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Egypt expects its economy to grow by 5.3% in the medium term, and S&P will maintain its credit rating

Standard & Poor’s “S&P” agency maintained the sovereign credit rating of Egypt in the local and foreign currencies as unchanged at the level of “B” K while also maintaining the stable outlook for the Egyptian economy for the third consecutive time since the beginning of the Corona crisis.

The rating agency indicated in a report issued on Friday evening that the Covid-19 pandemic affected Egypt’s tourism income, export revenues, and increased its external debt, but it sees the country’s ability to access international financing markets with the support of reserves to cover a temporary increase in external financing requirements according to Reuters”.

Egyptian Finance Minister Mohamed Maait commented on the agency’s report that the Egyptian economy, according to Standard & Poor’s estimates, can overcome the negative repercussions resulting from the pandemic due to the improvement of major economic indicators, such as the stability of public finances and the existence of a large and reassuring foreign exchange reserve.

The Egyptian minister expected that Egypt’s GDP growth will achieve 2.8% during the current fiscal year, as a result of the positive and high contribution of several sectors, especially the information technology sector, the health sector, government services, the wholesale and retail trade sector, and the agricultural sector, which reduced the impact of Corona on Tourism, aviation, manufacturing and petroleum sectors.

The Egyptian Deputy Minister of Finance for Fiscal Policy, Ahmed Koujok, said that government debt rates are expected to decline as a percentage of GDP, and the burden of the debt service bill will decrease due to the continuing achievement of a primary surplus of 2% of GDP in the coming years. This is as a result of the Ministry of Finance’s efforts to extend the life of the debt, which reached 3.2 years during 2020, targeting 3.6 years by the end of June 2021, in light of the low domestic interest rates, which was supported by the agency, according to Koçuk.

Tariq Abdel-Rahman, managing director of Compass Capital, believes that “the price of the pound is expected to drop against the dollar in the event of escalating tension with Ethiopia over the Renaissance Dam file, and the slowdown in the tourism sector’s recovery may also put pressure on Egypt’s foreign exchange resources due to the slow vaccination. In addition to international factors such as high prices of wheat, corn and oil, which causes an increase in the value of foreign currencies needed for import operations.

Regarding inflation figures; Abdel-Rahman believes that it will remain among the targets of the Central Bank of Egypt in the event that the flows of other dollar resources stabilize.

Honey has direct benefits for health and skin

Just as honey has countless benefits for health, there are similar benefits for the skin, and from this standpoint, it has been used as an essential ingredient in many creams that improve the skin and face, and women can get its benefits by making a home mask with other ingredients with honey, including a mixture to cleanse the skin Where you mix a teaspoon of milk. With 4 teaspoons of honey. Then it is distributed as a mask on the face with a flat brush, or by hand to be clean, and then leave the mask on the skin for about half an hour, and the face is then washed with soap.

As for the honey mask and lemon juice, it can be used for oily skin, because honey contains substances that treat oily skin prone to acne, and it moisturizes dry skin, while lemon juice tightens the skin, reduces the size of its pores, and can be made by adding an amount of lemon juice. And an amount of honey, equivalent to twice the amount of lemon juice, to be distributed on dry areas of the skin.

Nour Bazarbashi … a plastic artist who launches her costumes from Dubai to the world

Transforming art paintings into fashion, a new idea that the Dubai-based Syrian artist, Nour Bazarbashi, recently came up with, to be a first step towards expanding the scope of dealing with plastic arts, as artist Nour Bazarbashi applied her idea to a special collection of clothes and hats that finally unleashed, For her various designs, which carry different drawings inspired by the nature of the local and Arab community, where Nour’s fashion was widely echoed on social networking sites, while the audience applauded her on the breadth of the Arab region.

Nour’s assortment, which graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Aleppo in 2011, and landed in the Emirates in the same year, seemed wide-ranging, as the collection included shirts, dresses, gowns, hats, and bags, all decorated by Nour with different colors and hand drawings, reflecting the nature of the art schools to which it belongs. These costumes further refine Nour’s talent, who had previously held many art exhibitions, as her first solo exhibition was titled “Unwritten Ideas” in 2012, and she also participated in several group exhibitions, including “Gallery 76 Jumeirah” and “Gallery”. Iris Noir »2013.

Nour Bazarbashi’s craftsmanship in design and drawing alike, was enough to open the eyes of international fashion companies to her, as Noor recently revealed her contract with an international fashion company, with the aim of adopting and promoting her new collections, saying that she is currently preparing to launch a new collection with this company that she described. As a “global brand”.

Besides fashion design, Nour has also taught acrylic and oil painting on canvas since 2011, and she also studied painting for 3 years at a talent development institute in Dubai.

Nour’s paintings did not remain confined to galleries and galleries, but rather they were freed from them, and landed in international auctions, as two of her works had previously been sold for an amount of more than $ 17,000, at a global auction held in 2013, under the slogan “Seeing is Believing”. The proceeds of the paintings to a charitable organization via Standard Chartered Bank.

Tesla co-founder searches for fortunes in used battery dumps

The engineer who helped Elon Musk transform Tesla into a monumental name that can be seen from anywhere, “when all cars switch to electric batteries. A huge market will emerge, necessary to recycle the waste of all these cars.”

Four years ago, Tesla’s chief technology officer, Geoffrey Brian Strobel, was ramping up battery production at the sprawling Gigafactory plant near Reno, Nevada, when the inspiration came in the form of a question: Why isn’t there a company that recovers metals from factory scrap and so on? From used electronic devices and converting it back to lithium, cobalt, and graphite to make new batteries.

Strobel figured out how to do this at a sufficiently low cost and at scale, increasing the supply of rare and valuable minerals while mitigating environmental damage from mining and keeping toxic batteries out of landfills.

Demand for batteries is increasing as giants General Motors and Volkswagen aggressively pursue their electric plans alongside electric start-ups such as Lucid and Rivan. Prices for basic battery materials such as lithium (up 127% in the past 12 months) and cobalt (up 69%) are on the rise. But Straubel has good early news: After just one year in operation, Redwood Materials can actually salvage tons of usable minerals at a lower cost than conventional mining.

“Most people expect recycling to be very expensive now, but it may be cheaper in the future,” he says. “It’s completely different, the prices for recycling are now competitive.”

Millions of copies of the French Goncourt-winning novel “Lanomaly” have been sold

On Friday, Gallimard announced that sales of Hervé Le Tillier’s novel “Lanomale”, winner of the 2020 “Goncourt”, the most prestigious French literary prize, have surpassed the threshold of one million copies.

“Week after week, the book continues to sell very well, we have not yet reached the end of this phenomenon,” Jean-Charles Grunstein, commercial director of Gallimard, told Agence France-Presse.

The sales of “Lanomaly” (anomalies), of which 12,500 copies were distributed in August 2020, which were not featured among the literary books of this house, accelerated thanks to the selection by the jury for the “Autumn Literary Awards”, and the closure of libraries from late October to early Last December, sales-focused on some successful business, including this book.

The exact sales number is still uncertain. According to Gallimard, the total number of copies is 954,000 in France and abroad, while 770,000 copies of the novel have been sold in France, according to the GFK board.

“Lanomaly”, which is the eighth of Herve Le Tillier’s novels, revolves around the consequences of a strange event represented by two flights between Paris and New York, which happened to carry the same passengers with a time difference of no more than a few months, as the novel brilliantly mixes different literary genres, including the black novel and the classic literary narrative. And science fiction.

Services That Can Help Your Business Thrive

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is thinking that the best way to push their business forward is to take control of every little thing. Although staying aware and on top of every facet of your business is wise, it’s important to find balance, delegate, and take advantage of business services. After all, passing work on to others puts you in a great position to conserve your time and energy for the parts of your business that need you most. 

That said, it’s important to find services you can trust to make a real difference for your business. Mecrofone has created this list of useful services that you can use to make life easier for you and your business. Let’s get started: 

LLC Formation 

If your business will take on any financial risk — including loans — you should consider forming a limited liability company, or LLC. This designation creates a layer of legal separation between your business assets and your personal assets. Although this does mean taking extra care to avoid using personal funds on business needs (and vice versa) it also protects your personal assets such as property and savings from litigation, debt collection, and more. 

That said, forming an LLC is a tedious process. It’s not especially challenging, but it can take a lot of time and low-level effort. This is, for business owners, as bad a time investment as it can get. It doesn’t make use of your talents, and it takes up energy you could put toward more challenging work. Hiring a formation service can help you get this work knocked out and conserve your time for the important stuff. 

Project Management 

Another major hurdle many business owners face is figuring out how to keep track of all the work they need to do to keep their company moving forward. After all, running a business is multifaceted work, and many business owners have never had to keep so many projects organized at once. That’s where project management services can come in handy. 

Project management can help you keep your tasks in order so you can easily figure out what needs to be done and when. There are several approaches you can take to project management services. You can use a Software as a Service tool to help you create checklists, group tasks into projects, and organize your tasks on a calendar. This is a great option for people who just need a little bit of structure to get their schedules together. 

If you need a little bit more help, or just want an extra mind on your work, you can look into hiring an assistant. Someone who has task management experience can be an extremely useful asset when it comes to keeping your business on track. They can do the work of keeping your schedule, noting upcoming deadlines, and tracking progress on different projects. This way you can focus your energy on the work itself. 

Cloud Storage 

Finally, every company should have some sort of cloud storage service to keep their data safe, secure, and accessible. In our ever-connected age, being able to easily access the info you need to run your business is invaluable. Cloud data storage allows you to access info, no matter where you are, from any device. It can also make it easier to share documents and information when needed. 

On the flip side, cloud storage is also a great security tool (as long as you go with a trustworthy company). Your data will be securely stored and encrypted so that only the people who should access it can. This is especially useful for storing backups and keeping your data safe from mistakes and malicious attacks alike. 

These services are all tailored to make your job as a business owner easier and more effective. We hope that we help you discover the service that helps you create the future you want for your business! 

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Saudi Arabia … a study reveals one of the oldest series of archaeological structures

The Saudi Kingdoms Institute, which is concerned with archaeological research and conservation studies in the Al-Ula governorate, revealed an important archaeological discovery in the northwest of the kingdom, consisting of huge, super-complex stone structures called “rectangles”, which are classified much older than previously thought.

The study and conclusions related to the discovered structural structures are subject to further analysis and have also been published in “Antiquity”, a prestigious international journal whose contents are subject to close review by experts in this field.

Preserving AlUla’s legacy
Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, Governor of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula, said: “In line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 to preserve more than 200,000 years of human history in Al-Ula, the Kingdoms Institute represents our commitment to preserving Al-Ula’s cultural heritage, as a global center for knowledge and research, and taking care of discoveries. It also provides new job opportunities for the people and residents of Al-Ula and strengthens the Kingdom’s role in preserving human history. ”

The Kingdoms Institute embodies a scientific center specialized in archeology research and means of preservation, and works extensively on the study of the history of the Arabian Peninsula and prehistoric times, as this region constitutes a crossroads linking the continents of the ancient world, which would bridge the gaps around the secrets of the natural and human history of the region.

And based on the role of Al-Ula and its historical importance in cultural exchange and trade on an international level, the Kingdoms Institute will become an academic center, a cultural platform for knowledge and exploration, and one of the pillars of the cultural structure of the region within the framework of the design vision “A Journey through Time” launched by the Crown Prince and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate Mohammed bin Salman, early this month.

The Kingdoms Institute, which was announced earlier this month, launched as part of the projects of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate, which in turn undertakes intensive research programs throughout the region, with the aim of expanding knowledge of the province’s human history, and previous archaeological missions will contribute to forming the intellectual basis that The institute is based on it, as a global center for archaeological research and means of preservation.

The doors of the permanent headquarters of the Kingdoms Institute will be opened to its first visitors by 2030, and it will take the form of red sandstone as an architectural structure, thus mimicking the huge building patterns of the Dadan civilization.

The Royal Commission for Al-Ula estimates that the institute will receive 838,000 visitors annually in 2035 at its permanent headquarters, which covers an area of ​​28,857 square meters, in the Dadan area of ​​Al-Ula.

Although the actual permanent headquarters of the institute is still in the planning phase, it has been practicing its activity as an effective research institution since the establishment of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate, where more than 100 specialists are practicing in the effects of exploration, surveying and conducting relevant studies throughout Al-Ula, through Seasonal fieldwork. At the same time, the institute’s group of researchers is registering a remarkable increase.

Oscars views have fallen to an all-time low

The audience for the Academy Awards ceremony in the United States on Sunday reached 9.85 million, down more than 58% from last year, the lowest level ever seen, according to statistics reported by the ABC network that reported the event.

At the start of 2020, before the pandemic that rocked Hollywood and the film industry, the Oscars ceremony attracted 23.6 million American viewers, which was already the lowest number of viewers for the celebration.

Experts had expected this very poor result, which had previously been recorded during this season by other celebrations for awarding cinemas, such as the Golden Globes (6.9 million viewers in the United States) and Grammy (8.8 million).

The Oscars are usually the non-sporting event with the largest number of viewers during the year, but this time they were behind the first episode of “The Equalizer”, which attracted 20 million Americans, and Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s interview with the media Oprah Winfrey last month (more than 17 million viewers).

This decrease in the number of viewers of the Oscars has been observed regularly in recent years, knowing that in the year 2014 it was still attracting more than 43 million viewers through the small screen.

An exceptional celebration was held at the historic Union Station train station in downtown Los Angeles to allow the commitment of health measures and physical distancing to the participants and organizers.

Harassment accusations strip Noelle Clark of his BAFTA award.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts “BAFTA” suspended the membership of actor and director Noel Clark in it after a report in the “Guardian” newspaper on his accusation of harassment and bullying by 20 women.

The Academy stated in a statement: “In light of the serious misconduct allegations regarding Noel Clark reported in the Guardian newspaper, the Academy has taken a decision to suspend his membership until further notice, as well as withdraw the award for Outstanding Contribution to Cinema that it granted him.”

Clark (45 years) denied committing any sexual assault or misconduct, explaining that he would “defend himself in the face of these false allegations.”

“During my 20-year career, I have placed inclusion and diversity at the forefront of my work, and if anyone who has worked with me feels uncomfortable or disrespectful, I sincerely apologize,” he said in a statement.

He added, “I strongly deny any sexual misconduct or misconduct of this kind, and I intend to defend myself against these false allegations.”

The newspaper stated that it spoke to 20 women who accused Clark of sexual harassment against them, or touching their bodies in an inappropriate way, or directing obscene comments to them, taking explicit pictures and videos and sharing them without consent, or bullying, during the period between 2004 and 2019, and Reuters was unable to “Independently verified the Guardian report.”

$ 41 billion in cloud computing expenditures in the first quarter of 2021

Global expenditures on cloud computing have reached new record levels, exceeding $ 40 billion in the first quarter of this year, in light of the big boom since the start of the Corona pandemic, according to a study published by Canalys.

Companies and institutions that use servers and data-processing services that have become essential to the work of the Internet spent $ 41.8 billion between January and March, an increase of 35% compared to the same period last year.

The global health crisis was reflected in the growth of the activities of major digital platforms, from e-commerce to remote work, through entertainment sites and applications, which are services that depend on cloud computing systems.

Analyst Blake Murray said in comments reported by “Canalys” that “cloud computing is imposing itself as profitable in all sectors combined last year, since the start of the pandemic and the start of the lockdown measures.”

“Organizations rely on digital services and their online presence to maintain their operations and adapt to the situation,” Murray added.

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