Friday, October 15, 2021

Honey has direct benefits for health and skin

Just as honey has countless benefits for health, there are similar benefits for the skin, and from this standpoint, it has been used as an essential ingredient in many creams that improve the skin and face, and women can get its benefits by making a home mask with other ingredients with honey, including a mixture to cleanse the skin Where you mix a teaspoon of milk. With 4 teaspoons of honey. Then it is distributed as a mask on the face with a flat brush, or by hand to be clean, and then leave the mask on the skin for about half an hour, and the face is then washed with soap.

As for the honey mask and lemon juice, it can be used for oily skin, because honey contains substances that treat oily skin prone to acne, and it moisturizes dry skin, while lemon juice tightens the skin, reduces the size of its pores, and can be made by adding an amount of lemon juice. And an amount of honey, equivalent to twice the amount of lemon juice, to be distributed on dry areas of the skin.

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