Saturday, January 29, 2022

After 10 years of obstacles … Libya’s economy is on a date for recovery

The economic working group emanating from the international follow-up committee on Libya confirmed its commitment to support the national unity government on its way to rebuilding Libya, after a decade of economic crises as a result of the political division in the African country.

Egypt, the European Union, and the United Nations Support Mission in Libya and the United States, in their capacity as co-chairs of the Economic Working Group of the International Follow-up Committee on Libya, held a virtual meeting for the plenary session in which they discussed ways to benefit from the experience of the international community and the Libyan Economic Experts Committee as resources to support the national unity government, parliament and institutions The other Libyan woman is working to confront the economic challenges that have resulted from years of division and conflict.

The participants emphasized the priority of providing basic services to the Libyan people, strengthening economic institutions, revitalizing the private sector, and improving the budget process, while affirming their full respect for Libyan sovereignty.

The Economic Working Group called on the Libyan government and the international community to work together to achieve common goals in order to accelerate development, increase job opportunities in the private sector, and improve the standard of living for the Libyan people.

They indicated that the World Bank, the United Nations, and the European Union could provide support to the unity government through a “Peacebuilding and Recovery Assessment” as a tool to review and prioritize development needs to support the country’s reconstruction.

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