Saturday, January 29, 2022

Prince Harry and Jennifer Lopez star in a charity concert

British Prince Harry participated with a number of pop stars, including Jennifer Lopez, in a concert held in Los Angeles, on Sunday, to urge the acceleration of vaccination campaigns against the Coronavirus and its global expansion, expressing his support for India in facing the wave of the outbreak sweeping it.

The concert was titled “Fax Live: A Concert to Unite the World” and included videotaped interventions by Pope Francis and US President Joe Biden and the attendance of a number of Hollywood stars, including Ben Affleck and Sean Penn.

The event, organized by the International “Global Citizen” organization, aims to fight misinformation about vaccines and to urge world leaders and companies to take action and make donations.

The ceremony will be shown on television and on YouTube on May 8, after being recorded, Sunday, at the vast California stadium in the presence of thousands of spectators who received the vaccinations completely.

Prince Harry, who met the audience with applause, said, “Tonight, we are gathering in solidarity with the millions of families across India who are fighting a second, very ferocious wave of the epidemic.”

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