addition to educational facilities, and the use of public transportation. ” According to the Saudi Press Agency.

He added, “It has been decided to return education in the presence of male and female teachers, faculty and training staff in universities and the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training, and the Ministries of Health and Education agree to define the target age groups of students.”

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