Saturday, January 29, 2022

Paris writes off 5 billion dollars of Sudan’s debt and lends it 1.5 billion dollars

France decided to write off five billion dollars from the debts of Sudan and Germany 360 million, and the international community in Paris promised to support the transitional process in this country, amid great hopes for the Sudanese government that the conference will contribute to its assistance in the reform process, payment of aid and write off debts.

Loans and debt write-offs
France announced a loan of 1.5 billion dollars to Sudan to allow Sudan to pay its arrears towards the International Monetary Fund, while the French President announced the cancellation of 5 billion of Khartoum’s debts.
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the Federal Republic of Germany will write off $ 372 million in bilateral debts with the African country.
Berlin will provide up to $ 109 million to help Sudan settle its debt arrears with the International Monetary Fund.

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