Saturday, October 16, 2021

Oscars views have fallen to an all-time low

The audience for the Academy Awards ceremony in the United States on Sunday reached 9.85 million, down more than 58% from last year, the lowest level ever seen, according to statistics reported by the ABC network that reported the event.

At the start of 2020, before the pandemic that rocked Hollywood and the film industry, the Oscars ceremony attracted 23.6 million American viewers, which was already the lowest number of viewers for the celebration.

Experts had expected this very poor result, which had previously been recorded during this season by other celebrations for awarding cinemas, such as the Golden Globes (6.9 million viewers in the United States) and Grammy (8.8 million).

The Oscars are usually the non-sporting event with the largest number of viewers during the year, but this time they were behind the first episode of “The Equalizer”, which attracted 20 million Americans, and Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s interview with the media Oprah Winfrey last month (more than 17 million viewers).

This decrease in the number of viewers of the Oscars has been observed regularly in recent years, knowing that in the year 2014 it was still attracting more than 43 million viewers through the small screen.

An exceptional celebration was held at the historic Union Station train station in downtown Los Angeles to allow the commitment of health measures and physical distancing to the participants and organizers.

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