Saturday, October 16, 2021

NBA .. Lakers defeat the Knicks in overtime

Talin Horton Tucker scored a hat-trick 21.1 seconds before the end of extra time to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a 101-99 victory over the New York Knicks in the NBA.

Playmaker Tucker, 20, scored 8 of his 13 game points during extra time.

The Lakers became seventh (39 wins -30 defeats) one game away from the Mavericks (40 wins -29 losses) as they strive to clinch the sixth place in the Western Division after Dallas’ 133-104 defeat to Memphis Grizzlies.

With this loss, the Knicks (38 wins -31 losses) were tied with the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat in fourth place in the Eastern Division.
Hit secured it to qualify for the knockout stage for the fourth time in the last 6 seasons, with a 129-121 win over the Boston Celtics.

Miami (38 wins -31 losses) won in Boston for the second match in a row to send the Celtics (35 wins-34 losses) by a large percentage to the promotion round to the knockout stage.

Miami is three games ahead of Boston and is ahead of the Celtics, who have 3 matches left in the preliminary stage of the season.

Hit, who defeated the Celtics in the Eastern Division final last year, clinched his place in the knockout rounds thanks to his advantage in head-to-head matches over the Hawks and Knicks.

The Indiana Pacers (33 wins -36 losses) also clinched a qualification round for the knockout rounds in the Eastern Division after their 103-94 win over the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers and the Chicago Bulls 115-107 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

In the battle for positions before entering the knockout round in the West, the Golden State Warriors won 122-116 over the Phoenix Suns, who finished second in the West Division.

The Warriors (37 wins -33 losses), who defeated the first two teams in the West in two consecutive days, are still half a match ahead of Memphis in their struggle for eighth place in the West Division.

The Sacramento Kings clung to their meager hopes of qualifying for the knockout round after their 122-106 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder thanks to 27 points from Terence Davis to claim their sixth victory in their last 7 games.

Sacramento needs to win all of their matches and lose the San Antonio Spurs in all of their remaining matches in order for them to have any chance of qualifying for the knockout round in the West.

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