Saturday, January 29, 2022

Amazon provides the FBI with a shopping record for an “Antiva” activist.

Anyone who remembers the chaos of the “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017, certainly also remembers the violence that erupted between the protesters, who were supporters of the right-wing and the extreme left.

One of the suspects in these fights was a girl named Lindsay Moers, an alleged affiliate of the left-wing anti-fascist “Antifa” movement. In an Instagram video reviewed by FBI agents, she is seen beating two people with hostility. She was there, according to the government, in opposition to protesters who stood in Virginia city to express their “right-wing” and “white supremacy” views, according to a search warrant on her Twitter accounts first filed in 2019, which was implemented earlier this month. Just.

Footage from the video showed a woman in black clothes beating a man in the back of his head. The FBI also saw video footage released by the ACLU of the incident to verify the attack.

Investigators said it appeared from other footage that Moers was running in support of an opposition protester who tried to steal the American flag from the “Unite the Right” demonstrators only to end up in a physical altercation. The FBI said Moyers was also seen hitting a man with a stick.

The decision to search Moers’ Twitter accounts included more information about her other online accounts that the FBI had raided before. When law enforcement reviewed these clips, investigators noticed the weapon used and wondered where you got it. After getting her Facebook data, messages from 2017 were discovered indicating unspecified online requests. So they went to Amazon and requested the logs associated with her Gmail account. In response to the memo, Amazon provided a list of Moers’ past shopping requests containing a stick, pepper spray, and stun gun, which it purchased in 2015, two years before the alleged crimes, according to FBI testimony.

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